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6 Most Comfortable Shock Absorbing Shoes

Shock absorbing shoes are vital for those who spend a lot of the day on their feet. Shock absorbing shoes can provide many benefits to everyday life, from providing extreme comfort to offering arch support. We guide you through these benefits and give you our top Giesswein picks for shock reducing shoes!

Table of Contents:

What Are Shock Absorbing Shoes?

Features of Shock Reducing Shoes

3 Benefits of Shock Absorbing Shoes

The Most Comfortable Shoes

Shock Absorbing Running Shoes

Shock Absorbing Shoes For All Occasions

What Are Shock Absorbing Shoes?

Shock absorbing shoes are exactly what the name suggests: they are shoes which absorb shock or impact. When you walk, run, or jog, no matter how softly you tread, your joints and muscles feel pressure with every step. Wearing  women’s trainers and  men’s trainers can be comfy and making sure they’re looking after your feet is essential. 

Features to Look for in Shock Reducing Shoes

Shock absorbing shoes are comfortable shoes designed to help reduce the strain walking or running can put on your body. This process takes place in the sole of your shock absorbing shoes. 

As feet hit the ground while running, the impact creates kinetic energy that is usually transferred to your body. Thanks to the clever technology in shock absorbing shoes this energy is absorbed by the sole so you will feel less impact. At Giesswein, many of our shoes feature  EVA soles, which are a lightweight alternative to rubber. A key feature of these soles is that they are shock absorbing. In fact, they have an energy return of less than 5%, so they act as shock absorbing shoes and do an excellent job of cushioning your feet with every step. 

comfort with every step in shock absorbing shoes

3 Benefits of Shock Absorbing Shoes

The benefits of shock absorbing shoes mean you can enjoy extra comfort, to help you reach your walking or running goals. Here are our three perks you’ll find when wearing shock absorbing shoes:

  1. Improve your posture - A further way to reduce the pressure on joints whilst walking, is by wearing  arch support trainers. These work in tandem with the shock absorbing shoes to align your feet, giving you added comfort. You can easily transform your  men's sports shoes or  women's sports shoes by adding an orthotic insole. With your posture supported you'll be able to wear these  shoes for standing all day.
  2. Make life more comfortable - Even those who don’t suffer from aches can benefit from shock absorbing shoes. As they absorb a lot of the impact from your step, they make for a very comfortable walk or run. Whether you’re wearing your favourite  summer shoes or  waterproof hiking boots, reducing strain can have an amazing effect. It means you really can go the distance, and truly enjoy your surroundings. Whether that be a stroll in your favourite city, or using them as  trail running shoes on your favourite track.
  3. Reduce stress on your joints - The kinetic energy created by your foot’s impact with the floor is normally transferred into your lower body as you step. This can put a lot of stress on your joints which could leave you in pain. Reducing energy, shock absorbing shoes can help to negate this. The soles of your shock absorbing shoes can minimise the force put on your joints, helping to reduce aches and pains after your long run or walk! 

The Most Comfortable Shock Absorbing Shoes

Comfort is key, no matter what you’re using your shoes for. Shock absorbing shoes are the  most comfortable sneakers for men and  most comfortable sneakers for women. Ideal for a day shopping or for taking walks while on vacation. We believe that shock absorbing shoes should do more than just their namesake. At Giesswein, our soles also provide durability, making them last longer than other alternatives. Whilst the uppers of our sneakers also focus on providing premium comfort with each step. 

Using sustainable materials like  merino wool and  eucalyptus fibres, our comfortable shock absorbing shoes are packed with amazing qualities that will make them your new favourite pair to wear each day! Both of these materials make  breathable sneakers with  moisture wicking properties, keeping feet dry from sweat however hard you run. 

Using our  Green Strategy, we’re ensuring our shock absorbing shoes are ethically produced so you can wear them confidently, knowing that animal welfare and the planet are at the heart of what we do. With changeable merino footbeds adding a layer of barefoot comfort to these shock absorbing shoes. We’ve even made a 100% vegan shoe, the  Cactus Sneaker, using  vegan leather made from  pear cactus. Our  men's vegan shoes and  women's vegan shoes are ideal for those looking for an  everyday sneaker with shock absorbing benefits. 

Propel Your Run Forward with Shock Absorption Running Shoes

Ensuring complete comfort whilst taking on your run is vital. Shock absorbing running shoes can help you in this endeavour. Our  Wool Peak sneakers are high performance running shoes with an energy return sole. Crafted from rubber, the sole is designed to propel you forward on your run, whilst keeping your feet as comfy as possible. These  cushioned running shoes will help you to perform your best, whatever the weather!

lessen impact with shock absorbing soles

Shock Absorbing Shoes For All Occasions 

We know not everyone who’s looking for shock absorbing shoes is looking to go for a run. That’s why we’ve made the perfect shock absorbing shoes for every event. From  office sneakers you can wear whilst at work, to the ultimate outdoor shoe that you’ll want to take on all your hikes!

  • Wool Sneakers - Our  Wool Sneakers make brilliant use of their ultra-light sole and upper as  lightweight sneakers. Weighing in at only 160 grams, these are the perfect  casual sneaker to style with any outfit, or to keep by the door for when you’re in a hurry. These stylish sneakers are ideal for wearing with jeans or as part of a  suit with sneakers look. This shock absorbing shoe sole provides extreme comfort whatever you’re doing.

look cool in shock absorbing sneakers

  • Merino Runners - With the rise in the athleisure trend you may be looking for shoes that not only ease impacts, but that look great with loungewear and fabulous as  sneakers with a dress. Our  Merino Runners are a brilliant option for this. Their athletic style not only looks cool, but will keep feet cool in summer too! Not only are they a great pair of shock absorbing shoes, but they reduce the conduction of heat. This keeps your feet warmer, making them perfect as a pair of  winter trainers.

enjoy every adventure in shock absorbing shoes

  • Wool Cross X - The ultimate shock absorbing shoes comes in the form of our  Wool Cross X sneakers. Whether you prefer a gentle stroll or taking on big hikes, these make  good walking shoes. This pair has a special EVA sole, which is still shock absorbing, but also has unique micro-grip technology that makes it a slip resistant sneaker. Acting as  stability running shoes, you’ll want to take these shock absorbing shoes on every trek.

shock absorbing shoes you’ll love

  • Wool Cross X Alpine - Our  lightweight hiking shoe, the  Wool Cross X Alpine, is designed to keep you comfortable on the greatest adventures. With a merino wool lining, and being  100% waterproof hiking shoes, these shock absorbing shoes will become vital for all your hikes. The sole provides grip on all terrains for a secure walk.
  • Wood Sneaker - We know that every area of your foot bears the brunt upon impact, which is why our  Wood Sneaker incorporates a padded anti-blister heel as well as their shock absorbing shoe sole. This means you’ll be ultra comfortable from the minute you put on these shock absorbing shoes. The soles on this shoe are made from EVA foam, which provides even more cushioning than traditional EVA.

experience ultimate comfort in shock absorbing shoes

  • Wool Peak - The world’s first Merino wool running shoe that gives energy back to you! As a  lightweight running shoe you'll also find that you aren't held back. The midsole of this shock absorbing shoe is designed so that your feet are lightly cushioned with every step, absorbing shock, and keeping you moving forward. The rubber sole on these running shoes ensures excellent grip on even the most slippery terrain. 

Put Your Feet Up at the End of the Day

However enjoyable wearing your shock absorbing shoes is, at the end of the day you may want to put your feet up at home. Our  men’s slippers and  women’s slippers are made from soft  virgin wool. You’ll adore slipping your feet into these  warm slippers and relaxing at home.

Enjoy Extreme Comfortable with Giesswein

We create innovative clothing and footwear from sustainable materials. Whether you’re on the hunt for  men’s beanies and  women’s beanies we have the cosy pieces for you!