Waterproof Hiking Shoes: Withstand The Weather

Waterproof hiking shoes will be essential for any long distance trek when the weather is unpredictable or after a heavy downpour. After all, dry and comfortable feet are happy feet. There is also no joy to be had with damp socks! It is likely you’ve experienced the latter and it is something you wish to avoid on your next outing.

Let us walk you through the perks and benefits of a hiking boot that boasts waterproofing. They could very much be the one thing that leads you to scaling


One of the first questions you may ask is ‘what’s the difference between waterproof hiking shoes and water resistant hiking shoes?’ 

You may have seen on various men’s hiking shoes, and women’s hiking shoes product descriptions, that some boots are only water resistant. What this means is that they could protect your feet in a light rain shower, but anything more would result in wet soggy feet. Very unpleasant if you still have miles and miles left to walk. 

Waterproof hiking boots on the other hand, enable your feet to survive the wettest weather conditions. Meaning they could stay dry and comfortable for the whole trek. Everybody would rather the latter, which is why making sure your boots are waterproof is essential. Our 100% waterproof hiking boot, the  Wool Cross X Alpine is a great choice, as it fits your foot comfortably and protects you from the rain.

If your boots are not waterproof already, you can use a specialised treatment to coat the outside, making them water resistant. But for wetter weather conditions it is always best to invest in waterproof hiking shoes. So you can be prepared for anything nature throws at you.   

If you’re looking for more of an everyday shoe, that will see you through the very light showers, we have  water resistant trainers  to suit you as well.


Our 100% waterproof hiking boot, the  Wool Cross X Alpine, is ultimately a necessity to your outdoor adventures. Be prepared for any weather condition, whether its snow, slush, or rain, in waterproof hiking shoes. This boot can not only fight off the rain, but is breathable too, thanks to the merino wool lining of the boot.

Other features you will find with this shoe are:

  • They weigh just 860 grams - one of the most  lightweight hiking shoes on the market.
  • They fewature micro-grip soles - allowing you to be prepared for any terrain.
  • They are 100% waterproof.
  • The boot features 3D KnitTechnology - making sure your feet are supported and comfortable with every step.
  • They have a two-zone lacing system - allowing you to tie the chip and shaft independantly for greater support and comfort.
  • They are temperature regulating - this is thanks to the  properties of merino wool, keeping the foot warm in cool weather, and cool in hotter climates.
  • The boots have anti-blister heels - wave goodbye to painful blisters and annoying pressure points.

Whether you are in need of a new waterproof hiking shoe or considering future options. Our Wool Cross X Alpine boot features many important elements you may want to consider for your next long distanced adventure.


The material of your waterproof hiking boot is a key factor to consider. As this fabric is what’s going to hug your feet throughout the entire journey. For comfort and practicality,  merino wool   is an excellent choice for a waterproof hiking shoe lining. As when it is combined with other water resistant outer materials, it can make a great waterproof hiking boot.

Merino wool is a natural product that has many benefits to it structure:

  • It has temperature regulating properties - What this means is that because of the thousands of tiny air pockets, your feet will stay cool throughout summer. This also has the same effect in the cooler seasons by transforming your waterproof hiking shoe into a  warm boot
  • It is odour free fabric - The surface of the wool is  antibacterial, which reduces bacteria building up and multiplying. 
  • The material keeps your feet dry - The properties of the wool keep your feet dry as it  wicks moisture away. What is also incredible is that merino wool can naturally absorb up to 33% of its own weight in moisture.  
  • It stretches - Our merino wool has been designed and developed to stretch comfortably, in all directions, so your feet can be both comfortable and supported. The technique we have named this is 3D KnitTechnology. You won’t find it anywhere other than Giesswein.
Hiking Boot


Opting for a waterproof hiking boot with merino wool, could have your foot in a perfect partnership for your next adventure. If you want to discover more about the benefits of  merino sheep, we have reviewed everything you need to know. 


As well as the favorable elements of a waterproof hiking shoe, you may want to discover other features that could make your walk more rewarding. 

Comfort and stability are core considerations for any pair of shoes. So when choosing your waterproof hiking boot, making sure your feet are supported is a comfort necessity. Especially if you trek for miles and miles throughout the different seasons. Therefore you want a boot with a padded half-height shaft, so your ankle and foot have both support and stability, without sacrificing on comfort.   

Another element that could make your walk comfortable is the soles.  EVA soles  are shock absorbing as well as being more flexible than rubber. Which could reduce the strain on your joints. Allowing you to stay active in nature for longer.   


Our waterproof hiking shoes weigh in at just 860 grams, which is nearly the equivalent of 9 full decks of playing cards. What this means is that your feet could perform better for longer, as they don’t have extra weight carrying them down.

Lightweight, waterproof hiking boots could see you stride the nature trail with force and return home satisfied. As the boot’s lightness allows for easy walking. As well as walking well in lightweight boots, the beauty of these featherlike shoes means that they pack lightly into your backpack as well. It could almost be as if you're not carrying anything at all. Which is a bonus if you are planning your trip for further afield.

If you are still unsure as to  what makes a good walking boot, discovering the different characteristics may make your hike more enjoyable.


Being a third generation wool company, we are proud of our heritage. All of our premium merino wool products are created in the beautiful Austria. This soft wool is a perfect partnership for footwear, which is why we use it in our  men’s slippers ,  women’s slippers , and  kids' slippers . Allow your feet the dreamy comfort as there is something for the whole family.      

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