About Us


Founded as a family business and run by the third generation, we, Markus and Johannes Giesswein have been dealing with wool since childhood. We have made it our mission to reinvent the positive attributes of wool to create unique products. Our mission is to process wool so that its benefits can be optimally utilized. For this we develop and produce unique fabrics from our own production in Tyrol / Austria. We select only hand-picked wool qualities according to high ethical and ecological standards.


High quality starts with the selection of the basic material. There are countless wool qualities, but only the finest manage it into the GIESSWEIN production.

Wool is not an artificially manufactured standard, but as unique as nature itself. That's why it takes years of experience of our employees to get wool into shape.

With this know-how, we have become Europe's largest producer of 100% virgin wool clothing.


In order for wool to become a high-performance material, various complex production stages have to be run through.

The processing of wool takes a lot of time than the production of conventional textiles. This process is more complex, but you get a much more functional product.

We are constantly researching new production methods to make our raw materials even softer and always of higher quality.


We have found a way to sustainably produce our products. We pay particular attention to particularly resource-saving production methods.

The highlights of our sustainable production are:

- 0% scraps
- up to 90% recycled water in production
- 100% use of renewable resources