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Lightweight Sneakers: Perfect for the summer

July 20, 2020

Lightweight Sneakers for summer

Summer, sun and sunshine! On hot days, we often reach for sandals or opt to go barefoot. In some situations, though, close-toed shoes are a must. Worried that closed shoes will make your feet will make your feet sweat and smell bad? Not with our new, super-light Wool Sneaker for women and men.


The new Wool Sneaker: The world’s lightest Merino Shoe

A shoe that weighs just 160 grams? It’s hard to believe, but our GIESSWEIN Wool Sneaker has done it. Thanks to the fine layer of unique 3D Stretch Merino wool and our extra-light EVA sole, you’ll feel like you’re walking barefoot.

Lightweight Sneaker Merino Wool

Do your feet often swell up in hot temperatures? Thanks to our special 3D Knit Technology, the shoes’ upper material is flexible and adjusts to fit your foot comfortably and perfectly.


So just how light is 160g? Well, it's equivalent to:

Light shoes for women and menLight sneakers for menLightweight shoes made of merino woolLightweight wool sneakers


Sock-free, all summer long

When it comes to Merino wool, bacteria doesn’t stand a chance. Thanks to its special structure and self-cleaning effect, Merino wool doesn’t hold onto unpleasant odors—even during long days. The search for the perfect sock is finally over—you can just slip barefoot and worry-free into our Wool Sneakers. Plus, you can easily wash your Wool Sneakers in the washing machine at 30°C (90°F.) Here’s our step-by-step washing guide.


Cool shoes — cool feet

Merino wool is truly multi-talented. Thanks to its positive properties, it’s both temperature- and moisture-regulating. The natural fibers that make up Merino wool store moisture internally, which it then gradually wicks towards the outside. These evaporative properties are what make Merino wool so comfortable in warm temperatures—and leaves your skin feeling nice and cool.

Light sneakers for women

You can learn more about the amazing properties of Merino wool in our detailed blog article.


Super-light comfort, thanks to EVA

Our tried and tested EVA sole is yet again responsible for our shoes’ optimal comfort. Our EVA sole is much more flexible, lightweight and long-lasting than traditional rubber soles. The modern look of our EVA sole—coupled with its shock-absorbing effort—make for fine finishing touches to our comfortable Wool Sneaker.


Are you looking for outfit inspiration and styling tips? We’ll show you how to style white sneakers—the must-have for your summer look!

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