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6 Winter Trainers to Keep Your Feet Warm

Finding the best winter trainers to accompany you for the colder months is essential to staying warm and dry when you’re out and about. Keeping your feet warm during the colder months is a challenge winter trainers can fix. Winter trainers have heat insulating properties that keep your feet safe from the cold weather outside. Finding the best winter trainers is essential to staying active, stylish, and warm this winter.

What are Winter Trainers Made From?

Finding the right materials to kit out your footwear is important to ensure you have the best winter trainers for your needs. All year long, your men’s trainers or women’s trainers need to keep up with your busy lifestyle. They need to take care of your feet, while you focus on the things that really matter.

The best winter trainers are made from materials which keep your feet warm and dry no matter the conditions. They should also have  slip-resistant soles to keep you stable over every terrain. At Giesswein, we’ve found one of the best winter trainer materials is  merino wool

Some of the  properties of merino wool for winter trainers include:

Thanks to its temperature-regulating quality, merino wool keeps your feet warm in the winter, without them feeling overheated and stuffy. That way you can keep going on that frosty hike or continue gift shopping all day long. The best winter trainers are ones which can help your feet stay warm and cosy without getting too warm or feeling unable to breathe.

Thanks to its ability to let air through, merino wool is a great material to make  breathable sneakers that allow your feet to cool down when they get too overheated. This means that along with its antibacterial qualities, your  merino shoes won’t smell. Should you feel the need to give them a quick refresh, though, you can, because you can easily  wash merino wool in the washing machine. That makes the best winter trainers even better, because they’ll be clean and refreshed whenever you need them to.

As the months get a little wetter, the best winter trainers keep your feet dry. Luckily, our winter trainers are water-repellant, making them optimal  water-resistant trainers. The surface of merino wool means that water is discouraged from absorbing. This means that even when it’s raining heavily, your feet should be dry inside your winter trainers! 

merino wool trainers are brilliant for winter

For the same reasons that we use wool to create our trainers, we also use  virgin wool to make our warm slippers. This type of wool also has properties to keep your feet warm in the colder weather.

Tackle the Elements with with Sports Trainers

For the same reasons that we use wool to create the best winter trainers, we also use virgin wool to make our warm slippers. This type of wool also has properties to keep your feet warm in the colder weather, whether you’re planning on leaving the house or not.

  1. Wool Cross X - With its 100% merino wool lining, the  Wool Cross X is a winter trainer which benefits from all the fantastic properties merino wool has to offer. It’s the best winter trainer for those who enjoy exploring the outdoors. With temperature-regulating fabric, micro-grip sole, and water-repellent quality, these are the essential winter trainers to explore the great outdoors.
  2. Wool Cross X Alpine - Light, comfortable, supportive, these hiking boots are the ideal companion for winter exploring. The  Wool Cross X Alpine features an anti-blister heel which keeps your feet supported while you focus on the path ahead. With temperature-regulating and water resistant material, they’ll keep you warm and dry like your best winter trainers. 
  3. Wool Peak - Keep your mind off the cold and your eyes on the finish line with these winter trainers designed for running. The  Wool Peak is the first high-performance running shoe made from merino shoe. Made from super soft merino wool, these  winter running shoes return energy back as you run thanks to its cushioning sole. Due to its temperature-regulating property, these are one of the best winter trainers to battle the cold while out for some exercise.

explore the world in our winter trainers

Stay Warm in Style

The best winter trainers keep you warm and cosy no matter the occasion, but they also make you feel good too. Pairing with your outfit is important, and with Giesswein’s best winter trainers, you can find footwear that accompanies your winter wardrobe with ease. 

  1. Merino RunnersMerino Runners are winter trainers that are lightweight, with a flexible  EVA sole, and most importantly made from soft, temperature-regulating merino wool. With 3D Stretch technology, these winter trainers will feel like a second skin. That way, your best winter trainers mean you can step out in style even in the cold weather. Thanks to their breathable quality, your feet won’t feel like they’re overheating even if you wear them all day long.
  2. Wool Knit - The best winter trainers are durable, with a cushioned sole, and layers of comfort. With merino wool uppers, stretch lining, and footbed, with the  Wool Knit trainer you can stay warm all winter long. Choose from a range of colours to pair with your winter wardrobe, these best winter trainers will be your new staples. These trainers will keep your foot at a comfortable temperature no matter the weather outside. Like our other trainers these will keep your feet dry by wicking away moisture.

keep feet warm in trainers for winter

Go Vegan this Winter

The best winter trainers look after your feet and keep you warm no matter how cold it gets outside. You can rely on them to take care of your feet and keep you putting one foot in front of the other. The best winter trainers can be made from a variety of materials, but for those trying to make conscious decisions, a vegan winter trainer is a great option. From  women’s vegan shoes and  men’s vegan shoes, comes the stylish and warm trainer you’ve been waiting for.

  1. Cactus Sneaker - The best winter trainers are vegan, lightweight, and with a temperature-regulating quality. These vegan shoes have the same benefits of leather, with an environmentally-friendly twist. Made from  100% vegan cactus leather, the material keeps your feet warm whether you’re off on a city walk or a day’s gift shopping. You can dress to impress all season long with the best winter trainers made from  vegan leather.

No matter your style, or favourite winter activities, do it in planet-friendly style this winter. Our vegan shoes are the best winter trainers to keep you warm with every conscious step you take.

look cool in winter trainers

Year Round Comfort from Giesswein


At Giesswein, we’re committed to our  Green Strategy that’s helping us combine foot comfort with sustainability. From our  men’s slippers to our  women’s slippers, you can find planet-friendly comfort without leaving the house.