Style Tips For Wearing A Suit with Sneakers

Wearing a suit with sneakers, trainers, or trendy kicks has become a modern day trend. This style combined the formalities of business with the casualness of sneakers. Now synonymous with exciting workplaces and friendly offices, you can use Giesswein to jump on this trend. We’ve pulled together our top 7 style tips for wearing a suit with sneakers, and how to care for your feet while looking good. 



A serious business outfit doesn’t have to be paired with formal footwear. We think comfort is the priority when it comes to shoe choice. At the end of the day, it really comes down to how you style your sneakers, trainers, lace-ups - whatever you call them.

We’ve rounded up what you need to think about before wearing a suit with sneakers. Comfort is key, but so is looking the part. Most importantly, you need the right pair of sneakers, trainers, shoes that make you look good and feel good too. Here’s what you need to consider when wearing a suit with sneakers:


Choosing the right men's sneakers or women's sneakers to pair with your outfit is important. This choice depends on the occasion you want to wear your suit with sneakers for, and what the dress code is for that event. A well-chosen pair of sneakers works for almost everything: a romantic date, a day at the office or for kicking back in your free time. 

If your event is less formal, maybe a summer garden party, pair a linen suit with some classic white sneakers to look the perfect part. For very formal events, such as your own wedding or an important meeting, it might be better to stick with some smart leather shoes. 

No matter when the occasion is, with Giesswien you’ll even be comfortable in the winter. Perfect for use as winter trainers, our merino wool will keep your feet warm in colder temperatures. Whether you’ve paired your suit with trainers, sneakers, or boots, in the summer or winter, a comfortable pair of shoes is essential. 


Considering the shape of the sneakers or trainers you need for your suit with sneakers is important. The shape of the shoe you wear with a suit can impact how smart it looks. It’s best to opt for low-top models with flat soles, such as our Merino Wool Knit or Merino Runners. The simple design of these men's merino shoes and women’s merino shoes goes well with a variety of looks. The low top means they won’t interfere with the bottom of your suit trousers, and the flat shape means they’ll blend in smoothly with your look. Choosing the right style of sneaker or trainer with suit outfit is essential to pull off the trend!


From bright colors to striking patterns, sneakers come in a variety of styles. This gives you many options for wearing a suit with sneakers. Take a look inside your closet and decide which color best fits with the suits you want to wear. Pair a more classic suit with white sneakers for a chic look: use our  white sneakers styling guide for tips and inspiration. For an elegant-yet-sporty casual look, swap out your suit trousers for chinos, and pair them with some brightly colored sneakers or trainers. If you’re styling your suit with sneakers for a casual occasion, our  styling casual sneakers guide could help. 


Pairing a classic, straight-cut suit with sneakers can look a bit odd. Opting for a more modern, slim-cut suit can help make the pairing go a little better together. Most importantly: the trouser legs shouldn’t be too long or touch the shoes themselves. Wearing suit trousers that are a little shorter and let your ankles show is a current suit trend which adds a trendy twist to a smart look. In warm weather, just roll up your trouser cuffs a little for a more modern style of suit with sneakers or trainers. Thanks to the natural moisture-wicking and odour-neutralising properties of merino wool, you can wear our Merino Sneakers sock-free. The wool takes moisture from the shoe and wicks it outwards, so these sneakers keep your feet dry in the summer. 


Having dirty shoes is an absolute no-go for wearing a suit with sneakers. For a stylish, elegant look, you need clean, well cared-for sneakers or trainers. The good news is that washing Merino wool shoes is simple. Like for other wool types, you can simply pop your Giesswein wool sneakers in the washing machine on a delicate wool setting. Your sneakers, trainers, whatever you call them, will be good as new again. Perfect to pair with a suit. 

Giesswein Wood Sneakers made from eucalyptus fibres are naturally supersoft, and your best friend on summer days. They are breathable, so you won’t feel the need to wash them so often because nasty odors don’t stand a chance! If you do though, they’re also machine washable!


In the past, sneakers, trainers, comfy kicks, were reserved for casual use. Now, though, they’ve become totally accepted as office wear. You should definitely try wearing a suit with sneakers and experience the joy of this on-trend opportunity! The priority is your comfort, and we think if you’re comfortable, you’ll work better too. Wearing a suit with sneakers in muted or subtle colors like black, grey, beige or dark blue work especially well as business outfits. Whether your desk is at home or in a shared office, Giesswein has the best sneakers for the office. 

Giesswein sneakers made from Merino wool have natural odor-minimizing properties, so you don’t have to worry about any nasty shoe smells around the office! That way, you’ll still feel and smell professional while staying comfortable. 


Suits with long trousers are definitely chic, but they’re not so comfortable when the temperatures start to climb. Giesswein makes breathable sneakers made from merino wool which naturally keeps you cool. Perfect for use as summer sneakers to pair with your suit with sneakers look. When considering your suit with sneakers or trainers outfit, think outside the box! Blazers can be paired very nicely with a pair of chino shorts. When choosing this look, your shorts will look best when paired with casual, loosely-cut blazers. 

A sleek shoe, like the Giesswein Wool Sneaker, is best when pairing a shorts suit with sneakers. As our lightest sneaker, the Wool Sneaker will pair effortlessly with your stylish suit with sneakers look. That way, they’ll keep you feeling cool in warmer temperatures by allowing your feet to breathe. Suits with shorts make you more comfortable in the heat, and they look great with a pair of clean trainers or sneakers. 


Sneakers, trainers, kicks, no matter what you call them - Giesswein have comfortable and stylish shoes for everyone. No matter if your look is casual or smart, Giesswein sneakers get the job done. 

Our shoes keep your suit with sneakers combo both stylish and comfortable. Giesswein sneakers benefit from the natural properties of merino wool itself. They’re breathable, moisture-regulating, made from antibacterial material and super lightweight sneakers. Our unique 3D-Knit technology means our sneakers are flexible and adapt to each individual foot, giving you maximum comfort, all day long. Perfect for pairing with a suit, no matter the occasion. 


At Giesswein, we are a third-generation family-business combining comfortable footwear with sustainability. We use our Green Strategy to ensure our slippers align with our values for the environment. 

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