Styling Casual Sneakers with Any Outfit

Casual sneakers are a great partner to any outfit. Long gone are the days when you would only lace up sneakers for the gym. Now you can partner your favorite attire with casual sneakers to be stylish and secure. Whether you choose a floaty summer dress, or your smart office suit. You have an array of options to explore. Allow your feet the comfort of casual sneakers while looking chic this summer. It’s easier than you think!   


Casual sneakers can be a staple in wardrobes all across the world. With so many styles available, what is classed as casual? As it can be open to interpretation, there are many opportunities for this sneaker to shine within your closet. What one person may find casual, another may use for formal occasions. A common conclusion is that casual sneakers can be comfortable and lightweight. A wide range of our footwear at Giesswein is made using lightweight materials, including our men's sneakers and women's sneakers. This is because they incorporate EVA soles. These soles are a type of plastic which is lighter and more flexible than traditional rubber. Allowing you to feel comfortable and secure with every step. 


Casual sneakers are a great partner to any dress, regardless of style or colour. Whether you choose a maxi, midi or mini dress. Pairing a casual sneaker will ooze a relaxed vibe for your occasion. If you are tempted by vibrant summer prints, a neutral white sneaker could complement your outfit by giving it a chic pairing. Maybe try adding gold accessories to finish the look! 

Casual sneakers don’t have to just stop at convenient footwear to run errands in. You can dance the night away in them too! Have a party you want to be comfortable at? Slip into your favourite dress and pack your casual sneakers. You may find you can last long on the dance floor! To make a party outfit more fun, why not try a bold colour for your footwear? Just because they are comfortable, doesn't mean they have to be boring!

white sneakers with dresses

If your favourite choice is a neutral pair, why not learn more ways to style a white sneaker? When you open your wardrobe to new possibilities, you can modernise your look effortlessly.  


Jeans and casual sneakers can be a staple go to choice for many of us. With different jean cuts available being varied, from bootcut to skinny, the options are endless. A combination that is simply irresistible, is rolling the bottom of your jeans to ankle height and pairing with a casual sneaker. This can turn a regular everyday look into something relaxed and cool. Especially beneficial in the warmer months. Having everyday sneakers, which you can simply slip on, makes this look effortless.

white sneakers with jeans

Why not try teaming your sneakers with your favourite pair of pants? It is always good to explore what you feel comfortable in, and what can be combined together. Trying different combinations of pants and jeans can allow you to experiment with colour and prints also! If you want to take it a step further, accessorise with statement jewelry or a bag.


Casual sneakers can be a question mark for many workplaces. If you are able to incorporate this footwear into your workwear, then we have style ideas to help you get started. Depending on your job, you may have a specific uniform to follow. A great smart casual option for many could be sneakers with suits. Pair your shoes with an open blazer, trousers, and a plain top. It’s a way to feel sophisticated and put together, while keeping your feet comfortable.    

Top tip: when wearing casual sneakers with formal wear, make sure they are clean! It’s all about the tiny details to complete an elegant look.

sneakers for the office


Before you can style casual sneakers to your favorite outfit, it’s worth investing in a pair which is both versatile and comfortable. This is so you can slip them on and feel stylish at all times. Giesswein have various pairs which are suitable for any occasion or style which include:  

  • Merino Runners - This pair of casual sneakers are super lightweight and comfortable for your feet. Both the lining and outer shoe are made from merino wool. The properties of merino wool include being temperature regulating. What this means is your feet will stay cool throughout the summer months, but warm and cosy during winter. Allowing this shoe to fit your outfits for every season.
  • Wood Sneaker - Made from eucalyptus fibres, this super soft casual sneaker is a perfect partner for any outfit. They’re especially ideal for the warmer months, as they are moisture wicking for your foot. Leaving them cool and refreshed. You can finally wave goodbye to hot sticky feet!
  • Wool sneakers - Not only are these casual sneakers comfortable but they are the world's lightest merino shoes. Weighing in at just 160 grams, they are equal to 120 paper clips. You could feel like you're walking on air with every step. Another benefit these sneakers bring is that they are available in a range of colours. Suggesting your next outfit could be bold, bright, and beautiful.

Casual sneakers are a great addition to any outfit and can be styled so easily! Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints, colours or styles. This way you can work out what you feel most comfortable in. Sometimes it can be trial and error, but once you have the perfect pair of casual sneakers you may never want to take them off!


Giesswein is a third generation run wool company, specialising in merino wool products. We have styles to suit the whole family from men’s and women's beanies, to comfortable wool slippers. Whatever the season, Giesswein can keep you comfortable. We hate waste at Giesswein, which is why you won’t find any material not being used. We are also proud to say we recycle 90% of our production water! Learn more about our green strategy and what we are hoping to achieve.

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