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Top 6 Comfortable Sneakers for Men

​​At Giesswein, we know comfortable sneakers for men are often hard to find. We all know the feeling of being on your feet all day with aching feet and uncomfortable toes. Your foot comfort is our top priority. Forget painful blisters and red feet, and welcome unparalleled comfort with the amazing properties of Merino wool. Discover our comfortable sneakers for men and learn how it feels to walk on air. 

Table of Contents:

What Makes Giesswein Sneakers So Comfortable?

Enjoy Temperature-Regulating Merino Wool

6 Comfortable Sneakers for Men

Lightweight Sneakers for Everyday Wear

High Performance Sports Sneakers

Moisture-Wicking Wood Sneaker

What Makes Giesswein Sneakers So Comfortable?

Say goodbye to uncomfortable sneakers that leave your feet red and aching. Giesswein put your comfort first. Giesswein make  men’s sneakers with lightweight designs, micro-sole technology, and the super-soft comfort of Merino wool. Your feet will always be at the right temperature with cosy materials that let your feet breathe in the summer. Water resistant sneakers mean your feet stay dry and comfortable, added  arch support, and a spongy  EVA sole cushions your feet all day long. Giesswein specialise in comfortable sneakers for men that’ll keep you on your feet without sacrificing your toes.

Enjoy Temperature-Regulating Merino Wool

Merino wool has many amazing benefits that make it the ideal material to make shoes. Giesswein Merino wool sneakers all benefit from the natural material and its qualities that provide extreme comfort. All Giesswein Merino comfortable sneakers for men benefit from the amazing natural Merino wool properties which include: 

  • Temperature-regulating
  • Odor-minimizing
  • Antibacterial
  • Machine washable
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Water-resistant 
  • Super soft 

Merino wool is finer than other  wool types, which makes it extremely soft. We love our Merino wool, and we don’t let any of it go to waste and it ultimately biodegrades. We even use ethical  mulesing-free merino wool.

6 Comfortable Sneakers for Men

Finding comfortable sneakers for men doesn’t have to be difficult. Giesswein prioritize your foot comfort so you’ll never want to take your sneakers off. Discover Giesswein comfortable sneakers for men designed to keep your feet feeling good, smelling good, and looking good. Giesswein comfortable sneakers for men include:

  • Merino Runners: Unique 3D-Stretch technology to fit your foot perfectly
  • Merino Wool Knit: Feather light layers of comfort 
  • Wood Sneaker: Breathable sneaker made from eucalyptus fibers
  • Wool Cross X: World’s first Merino wool sports shoe
  • Wool Cross X Alpine: Lightweight with a micro-grip sole for maximum grip 
  • Wool Sneaker: Our lightest Merino wool shoe 

Lightweight Sneakers For Everyday Wear

Giesswein offer a range of comfortable sneakers for men for any occasion. Whatever you wear your sneakers for, being comfortable is the most important. Being on your feet all day, or dashing to the shops, you expect comfort, and our sneakers can provide it. Giesswein men’s sneakers are all perfect for everyday wear, but here are some of our picks for everyday sneakers:

Merino Runners: Featuring 3D-Stretch technology, the Merino wool makes this a  breathable sneaker, temperature-regulating and fits your foot like a glove. You can even go barefoot in these sneakers without worrying about  nasty shoe smells.

Merino Wool Knit: Designed for ultimate comfort, the Merino Wool Knit is one of our comfortable sneakers for men in a range of colours so you can pair your  sneakers with any outfit. Made with our unique 3D Stretch Knit look, and an extra light Merino footbed to cushion your feet all day. Discover featherlight comfort with these  lightweight sneakers weighing in at only 215 grams!

Wool Sneaker: Perfect as a  summer sneaker, the Wool Sneaker is an everyday essential. It is the lightest of our comfortable sneakers for men. Tried and tested with a cushioned  EVA sole and a unique Merino footbed. Made from Merino wool, they’re perfect to wear as  winter trainers because the wool naturally keeps your feet warm and cosy.

Merino wool adds supreme comfort to our men’s sneakers

High Performance Sports Sneakers 

Sneakers should be comfortable no matter what you’re asking from them. Giesswein know you sometimes need more from a sneaker. For longer walks, a trip to the gym, or for working on your feet. These comfortable sneakers for men are great for daily use as well as  sports sneakers or for running. If you do need to, you can  wash your merino sneakers in the washing machine!

Wool Cross X: These comfortable sneakers for men are the first merino wool lined high-performance sports shoe. While you’re exercising, your feet are still nice and comfortable. Designed with micro-grip technology and temperature regulating fabric, these comfortable sneakers for men are made to run. Socks are optional, so you can wear these as  barefoot sneakers, and odors don’t stick around either. 

Wool Cross X Alpine: Made for the more experienced walker, these Alpine boots are super lightweight. With Microgrip sole technology and soft wool footbed, they are flexible but they’ll keep you stable and secure. With a Two-Zone lacing system your feet are comfortable and the wool in these  sneakers will keep your feet dry no matter the weather.

Get outdoors with our comfortable sports sneakers for men

Moisture-Wicking Wood Sneakers

Perfect to complete any outfit, the  Wood Sneaker is a comfortable  everyday sneaker option. You heard us right, these comfortable sneakers for men are made from wood! Wood fibres from the fast growing  eucalyptus tree are used to make a sustainable material. This is then used in our men’s wood sneakers. The material is extremely soft, cooling, breathable and organically biodegradable. With a cushioned, anti-blister heel, these comfortable sneakers for men fit your foot perfectly. They can easily be washed at 30°C if you need to give them a refresh. These comfortable sneakers for men hold more moisture than cotton, meaning they’ll keep your feet cool and comfortable on a hot day whilst resisting odors.

Our comfortable sneakers made from eucalyptus are breathable and light

Comfortable Sneakers for Men from Giesswein

Giesswein put your comfort first, then combine it with style. We do not believe in waste, so 90% of the water used in the production of our comfortable sneakers for men is recycled, and we do not waste any of our material. Our merino wool sneakers are designed to be light on your feet, flexible, and offer extreme comfort. They are perfect for sports or to be worn as an everyday shoe. You can  pair your casual sneakers with any outfit. The properties of Merino wool help keep feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer so your comfortable sneakers for men are perfect for all year round.

Giesswein: Comfort For The Whole Family

We are a family-owned company, specialising in comfortable footwear for everyone. We love Merino wool for its softness and flexibility. If you’re looking for comfort, Giesswein have you covered. With  women’s sneakers available, as well as  men’s slipperswomen’s slippers, and  kids' slippers, Giesswein footwear will look after your feet in style.