Top 6 Comfortable Sneakers for Women

Comfortable sneakers for women need to support your feet and look good too. With Giesswein sneakers, comfort is our top priority. With cosy Merino wool sneakers you know your feet will be looked after even if you’ve been on your feet all day. Say goodbye to blistered heels and pinched toes. Discover our most comfortable sneakers for women below, and find a pair you’ll never want to take off.



Giesswein comfortable sneakers for women are made to fit your feet and support them all day. Giesswein offer a range of comfortable sneakers for women fit for any occasion. With lightweight designs, cushioned EVA sole, and Merino wool footbeds, comfort is guaranteed. Our  women’s sneakers are breathable, so they’ll keep you cool in summer, but the soft knit material keeps you warm if worn as  winter sneakers. Water-resistant fabric means you stay dry no matter the weather and added  arch support cushions your foot and improves your posture. Giesswein comfortable sneakers for women will take care of your feet all day long so you can get on with what really matters.


Merino wool is finer than other  wool types, which makes it extremely soft. It’s perfect for making comfortable sneakers for women. Due to its natural properties, the wool itself has a range of benefits. All of our comfortable sneakers for women made from Merino wool benefit from the natural qualities of the wool itself, which help our sneakers be:

  • Temperature-regulating
  • Breathable
  • Antibacterial
  • Odor-minimizing
  • Flexible
  • Supersoft 
  • Lightweight 
  • Water-resistant
  • Machine-washable

At Giesswein, we care about our wool and how we get it. We never waste any of our wool, it ultimately biodegrades, and we commit to only using wool that’s been supplied  without mulesing methods. Our wool matters to us; it’s how we can provide comfortable sneakers for women.


Finding comfortable sneakers has never been easier. With Giesswein, we have comfortable sneakers for women for any occasion. Whatever you wear your sneakers for, find your new favorite pair that’ll keep you looking good and feeling good. Giesswein comfortable sneakers for women include:

  • The Merino Runner: Fits your foot perfectly with 3D-Stretch technology
  • The Merino Wool Knit: Layers of Merino wool featherlight comfort
  • The Wool Sneaker: Our lightest shoes made from Merino wool
  • The Wool Cross X: The world’s first Merino wool sports shoe
  • The Wool Cross X Alpine: Lightweight with maximum stability micro-grip sole 
  • The Wood Sneaker: Made from breathable eucalyptus fibers


If you’re wearing sneakers everyday they need to be comfortable. At Giesswein, we offer a range of comfortable sneakers for women fit for any occasion. If you’re popping to the shops, taking the kids to school, or out for the day exploring, our everyday sneakers are comfortable and cushioning on your feet. All of our comfortable sneakers for women are perfect for everyday, but here are our top picks:

Merino Runners: With Merino wool inside and out, an interchangeable wool footbed, and a flexible  EVA sole, these comfortable sneakers for women are supersoft and lightweight. They’ll also fit like a glove using our unique 3D-Stretch technology which helps keep them flexible. Say goodbye to sweaty feet with a breathable, sockless design. The material is odor-minimizing too, so you don’t have to worry about  stinky shoes!

merino runner from giesswein

to the merino runners

Merino Wool Knit: Perfect for everyday, with a range of colors, these comfortable sneakers for women will go with any outfit. With layers of comfort from our 3D-Stretch knit look exterior, interior, and wool footbed, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds. With a  barefoot sneaker design and temperature-regulating Merino wool, Giesswein provide all day comfort.

merino wool knit

to the merino wool knit

Wool Sneaker: The lightest of our Merino comfortable sneakers for women guarantees comfort all day long. Perfect for summer, our lightweight shoe showcases bright colors, cushioning EVA sole, and a unique Merino footbed. With its special structure, the wool stops bacteria settling in so your feet smell fresh for longer. If you do need to  wash your Merino sneakers, simply pop your comfortable sneakers for women in the washing machine on a wool setting!

Wool Sneaker

to the wool sneaker


Sometimes you need your sneakers to be able to do a little more. Out for a walk with a friend, chasing after the kids, or a session at the gym, whatever your exercise looks like, Giesswein comfortable sneakers for women have your back. 

Wool Cross X: The world’s first high-performance sports shoe made from Merino wool. Water-repellent material, inner 3D-Stretch wool lining, and layers of comfort. With a barefoot design and micro-grip sole technology you’ll have comfortable and  slip-resistant sneakers no matter what.

wool cross x

to the wool cross x

Wool Cross X Alpine: Lighter than most hiking shoes, these comfortable sneakers for women combine luxurious materials and high-performance. Perfect for a day exploring the great outdoors. 100%  waterproof sneakers with layers of comfort, and micro-grip sole technology keep you going for as long as you want to. Flexible material molds to your foot, and thanks to our padded Anti-Blister Heel, discomfort is a thing of the past.

wool cross x alpine

to the wool cross x alpine


Wood Sneaker: Made from supersoft  eucalyptus fiber, these sneakers take comfort seriously. The tree itself is fast-growing, and makes a flexible, durable material perfect for comfortable sneakers for women. The material is breathable, biodegrades organically, and fits your foot perfectly. These comfortable sneakers for women keep your feet cool when worn as  summer sneakers because the fabric wicks away moisture better than cotton. So your feet will stay dry, and cool, all day long.

wood sneaker from giesswein

to the wood sneaker


We are a family-owned company, specialising in comfortable sneakers for women. Giesswein put your comfort first, then combine it with style. Our Merino wool sneakers are designed to be light on your feet, flexible, and offer extreme comfort. They are perfect for sports, to be worn as an everyday shoe, and you can even  wear sneakers with dresses

Giesswein offer even more comfortable footwear options for the whole family: whether you’re looking for  women’s slippers men’s slippers, or  men’s sneakers, we have footwear for everybody. 

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