What is an EVA Sole?

An EVA sole is a shoe sole with many benefits that makes it the ideal base for sneakers. Simply put, an EVA sole is a plastic shoe sole that can be lighter and more flexible than rubber. This is just the surface of what these soles are and what their the benefits of EVA sneakers are. We’ve made the ultimate guide so you can see what EVA soles are, what they do, and why we use them in our EVA sneakers.



EVA is the acronym name of a material that stands for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate. EVA is an elastomeric (naturally stretchy) polymer that produces materials which are "rubber-like" in softness and flexibility. EVA stands for a plastic which is made by mixing ethylene and vinyl acetate. Together they create a material which can be used for shoe soles in EVA sneakers. These EVA soles are made to fit on men's sneakers and women's sneakers to make optimal, lightweight comfortable EVA sneakers. EVA can be made to be stiff and solid, or more foam-like and flexible. 


For Giesswein EVA sneakers, we used EVA in its bouncy, foam-like state. To make them, the EVA soles are molded to fit our required design. They are then attached to the shoe or boot by our expert team. We therefore can make lightweight EVA  sneakers with slip-resistant soles and flexible movement to ensure a comfortable fit. We’ve listed just a few of the great advantages of EVA sneakers, and why EVA soles are great for making shoes.


Using EVA is a great way to have comfortable, light, and flexible  shoes with a water-resistant sole. They make a great addition to our EVA sneakers, and here are a few reasons why. 

  1. Flexibility -  EVA tends to be softer than rubber, which means it has more flexibility and naturally that means your EVA sneakers are more comfortable.
  2. Lightweight - The EVA is lighter than rubber which, combined with our  merino wool uppers, makes for a much lighter shoe. 
  3. Warmth - EVA sneakers don’t conduct much heat, which means your feet will stay warmer for longer. This makes EVA the ideal sole for our  Wool Boot.
  4. Shock Absorption - Our EVA sneakers absorb more of the step impact than other soles. This makes your EVA sneakers more comfortable when out for a walk or run.  Shock absorbing shoes have lots of benefits including relieving the stress on your joints as you walk.
  5. Durability - EVA soles can last longer than other soles. This way, your EVA sneakers can keep up with you for as long as you need them to. 
eva sole merino runners

Our EVA sneakers are just part of our commitment to use the best materials in our products. Our  Green Strategy also means we are committed to 0% scraps, up to 90% recycled water in production, and 100% use of renewable resources.


At Giesswein, your foot comfort is our top priority and we believe EVA soles are great for making your sneakers even more comfortable. That’s why we’ve included them in some of our favourite sneaker designs. EVA soles are the secret ingredient to our comfortable EVA sneakers which make them irresistible. Combining super soft materials with cushioning EVA soles makes for unparalleled all day comfort. Giesswein EVA sneakers include:

  • Merino Runner - Ultra-lightweight, with an upper and inside made of Merino wool for added comfort, with a stylish and sleek design. The runner will fit your foot like a glove thanks to our unique 3D-Knit technology. The merino wool means this EVA sneaker is breathable and temperature-regulating. 
  • Merino Wool Knit -  Layers of comfort are provided by merino wool upper, lining, and footbed, making this the perfect  barefoot sneaker. With a durable and lightweight EVA sole, as well as our sophisticated Diamond-System sole which guarantees these will be slip-free EVA sneakers.
  • Wood Sneaker - Made from fast-growing  eucalyptus fibres, our wood sneaker is super soft and breathable. The fabric is also sustainable and biodegradable! This EVA sneaker features a padded anti-blister heel, and the fibres wick away moisture to keep your feet dry and comfortable. An advanced-grip sole system made of extra-light EVA foam and organic natural rubber provides extra comfort and stability.
  • Wool Sneaker - A colorful array of EVA sneaker options, our wool sneaker is lightweight, soft, and comforting. A unique merino footbed combined with the EVA sole makes for EVA sneakers which feel like you're walking barefoot. Merino wool is an  antibacterial material that is also  moisture-wicking, which means your foot smells fresh for the whole day.

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