The Best Sneakers for the Office

Wearing sneakers to the office is becoming more and more common with workplaces turning to casual attire. Yet, it can still feel a little weird wearing something so informal when amongst colleagues. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to office sneakers, so you can dress to impress whatever your job!


Sneakers are a favourite shoe among many, and with more offices turning to a smart-casual dress code it’s now become commonplace to wear them at work. These casual shoes are comfy, soft, and warm - all the things you really want for a long day at the grind. We find the more comfortable we are the easier getting on with our work is - just think how difficult it can be to focus when you’ve got cold, uncomfortable feet!

So really the question is why wouldn’t you wear sneakers to work? We know that some office employees are still required to adhere to a business professional or formal dress code, so if this is the case make sure you keep a pair of sneakers in your bag to get to and from work!

A very important aspect of wearing sneakers to your office is keeping them clean. Nothing will take your outfit from smart to sloppy like a bit of dirt! All of our shoes are machine washable, meaning you’ll be able to keep them easily free of mud and debris, no matter what your walk to work looks like!


Not all of us are lucky enough to work in a comfortable office, and for those of us that don’t it’s even more important that our shoes keep us comfortable all day. As our wool is temperature regulating, anti-bacterial, and moisture wicking it makes the perfect material for sneakers. Not only will your feet be the perfect temperature throughout the day, but you won’t be greeted by smelly shoes when you get home as any sweat is wicked to the surface and odors are neutralized.

Sneakers for Women & Men


When it comes to pairing casual shoes with men’s office attire, we love suits with sneakers. Now we don’t mean a formal suit, but a cool blazer, white tee and matching fitted trousers can be taken to a whole new level with a pair of white sneakers. Our merino runners look amazing with this look!

For the colder months, try a smart jumper with tailored trousers and black shoes. All our shoes feature an EVA sole which conducts less heat than other materials, meaning your feet will be kept warmer for longer - even when the office heating breaks! These soles are also far more flexible than rubber, making your feet even more comfortable!

giesswein sneaker


Finding comfortable shoes for work can be a challenge, so if your workplace let’s you wear casual shoes you should take full advantage! A lot of women’s clothes are naturally smart-casual, from floating summer dresses, to winter cardigans and luckily women’s sneakers go with almost anything!

For a cohesive look, choose footwear that matches a color within the rest of your outfit. Everyone will compliment you on how put together your look is. But if bright colors aren’t for you, we have gorgeous black sneakers for women that will remain understated whatever you choose to wear. If your office dress code is too formal for sneakers, why not try ballet flats with your business outfits?

giesswein sneakers


A lot of us are still working from home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose a pair of sleek sneakers to wear for the day! Getting dressed as you would for an in-person meeting is a great way to get your mind in the right productivity space. Made from soft merino wool, with its temperature regulating properties our sneakers are the perfect way to keep your feet comfy all day long.

We know wearing shoes at home isn’t for everyone, so why not choose a pair of gorgeous virgin wool slippers to keep your feet warm and cozy all day long? As your feet are kept under the table, your colleagues won’t ever know just how casual you’re being!


Giesswein is a family run Austrian merino wool company. From slippers, to sneakers for men and women, we have all your wool needs covered. We only use mulesing-free wool for our products, and don’t waste a scrap of fabric! So you can know that your new shoes are as ethical and sustainable as they possibly can be.

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