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Lightweight Hiking Shoes Perfect For All Seasons

A lightweight hiking shoe is a necessity for those long adventures in the great outdoors. Some would even go as far as to say that what you wear on your feet, is the most important equipment you could have. As essential footwear, you need to make sure you choose a pair suitable for your expeditions. Take everything into your stride as we provide you with the ultimate lightweight hiking shoes knowledge. You can then decide whether they will make a great addition to your next backpacking trip.

Table of Contents:

What are Lightweight Hiking Shoes So Good for Trekking?

What Benefits Can You Enjoy With Lightweight Hiking Shoes?

Enjoy Our 860 Gram Hiking Experience

Why Consider Lightweight Hiking Footwear?

The World’s First Merino Wool Sports Sneaker?


Why Are Lightweight Hiking Shoes So Good For Trekking?

When first taking a lightweight hiking shoe into consideration, the benefits speak for themselves.

Long distance treks of miles and miles certainly could take a toll on your feet. Sometimes, traditional boots can feel both clunky and heavy which may make lengthy walks that little bit less comfortable. Whereas a lighter, airier, more comfortable boot could make reaching that next summit easier. 

be comfortable in lightweight hiking shoes all year round

With a super light, relaxed fit you will be able to enjoy each and every stride. Instead of feeling like you have weights strapped to your feet, Giesswein’s lightweight hiking shoes can make you feel supported and in control of every step. Weighing just 860 grams, our boot could be the difference between an enjoyable walk or a forgettable one. As our shoes and sneakers are so light, they won’t weigh your backpack down either!

What Benefits Can You Enjoy With Lightweight Hiking Shoes?

The perks and characteristics of lightweight hiking shoes is what makes them great. Not only is weight a considerable factor, but each and every part of the shoe contributes and can make all the difference on your next hike.   

Comfortable Soles: Soles should withstand the different terrains you want to conquer, so choosing the right ones for you is important.  EVA soles  are a perfect choice as they are shock absorbing, which is why we feature them on many of our  lightweight sneakers. The cushioning they provide helps to soften the impact each step has on the joints. This will help make your hike that little bit more comfortable.

Stability and Support: A well supported foot is a happy foot, especially when you could be walking hundreds and hundreds of miles annually. Having a two zone lacing system on your lightweight hiking shoe, enables you to tie the chip, and the shaft separately. Giving your foot the support it deserves on both ascents and descents.   

Warm Wool Lining: A well-lined, lightweight hiking shoe, could reduce the friction made between your foot and the material, protecting your foot against annoying blisters. This means you could breeze through your hike in comfort. 

Water-Resistant Materials: Everybody wants to keep their feet warm and dry. Similar to the lining, having a boot which is made with good quality material, and one that will protect your foot against all weathers is vital. Many of our shoes feature merino wool, as it can keep your feet cosy and supported. We know treks can get muddy, but don't worry, merino wool is easy to wash at home [/blog/news/washing-merino-wool]!

If you're still unsure  what makes a good walking shoe, we have a great guide for you to read!

Enjoy Our 860 Gram Hiking Experience

At just 860 grams, our lightweight hiking shoes, the  Wool Cross X Alpine , are the perfect hybrid of comfort and practicality. It’s the boot that will help you conquer your next backpacking trip with ease, and it's what your feet have been craving.   

the best lightweight hiking shoes are breathable

Being some of the lightest hiking boots on the outdoor market, you might be thinking what does 860 grams feel like?

  • 860 grams weighs less than 1 liter of water 
  • A couple of tins of soup
  • Nearly 9 packs of playing cards
  • 15 tennis balls
  • 1 Wool Cross X Alpine boot

With a padded half-height shaft, you won't have to compromise on stability and support. This lightweight hiking shoe hugs your foot to keep you upright for the whole distance. Additionally, our boot is made from  merino wool, adding layers of comfort to every step. The Giesswein unique 3D technology fit, allows the material to mould to your feet, adding a dreamy partnership of stability and cushioning. 

A feature worth noting about the Wool Cross X Alpine is their padded anti-blister-heels. So you can wave goodbye to slowing down friends and hello to being the leader of the pack. What's more is this lightweight hiking shoe is also 100% waterproof! You can now be happy knowing you're prepared whatever the weather.

Why Consider Lightweight Hiking Footwear? 

Whether you are an amateur or advanced trekker, considering lightweight hiking shoes could make all the difference to your overall walking experience. Traditional walking boots are made from materials such as leather, which can sometimes make them feel heavier. As well as this, they can have reduced flexibility in their structure because leather is a firmer material, which is what can make them feel very snug on your foot. If you do opt for this option, you need to spend time breaking the material in, in order to give comfort to your feet. 

characteristics of a lightweight hiking shoe vs sneaker

On the other hand, our lightweight hiking shoes weigh just 860 grams, thanks to our unique 3D KnitTechnology of merino wool. This material allows your foot the flexibility to breathe and expand with every step. Due to the structure of the wool, it allows the foot’s temperature to be regulated. Meaning this essential footwear is a great  warm boot  for every season, allowing you to wear the same pair of boots whatever the climate.

The World’s First Merino Wool Sports Sneaker

For those adrenaline junkies who like to quickly switch between rugged terrain and everyday life, you need an outdoor shoe that can do it all. Our  Wool Cross X  is only 550 grams and the world’s first merino wool sports sneaker. It is the perfect accompaniment to any adventure. 

characteristics of a lightweight hiking shoe vs sneaker

What makes this lightweight hiking shoe the perfect all rounder is the combination of feather-light materials, temperature regulating properties, and micro-grip soles. 

We know nature can be unpredictable, but these sneakers can adapt to many surfaces including snow, slush and rough landscapes. This means that you and your feet will be ready to face any weather or activity coming your way.  

Imagine arriving home after a long, successful trip and your feet are dry, feeling fresh, and are very comfortable. In reality, you look down and your feet are sweaty, and possibly have odours that accompany them. So why are you not striving for your dream? Our lightweight hiking shoe has the ability to make that a reality. This is because merino wool’s structure allows your foot's temperature to stay regulated throughout various seasons. This could ensure you don't have any embarrassing smelly feet incidents in front of your friends again.   

Take Every Step In Comfort With Giesswein

Having a footwear choice for the whole family has never been easier, meaning we have an option for everyone. Proud to be a third generation run wool company, we make our products in the heart of Austria! As well as providing lightweight hiking shoes, we specialise in comfortable merino wool shoes, like our  men’s sneakers  and  women’s sneakers