Our Warmest Slippers for Cold Feet

Whether it’s winter or summer, nobody likes having cold feet. Instead of turning the heating up, why not reach for a pair of warm slippers instead? You may be wondering what the warmest slippers are for cold feet, but don’t fret, we’re going to show you some of the best slippers for keeping feet cozy.


Slippers for wandering in the garden

Our next pair of warm slippers for cold feet are our Veitsch slippers. Due to their solid rubber sole, these are the perfect slippers if you often wander into the garden whilst wearing your slippers. They offer your feet protection whilst keeping them warm!

These slippers are made from pure virgin wool which is considered to be very warm, but is also temperature regulating meaning whilst your feet stay nice and cosy, they shouldn’t become too hot and sweaty!

If you are wearing your slippers outside often you may find they get a little dirty, but don’t worry these slippers can be washed easily.

slippers giesswein

Slippers to keep your whole foot warm

If it’s your whole foot, and not just your toes, that are getting cold then look no further than our Vent slippers. These slippers cover all of your foot, from toes to heel.

Made from virgin wool these slippers will keep your feet snug throughout the cold winter weather! The sole is made from rubber so should you need to pop down to your mail-box your feet will be kept warm and protected.


Knitted pattern slippers

Looking for classic knit style slide-on slippers to keep your feet warm? Then our Neudau slippers could be the ones for you!

These slippers don’t just look cozy, they are made from 100% pure virgin wool which regulates temperature, ensuring warm feet throughout winter! Virgin wool also has antibacterial properties meaning it doesn’t make your feet sweat, or leave a smell in your comfy slippers!

Simple slippers to keep feet snug

Looking for simple and snug slippers to keep your cold feet warm? Our Dannheim slippers are a classic slip-on style available in a wide range of colors.

These slippers have a virgin wool midsole which provides a cushioning effect as well as being super soft to create a barefoot-feeling to keep your feet warm all year round!

Dannheim slipper giesswein


Giesswein is a family-owned Merino wool company from Austria. Merino wool has many beneficial properties from being antibacterial and keeping feet smelling good, to being moisture wicking and keeping your feet dry from sweat, to being two times warmer than traditional fabrics, this is why merino wool makes such warm slippers!

We use non-mulesed merino wool to create our range of slippers, sneakers, and runners this means you can be assured that the wool we use has had the best care from start to finish.

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