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How Much Do Sneakers Weigh?

How much your sneakers weigh can impact how comfortable they are on your feet. Taking into account the weight of your sneakers can be useful for a variety of reasons. From ensuring you don’t exceed your luggage allowance, to keeping you light on your feet you need to know how much sneakers weigh. Giesswein knows the importance of keeping weight to a minimum and so our sneakers use featherlight materials. We walk you through how much the average pair of sneakers weigh and our top lightweight sneaker picks for every occasion. 

Table of Contents:

Average Sneaker Weight

5 Factors that Affect Sneaker Weight

World’s Lightest Wool Sneakers

Benefits of Lightweight Sneakers

6 Lightweight Sneakers

How Much Does the Average Sneaker Weigh?

Sneakers are designed to be super comfortable and so are often heavily padded. Due to this padding  sneakers are often between 2 and 2.5 pounds (907 grams and 1,133 grams). However,  casual sneakers do not have to be this heavy and there are many lightweight options at Giesswein.

how much should casual sneakers weigh?

5 Factors that Affect the Weight of a Sneaker

Sneakers have five main parts. Each of these adds to the weight of the shoe: 

  • The upper - this refers to the part of the shoe that covers the sides and top of the feet. This can be made from a variety of materials, from leather, to wool, to cotton.
  • The midsole - is where the part between your foot and the sole. The midsole section contains the cushioning of the shoe.
  • The sole - refer to the very bottom of the shoe. Commonly, this is made from rubber, however  EVA soles are a far lighter option, making them the ideal choice for  lightweight sneakers. At Giesswein our sneakers use EVA. 
  • The tongue - this is the piece of material that sits between the laces and your foot.
  • The heel - is the rear of the shoe. Many times the heel will be padded to provide extra comfort for the wearer.

The size of the shoe also factors into how much sneakers weigh, and this can vary between  men’s sneakers and  women’s sneakers.

The World’s Most Lightweight Merino Wool Sneakers

If you’ve ever wondered how much the  world’s lightest sneakers weigh, then look no further than Giesswein’s Wool Sneakers [/pages/wool-sneaker]. Our Wool Sneakers are the lightest merino wool sneakers in the world, weighing in at only 160g! These are the ideal  summer sneakers, being both lightweight and moisture wicking you’ll want to wear these everywhere!  

what are the lightest sneakers?

Knowing how much sneakers weigh is not the only important factor in choosing the right pair, you also need to know  how sneakers should fit. Choosing sneakers that fit perfectly will mean you can enjoy the  barefoot shoe feeling.

The Benefits of Lightweight Sneakers 

For many people, having sneakers that are lightweight is a massive bonus as they don’t weigh your feet down. Those who need  comfortable shoes for standing on their feet all day will especially appreciate a sneaker that is light. 

A lightweight shoe could really benefit those who are pregnant or experience plantar fasciitis. During pregnancy, feet can swell, meaning you need to find  pregnancy shoes that accommodate this. Plantar fasciitis also causes feet to become inflamed. Again creating a need for sneakers and slippers for plantar fasciitis that keep you comfortable all day. How much a sneaker weighs can hugely affect how comfy they are to wear on a daily basis. Investing in lightweight footwear could see pregnant people and those with plantar fasciitis, feeling relief in their sneakers. 

6 Giesswein Sneakers for Being Light on Your Feet 

We have a wide range of sneakers that will be light on your feet. From ethical shoes, to sports shoes, discover how much each of our sneakers weighs, and find the lightweight option for you. 

Giesswein Wood Sneaker: 160 Grams

Our  sustainable sneakers made from eucalyptus wood weigh only 160g each! With our  wood sneakers you’ll be able to enjoy the lightweight feeling on your feet whilst looking stylish. We love pairing these white sneakers with our favourite summer outfits, from cute dresses, to cool tees, you’ll love these shoes!

what does the average shoe weigh?

Wool Cross X: 350 Grams

Being aware of how much your sneakers weigh could help you improve your performance in sport. Choosing sneakers that are less heavy could mean your feet aren’t weighed down, so you can be as fast as possible, whatever your favourite sport is! Our  Merino Wool X sneakers are the world’s first  merino wool sports shoes. As well as weighing just 350g, these are also  water resistant sneakers so are perfect for unexpected downpours on your run.

what is the weight of the average sneakers?

Merino Runners: 200 Grams 

Everyday sneakers should be featherlight to keep you comfortable all day. For those who want to achieve sporty style, opt for our  merino runners that weigh in at only 200g. Their sleek silhouette pairs perfectly with every outfit, from  sneakers with suits, to  sneakers and dresses, these will keep you covered!  

Merino Knit: 215 Grams

For a unique look, choose our  Merino Knit Sneakers, these weigh in at just 215g. Their 3D knit technology allows them to achieve the perfect fit! Their sleek style, paired with their unparalleled comfort will ensure these are a pair of sneakers you never want to take off. With this style being available as both  men’s black sneakers, and  women’s black sneakers you can wear these year round and for every occasion. 

Wool Sneakers: 160 Grams

Giesswein Wool Sneakers are our lightest pair of shoes. With their classic sneaker cut and shape, these sneakers will bring California cool to every outfit you pair them with. 

Kids’ Sneakers that Won’t Weigh Them Down

It’s important to consider just how much your  kids’ sneakers weigh too. After all, little feet can’t lift footwear that is too heavy. Our kids’ sneakers are also made from lightweight merino wool, ensuring your children aren’t weighed down by their shoes.  Merino wool is also easily washed, so if they get their new sneakers a little dirty you can effortlessly get them clean again!

Lightweight Hiking Shoes: 440 Grams

For those who enjoy exploring the great outdoors, you should be in search of a  good walking boot. Just like with sneakers, how much hiking boots weigh can impact your experience wearing them. When you’re on your next expedition you don’t want to be weighed down by your boots, making a lighter boot essential. Our  Wool Cross X Alpine weighs only 860g a pair! These  hiking boots are waterproof, making them ideal for every adventure you take on!

What Makes Giesswein Special?

We are a family-run merino wool company. Our innovative footwear takes advantage of the benefits of wool to create stylish shoes that are also super comfy. Whether you’re after  women’s slippers or  men’s slippers, you’ll find a pair you love at Giesswein.