Our Lightest Sneakers: Everything You Need to Know

Nobody likes wearing heavy shoes, that’s why we’ve designed our lightest sneakers ever. Coming in at only 160 grams you’ll be hard pressed to find a merino shoe lighter than ours!


So what are the lightest sneakers on the market? Whilst there are many shoes claiming to be super lightweight, our sneakers are the lightest Merino Wool shoe you can buy! In fact they’re so light that their weight is equivalent to only 120 paper clips!

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There are two factors that help keep our sneakers super lightweight: their EVA sole, and their merino wool upper. Merino wool is lighter than most wool as it is much finer, this not only makes the wool less heavy, but also extra soft and breathable. It really is a fabric with many benefits!

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Whilst many shoes rely on rubber soles, we use EVA soles. One of EVA soles’ many pros is that it is far lighter than traditional rubber. Meaning your feet aren’t going to be weighed down.

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For the same reason that our shoes are lightweight, they are also extremely comfortable. The EVA sole is shock-absorbing and flexible making for an extra comfortable wear no matter what you’re doing or where you’re walking!

The merino wool also adds to the comfort of our lightweight sneakers. This wool is temperature regulating so your feet will never be too hot or too cold, rather kept just perfect whatever the weather despite being made of a lighter material. They also have a merino wool footbed so you can go barefoot in your sneakers if that’s what makes you most comfortable!

Most importantly, when you’re wearing lightweight shoes your feet don’t have to do as much work meaning they’re going to be far more comfy throughout the day than if they were dragging around a heavy sneaker!


If you’re looking for sneakers that don’t weigh you down and can keep up with all of your activities then lightweight sneakers are definitely the way to go. They let your feet breathe, keep you comfortable, and make you forget you’re even wearing shoes in the first place!


Giesswein is a family run Austrian merino wool company. We create slippers, lightweight sneakers and more from our sustainably sourced merino wool. We’re proud to say that our sneakers are the world’s lightest merino shoe, weighing in at only 160 grams (that’s the equivalent of 100 jelly beans)!

We also ensure that all of our wool is sourced from mulesing-free farms, we want to make sure that the sheep we use are as happy as we are. We also think it’s important that we do our bit for the planet so we don’t let any material go to waste and also use as much recycled water in our manufacturing process as possible (90% of our water is recycled and reused). So you can rest assured that your new lightweight sneakers are sustainable and ethical as well as comfortable!

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