What are Sustainable Shoes?

More of us are buying sustainable shoes in a move away from fast fashion. Whilst we see lots in the media about making green choices it can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to sustainable footwear. From what it is, to if you should be buying it we've got the answers..


When it comes to fashion, being sustainable means not harming the environment. Done by not using too much of the world's resources to create clothes. There are lots of ways that fashion can be green. Such as being made from renewable or recycled materials.


Conscious fashion is not just about clothes. It's about footwear too. Whilst they don’t seem the most obvious item to help to protect the environment, they are an important one. The majority of people wear shoes every single day, and lots of us have multiple pairs. So why not choose sustainable shoes alongside your other green style choices?

If you’re looking to invest in shoes that don’t harm the planet there’s a few things you want to be on the lookout for. The first being the material the shoes are made from. Are they using something renewable or recycled? Sustainable materials include things such as wool, PET plastic, and plant matter. It doesn’t stop at shoes, you can also invest in eco-friendly-slippers!

Conscious buying includes checking a brands ethics. Not only do you want the shoe to be made from renewable resources but you also want the brand to be committed to protecting the earth. Two things to think about are their stance on waste material and their manufacturing process. There are lots of other factors too. Like do they have the good animal welfare? And do they do regular checks on suppliers to ensure their guidelines are met?

sustainable shoes


At Giesswein we are committed to being sustainable. We always have the planet and animal welfare in mind. We do this in a variety of ways. Lots of our shoes and slippers are made from merino wool or virgin wool. Wool is an excellent resource. It is renewable and biodegradable. As it is organic and can be recycled it poses little threat to the environment.

Our other sustainable shoes include wood sneakers made from eucalyptus fibres and ballet flats made of recycled ocean plastic. The eucalyptus we use is grown in FSC certified forests. All of FSC's forests are sustainable. Eucalyptus grows quickly and does not need any added water to grow. We also don't use pesticides which is another way we protect the planet. Eucalyptus is also biodegradable so you know it will never harm the earth.

Sustainability also refers to buying products that last. We’re proud that our shoes are made from durable materials. Whether you use them in rain, sunshine, you won't be throwing them away any time soon. With men’s shoes, and women’s shoes we have a pair for everyone!

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Our commitment to the environment doesn’t end once with our materials. We have a green strategy that means we produce zero waste material. Any offcuts left are recycled and used elsewhere. Since 2017 none of our machines have used oil. Instead we use 100% renewable resources. We don’t even use fossil fuels for our heating!

We also created the first water recycling production facility in Austria in 1997. To this day we still recycle and reuse 90% of our water.

recycled water for sustainable shoes


Fashion purchases are a personal choice. Everyone has different things to think about when making these decisions. If you have the option and means to shop sustainably then its great if you can. Even just some of the time. But not everyone is in this situation. So it’s entirely up to you whether you feel you should be making conscious fashion decisions. If you do have the flexibility to make these green choices, then buying sustainable shoes is a brilliant place to start. Footwear is a staple item in our wardrobe that we can’t live without. So why not make that everyday item sustainable?


Giesswein is an Austrian wool company. Currently run by its third generation of Giessweins. We love creating innovative products, such as our new Wood Sneakers or our gorgeous slippers, that keep you comfortable all day long. Whether you’re hiking on your local trail, or curled up on the sofa watching your favourite movie, we’re sure we have the perfect items for you.

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