What Makes A Good Walking Boot?

Walking boots are a great companion for your adventures in the great outdoors. Choosing the right pair is important because you’ll need walking boots that are built to keep up with your experiences and trips over different terrains. Comfort, practicality and warmth are all key aspects you should consider when picking your next pair. Being comfortable in nature has never been easier with our helpful guide on what makes a good walking boot.


Breaking down the benefits and characteristics of a good walking boot could ensure your feet are supported wherever you end up going. Understanding what makes a good pair and what makes a great pair could make the selection process so much easier. So let's simplify the fundamentals for you.

Waterproof: You cannot always predict the weather so having a waterproof walking boot means you can wear them whatever the season. This is an advantage especially if you get caught off guard in a rainstorm, as your feet will still be kept comfortable and dry.

Support: Ensuring your feet are well supported could be the difference between a fun or painful walk. Nobody wants to head home early or endure the latter!

Lining: Especially good for those early morning treks in chilly climates, a walking boot with a comfortable, warm lining provides many benefits for your feet. The unique inner lining acts as insulation, keeping your feet snug. A well lined boot inner could also reduce the impact of friction between your foot and the material, protecting against blisters that could slow you down.

Soles: The sole of your walking boot could be deemed the most important aspect. A supportive base such EVA soles not only helps to keep your feet warm and dry, but it could also help reduce other aches and pains. This is because EVA soles help with shock absorption, meaning that impact is reduced with every step. The cushioning effect the sole has on your foot helps to lessen the pressure put on joints such as your knees. Allowing you to walk with freedom.


Comfort is fundamental to any good walking boot, especially if you are planning on getting out and about as much as possible across the year - maybe you have a goal to walk hundreds of miles? Having a boot that combines these comfort elements could ensure the happiness of your feet on those long treks in nature.

Starting with the basics, the material you choose for your walking boot is important. Fabric technology has advanced significantly over the years and having a material like merino wool, provides a hybrid of style and functionality. Due to how the layers are structured, the tiny air pockets trapped between the wool fibres regulate the temperature around your feet. This means your feet will be cool in the summer seasons and warm in the winter. Seeing you get the best of both worlds. As well as controlling your foot's temperature, the wool is odor-free. The special structure of the fibers stops bacteria from forming and multiplying which prevents any nasty odours. If you do want to give your shoes that extra clean, washing merino wool is easy to do at home as well!

The sole of your walking boot is another element to look at when thinking about comfort. Our shoes incorporate EVA soles, which are made from plastic and are softer than rubber, allowing it greater flexibility. The shock absorbing perk also amplifies the comfort you can enjoy with Giesswein boots.  


Walking boots traditionally have been heavy, bulky and sometimes uncomfortable. But we are here to tell you, this is not the case anymore thanks to our Wool Cross X Alpine Boot.

Your feet’s happiness is essential, and this is at the heart of our walking boot. This versatile warm boot is good for every season, due to its temperature regulating properties and being 100% waterproof. Therefore, you can enjoy this boot, come rain or shine thanks to an expert mix of raw materials.

  • Padded half-height shaft for greater support and stability
  • Two-zone lacing to avoid unnecessary strain on pressure points 
  • Lined with merino wool
  • 3D KnitTechnology for added comfort
  • Super lightweight at just 860 grams
  • 100% waterproof

The properties and structure of the merino wool allow the foot to keep warm in winter and cool in summer, so you can use the same pair of walking boots all year round.

Walking Boot


As an Austrian, family owned company, Giesswein specialises in products made using merino wool. Choosing a comfortable walking boot has never been easier, and Giesswein is here to help. As well as offering shoes to adventure in, we also provide comfort for when the boots come off. Our mens slippers and womens slippers are designed to keep your feet warm and comfortable throughout all seasons.

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