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The Benefits of Slippers with Arch Support

Slippers with arch support are the perfect companion for your feet, giving you comfort and support all year round. When it comes to indoor footwear we are spoilt for choice, but choosing something ultra comfy is a must! Slippers with arch support is one way to give your feet the care they crave. But what exactly do support slippers do and should you be wearing them? Our guide takes you through the benefits of arch supports, as well as our Giesswein top picks for comfort at home!

Table of Contents:

Benefits of Slippers with Arch Support

How Arch Supports are Put in Slippers

Prevent Discomfort in Slippers

Slippers that Boost Stability

6 Slippers with Arch Support for Every Occasion

Giesswein House Shoes

Step Outside in Comfort

4 Benefits of Slippers with Arch Supports

Arch supports are a raised piece, also known as an orthotic, that fits underneath the arch of your foot. It is designed to provide extra support, aligning your feet correctly. This can have many benefits, especially when used in  slippers

  • Stability - slippers with arch supports can help provide extra stability with each step you take.
  • Improved posture - the added support under your arch helps to align your feet and knees, giving you improved posture.
  • Reduced strain on joints - wearing slippers with arch support can help to reduce pressure put on your joints by poor posture.
  • Shock absorption - each step provides a shock to your foot. Having arch support slippers can lessen this as they act as  shock absorbing shoes.

How Do Arch Support Slippers Work?

Slippers with arch support typically have extra padding underneath where your arch sits. These can come already included with  men's arch support slippers and  women's arch support slippers, or you can buy them separately in the form of an insole. Normally made of foam or similar material, these arch-shaped devices are placed under the arch of the foot, to help keep your feet secure. They are also sometimes known as support insoles. It helps to keep your foot and ankle positioned in the correct place. This in turn has many benefits to aid your overall health as well as your foot health.

Prevent Discomfort in Slippers

Slippers with arch support can be a good way to help prevent discomfort. A poor posture can cause discomfort across our whole body, from our feet to our heads. Having a good posture can also improve mobility as we get older. When our feet are properly supported in  cozy slippers we can hold a better posture. This can have a knock on effect on other joints such as our knees and hips. Keeping your feet secure in slippers with arch support is perfect whilst lounging at home. Whether you like to enjoy your morning coffee on the porch, or slip your feet into comfort after a long day at work, slippers with arch supports can do it all.

A lot of the time we enjoy at home is spent without shoes on. It’s very common for people to have arch supports in their  men's sports shoes and  women's sports shoes, but typically house shoes lack this vital feature. When we spend most of our time at home, we should look to see what benefits we can get from our  comfy slippers.

our men and women's slippers with arch support are available in a range of colors


Slippers that Boost Stability

Having flat feet means that your feet lack a natural arch. The arch is one way the body gives us stability when we stand. Slippers with arch support assist in this job, especially for those with flat feet. Those without a natural arch can benefit from slippers with arch support as they give a new level of comfort. They truly are the  best slippers for all year round. If you feel like you lack stability when walking around your home, it could be wise to invest in a pair of arch support slippers. Due to their supportive nature, these slippers also provide ultimate comfort for your feet.

6 Slippers with Arch Support for Every Occasion

Comfort is at the heart of every pair of slippers we create. Each of our  men’s wool slippers and  women’s wool slippers can be transformed into slippers with arch support with an insole. Here are our top Giesswein picks for supportive slippers!

our selection of slippers with arch support are cozy against your feet

Summer Slippers with Arch Support

The hotter months don’t mean you have to sacrifice support for cool feet. The  virgin wool of our slippers with arch support allows feet to breathe, making them the  perfect summer slippers. With these  breathable slippers, you can simply slide in an arch support insole and enjoy stability all summer long.

Our Best Winter Slippers with Arch Support

Keeping feet cozy and warm whilst wearing slippers with arch support is effortless with Giesswein. The  type of wool used in our house shoes is temperature regulating, keeping feet in  warm slippers throughout the cold weather!  Winter slippers with arch support can be created by choosing a pair of cozy house shoes and putting in a support insole!

Supportive Outdoor Slippers

If you enjoy a stroll around the garden in the morning, or simply need to pop to the mailbox at the end of your drive,  outdoor slippers are vital! These slippers with arch support can help give you comfort both in and around your home.

Bedroom Slippers with Added Comfort

For the most indulgent relaxing experience, your bedroom slippers should provide as much comfort as possible. By opting for bedroom slippers with arch support, you’ll be able to relax and put your feet up!

Supportive Slippers for Elderly

As we get older we can all benefit from an extra bit of support.  Slippers for the elderly provide this, whilst also giving comfort and warmth. Slippers with arch support are ideal as a thoughtful gift for grandparents as they will ensure they snug throughout the year.

Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis

Those with plantar fasciitis can benefit from arch supports as it helps to reduce the strain put on their feet. Get the relief you need by choosing  a pair of slippers for plantar fasciitis with the added comfort of arch support.

Added Benefits of Giesswein House Shoes

Giesswein has multiple pairs of supportive slippers for men, and supportive slippers for women. With arch supports and natural rubber soles, these wool slippers are perfect to keep you comfy whatever you’re doing. The  natural rubber sole slippers can help to reduce slips and slides in the home also. Whether you’re roaming your garden or popping next door to collect a parcel, feel secure in slippers with arch support.

Made from  soft virgin wool that  insulates your foot, our slippers with arch support are ideal for every season. This is thanks to the wool being naturally temperature regulating and  moisture wicking [/blogs/news/what-is-moisture-wicking]. A temperature regulating property allows your feet to feel cool during the warmer weather, while warm during fall. Moisture wicking on the other hand, wicks excess moisture away from your skin to leave it feeling cool and dry. The combination of all these properties provides you with the ultimate foot health. Your feet will never have been comfier!

Arch Support Outside the Home

You don’t have to wave goodbye to the comfort of slippers with arch support when you leave your home. We also have a range of shoes that can be transformed into  arch support sneakers with an insole. Crafted from  merino wool and  eucalyptus fibres, our sneakers can give you the benefits of arch support on all your adventures. Investing in  sneakers for flat feet will ensure you take every single step in comfort.

Sustainable Footwear with Giesswein

We create footwear from sustainable materials, including  vegan leather crafted from  pear cactus. With  men’s vegan shoes and  women’s vegan shoes, you’ll be comfortable on every expedition!