Rubber Sole Slippers for Ultimate Comfort

Rubber sole slippers are perfect for taking you from lounging around the house to pottering in the garden. Your feet can be under a lot of pressure when standing up all day which is why you need a comfortable and supportive base to support you. Rubber sole slippers are a great way to do just this. With essential benefits, they could provide all day comfort and are even suitable for short walks in your yard. Find a pair perfect for your needs when you learn the benefits of rubber sole slippers with Giesswein.  



To experience stability and support at home, rubber sole slippers are the ideal choice. All  slippers vary in style and material but ensuring you have the right base for your feet is vital. Rubber sole slippers can provide you with a stable grip when you need it most. This means your feet feel secure on the ground with every step.  Men's slippers and  women's slippers should provide grip on household surfaces. Rubber sole slippers on the other hand, are made using thick and durable rubber. Often you will see them indented or with grooves, these are what makes them supportive slippers on slippery surfaces.

Our range of house shoes feature natural rubber soles for ultimate stability. This means those featuring this sole are slip-resistant and provide the wearer with a firm foothold. In these  comfy slippers you'll enjoy putting your feet up and relaxing at home.


Giesswein uses EVA soles, rubber soles, and leather soles in our footwear. All boast unique benefits.  


Rubber sole slippers are commonly found in house shoes. They boast a range of benefits which makes them both practical and comfortable to the wearer. This includes creating  shock absorbing shoes, taking the impact from every step. Comfort and support is ultimately the overall goal of any footwear, which is why many of our house shoes are rubber sole slippers. 

An advantage of rubber soles is that they are waterproof or water resistant. Meaning you can enjoy taking a stroll in the garden with your feet protected in these  outdoor slippers. Rubber sole slippers can also be suitable alongside arch support insoles as the sturdiness of the base provides good stability without sacrificing comfort.  Arch support slippers help to prevent discomfort to the user who often would have low arches. Making sure your feet are supported correctly is important, as it can affect your posture and comfort.        


EVA soles are another type of base for footwear. This isn’t to say EVA soles are unsuitable for slippers because they have incredible benefits of their own. These soles are traditionally more lightweight and flexible than rubber soles, but still have the same anti-grip features. What makes them more suitable for an outdoor shoe rather than a slipper is the shock absorption feature. We use EVA soles in our  men's sneakers and women's sneakers to provide next level comfort with every step.    


Our  sheepskin slippers feature a leather sole, ideal for relaxing at home. The soft leather can mold to your feet, giving you unique comfort. Leather is also renowned for its durability, meaning your house shoes will stand the test of time. 

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Giesswein has comfortable rubber sole slippers which are perfect for the whole family. Having a sturdy rubber sole makes for many comfy types of slippers! Discover our range of rubber sole slippers: 

  • Wool Slippers - our range of  men’s wool slippers and  women’s wool slippers has many pairs with a rubber sole. Wool rubber sole slippers are the perfect option for keeping snug at home. Made with  soft virgin wool, you’ll find these slippers are temperature regulating, keeping feet warm in winter and cool in summer!
  • Slipper Socks - Slipper socks are a perfect hybrid of cozy socks and comfortable rubber sole slippers. Each pair is made with warm wool and features a thin rubber sole. They have a range of benefits including being flexible and lightweight. Making them a perfect partner to your feet on short weekend breaks away as travel slippers. With a range for the whole family, we have  men’s slipper socks women’s slipper socks, and  kids’ slipper socks. You'll all be able to enjoy the comfort of rubber sole slippers.
  • Woolpops -   Woolpops are our vibrant and fun pairs of rubber sole slippers. Made using soft virgin wool, you can feel like you are walking barefoot all day every day in a pair of slippers with rubber soles. Our Woolpops feature our patented anti-slip soles, which offer optimal grip and security to the wearer. With a variety of bright colors to choose from, we are sure to have  the best slippers for you! 


Knowing how to wash your rubber sole slippers can be vital in the warmer months when sweaty feet can arise. But this doesn’t have to be the case with  slippers for sweaty feet! Our rubber sole slippers are all made using virgin wool. This  type of wool creates  breathable slippers ideal for keeping cool in warm months. This is thanks to the  moisture wicking properties within the fibres. In these rubber sole slippers, excess moisture is taken from your skin and moved to the top of the fabric where it can evaporate. 

Another benefit of virgin wool in rubber sole slippers, is that it is a  naturally antibacterial material. This is a great feature to have especially in  summer slippers where it can traditionally be a hot zone for bacteria to form. Due to the uneven structure of the fibres, bacteria finds it hard to grip onto, which means it is unable to multiply. Keeping feet feeling fresh all year long!

Giesswein slippers can be easily washed. Simply put them into the washing machine and leave to air dry.


We create sustainable shoes made from eco materials, including  vegan leather. Our  men's sports shoes and  women's sports shoes are sure to keep you comfortable on even your biggest adventures.

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