The perfect shoes for wide feet

Discover the perfect fit for wider feet with the merino sneakers from GIESSWEIN. No more compromising on comfort - we have the solution for you!

The Merino trainers from GIESSWEIN are an ideal choice for people with wider feet who often find it difficult to find shoes that fit, as conventional models are often too narrow. Especially for people with hallux valgus, a deformity of the big toe, shoes with more space in the ball of the foot and toe area are crucial for a comfortable and pain-free wearing experience. Our trainers are not only soft and comfortable, but also offer an outstanding wearing experience that lasts all day. Our innovative 3D knitting technology creates a unique stretch effect that moulds perfectly to the shape of your foot and feels like a second skin. With our Merino trainers, you can be comfortable and happy even with wider feet.

We would like to recommend three models of our merino shoes in particular. Choose a pair from GIESSWEIN today and feel the difference for yourself:


Perfect for a sporty, casual look

A high-performance merino wool sports shoe for demanding activities

The perfect choice for everyday use


Choose your style:


The Merino Runners from Giesswein are the ideal choice for wider feet. Made from stretchy merino wool, they fit gently and offer all-day comfort. Thanks to their lightweight and flexible construction, your feet will stay at a pleasant temperature whatever the season. The "3D Stretch Merino Wool" combines flexibility and stability for an all-round comfortable fit, specially developed for wider feet.

giesswein sneaker

Merino runners giesswein

Merino Runners for Women & Men



The Wool Cross X from GIESSWEIN are the perfect sports shoes for wider feet. Their inner lining made from 3D stretch merino wool adapts flexibly to the shape of the foot, offers sufficient space and is not restrictive. The special Micro-Grip sole technology guarantees maximum grip on any surface, while the water-repellent material keeps you dry even in bad weather while remaining breathable. These shoes combine comfort, stability and functionality and are specially tailored to the needs of wider foot shapes.

wool cross x giesswein

Wool Cross X Women


Wool Cross X for Women & men



Thanks to its flexible merino wool, the Merino Wool Knit also offers sufficient space and comfort without being restrictive. The additional Merino 3D knit look adapts to different foot shapes and ensures an appealing design. With their temperature regulation, they keep feet warm or cool and absorb moisture for a fresh feel, even without socks. All in all, they combine comfort, style and functionality for a pleasant wearing experience all day long.

merino sneaker
merino wool knit giesswein

Merino Wool Knit for Women & Men


The Merino trainers from GIESSWEIN are a revolution for wider feet and offer not only comfort but also style. With our innovative models such as the Merino Runners, Wool Cross X and Merino Wool Knit, you can enjoy a comfortable wearing experience all day long. Discover the perfect fit for you today and experience the difference for yourself!


What do our customers say?
Fast delivery. Super product. With and without socks a feel-good dream. Ideal for Halux.
Anonymous - ★★★★★
Perfect - exactly what I wanted and expected. I couldn't be happier with these shoes. I struggle with neuropathy in my feet and these shoes are soft, warm and just so comfortable. I will be buying another pair as soon as the summer colours are available.
Catherine - ★★★★★

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