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Spring not only brings warmth, but also the well-known spring fatigue. Find out how you can overcome it with sport and discover the perfect sports outfit for spring.

Spring fatigue is not a myth. As the seasons change, many of us feel tired and listless, despite the increasing sunlight and warmer temperatures. This phenomenon can be due to various factors such as changes in hormone levels, the alternation of daylight and darkness or even a change in diet.

One effective method of counteracting spring fatigue is regular physical activity. Exercise can help to increase the production of happiness hormones such as endorphins and boost the metabolism, which in turn leads to increased energy levels. Sport also improves blood circulation and ensures a better oxygen supply in the body, which can effectively combat fatigue.

But which outfit is ideal for spring training? Lightweight and breathable materials are particularly important to feel comfortable in changing temperatures and avoid overheating. A mix of functionality and style is crucial. From lightweight leggings and breathable shirts to comfortable trainers - the perfect spring sports outfit should support you without restricting your movements.

Discover the ideal products for your perfect spring sports outfit here:

Wool Peak

Imagine a running shoe made from merino wool that recharges you with every step. This is the GIESSWEIN Wool Peak, the first of its kind with a midsole that cushions your steps and rewards you with energy. Made from Woolfinity®, GIESSWEIN's innovative, robust wool fabric, these shoes offer dimensional stability and elasticity that are ideal for running. The merino lining ensures that moisture is wicked away and no traces of sweat or odour are left behind. Whether you're running on wet trails or in extreme conditions, the rubber sole takes on any challenge and makes these shoes the perfect companion for normal to wide feet.

wool peak giesswein sneaker


wool peak giesswein sneaker


Wool Peak for Women & Men


Wool Cross X

Dive into the world of trail running with the world's first shoe of its kind, equipped with a temperature-regulating merino wool lining. The 3D stretch merino fabric wicks away moisture, ensures breathability and keeps your feet fresh by fighting bacteria. With a snug fit and 8mm heel height, these trail running shoes offer the perfect balance between support and natural foot movement. The state-of-the-art Microgrip sole technology allows you to tackle snow, mud and rough trails with confidence while enjoying the unrivalled comfort of Merino wherever your adventure takes you.

wool cross x giesswein


Wool Cross X Women 2


Wool Cross X for Women & Men


Merino jackets & merino waistcoats

Our full-length jackets and waistcoats made from high-quality merino wool are true all-rounders! Not only are they incredibly comfortable to wear, they also benefit from the heat-balancing and odour-neutralising properties of merino wool. This makes unpleasant odours a thing of the past! When temperatures are rising but the wind is still blowing, our merino waistcoat is the perfect addition to your sports outfit. Our sports jackets such as Svenja and Sven are also available in a variety of fresh colours. They have reflective appliqués that provide you with additional protection when jogging or walking.


sportjacke giesswein


weste giesswein


Sports jackets for women

Sports jackets for men


This headband perfectly combines style and functionality. Thanks to its double-layer merino jersey, it not only offers optimum moisture regulation, but also unrivalled comfort. The simple design makes it a practical yet eye-catching accessory that is suitable for any sporting activity.

stirnband giesswein


stirnband giesswein


Headband for men & women


Enjoy spring to the full with a sports outfit that not only emphasises your style, but also perfectly supports your sporting activities. With a mix of functionality and aesthetics, you'll be ready to make the most of the season and get the most out of your training. So grab your outfit, enjoy the fresh air and live actively in spring!


What our customers say?


This merino sportswear is just the thing for my spring workouts. Breathable, stylish and with a durability that surpasses other brands I've tried.
Finn- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


The comfort and fit of the Wool Peak shoes are second to none. They keep my feet dry and comfortable, whatever the weather.
Marie- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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