There is a reason to celebrate! GIESSWEIN is 70 years old!

GIESSWEIN is 70 years old, and to mark the occasion we would like to look back on these seven decades in this article and highlight the outstanding moments.
Since its foundation in 1954, GIESSWEIN has continuously enriched the world of fashion and comfort with a wide range of high-quality products. But behind this success lies a fascinating story that is worth taking a closer look at.

1954 - Production of knitted pullovers

There are companies that not only manufacture products, but also embody a philosophy. GIESSWEIN is undoubtedly one of them. Since its foundation, the company has been characterised by the processing of exclusively natural, organic or recycled materials. This philosophy of sustainability was already present in the early days of GIESSWEIN, when it began producing knitted jumpers in 1954. In the 1960s and 1970s, the company quickly became Austria's largest manufacturer of knitwear and woollen products.

1974 - first slipper made from Walk 

The decisive turning point then came in 1974, when GIESSWEIN presented its first slipper made of boiled wool. This unexpected success marked the beginning of a continuous success story for the company in the footwear industry. Since then, Giesswein has produced over 50 million pairs of slippers, which not only underlines the company's expertise and many years of experience in the manufacture of wool products, but also illustrates the continued loyalty and satisfaction of customers worldwide.


giesswein history


Slipper Kramsach


2017 - the first sneaker "Merino Runners"

In 2017, GIESSWEIN wrote another highlight in its history: the first trainers were added to the range.
The idea of bringing the comfort of merino slippers to the street was the starting point for the Merino Runner. As third-generation wool specialists, Markus and Johannes Giesswein had the necessary expertise in working with wool. Nevertheless, the development of street shoes was a new challenge for them and the company.

After a lot of time and effort had been invested in developing a sophisticated shoe concept, the question arose: was there enough interest from consumers and early adopters? To answer this question and drive the project forward, GIESSWEIN launched a Kickstarter campaign. In short: the goal was achieved and the sneaker was officially launched in 2017.

Over the years, this innovation developed into a real bestseller and rejuvenated and dynamised the business from the ground up. This story shows that with a good idea, a dream, a lot of determination and a little time, great things can be achieved.

Giesswein Merino Runners Sneaker


Merino Runners for Women & Men


Sustainable variety: vegan shoes in the GIESSWEIN range

Giesswein's wide range of sustainable shoes includes a diverse selection, including the Organic Sneaker, Wood Sneaker Slip-on, Eco Sneaker, Eco Ballerinas, Wood Sneaker and Eco Slides. Today, the focus is on the Organic Sneaker made from sustainable mushroom leather:

This innovative material is 100% plastic-free and biodegradable, offering a distinctive feel and modern elegance. The antibacterial and breathable mushroom fibres ensure a pleasant shoe climate, while the GIESSWEIN insole offers individual comfort. With its elegant leather look and ecological credentials, this trainers perfectly combines style and sustainability.

organic sneaker giesswein


Organic Sneaker for Women & Men

all Vegan shoes


The origins of GIESSWEIN lie deep in the craftsmanship and creative vision of its founders. From its beginnings in grandma's living room to today's modern product range, the brand has continuously evolved while preserving its values and traditions. The journey from jumpers to slippers and finally to street shoes is proof of GIESSWEIN's innovative strength and adaptability.

GIESSWEIN stands for quality, comfort and sustainability and has managed to optimise the positive properties of wool to create unique products that not only benefit customers, but also the environment. These values are still lived today, 70 years later, because GIESSWEIN remains a 100% family business. Markus and Johannes Giesswein are currently at the helm of the company and carry on the legacy with pride and determination.

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Experience the unique quality and comfort of GIESSWEIN and celebrate 70 years of successful history and countless milestones in the world of fashion and sustainability with us.

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