Versatility: The perfect shoes for almost any temperature

Innovative materials and sophisticated design offer protection and comfort in any weather, so you can enjoy your activities to the full.

Finding the right shoes in changing temperatures can be tricky. You need shoes that offer your feet comfort - whether it's hot or cold - and at the same time provide secure support and protection.

The shoes should be made of breathable materials that wick away moisture and keep your feet dry when it gets hot. At the same time, the shoes should keep you warm when the temperature drops. The traction and grip of the shoes are also crucial. Look for shoes with a robust outsole that offers reliable grip on wet and dry surfaces.

A high-quality pair of versatile shoes can make a big difference. By paying attention to factors such as weather resistance, breathability and traction, you can ensure that your shoes are ready for any challenge.

With the right pair of shoes, you can feel comfortable in any weather and enjoy your outdoor activities to the full.


Experience unrivalled comfort with the Merino Runners

The GIESSWEIN MERINO RUNNERS have been developed to offer a new dimension in footwear comfort for men and women. Made from the highest quality merino wool, these woollen sneakers guarantee 360° quality and comfort for your feet. The temperature-regulating and breathable merino material prevents perspiration and moulds perfectly to your foot as you walk. The removable footbed with merino layer also optimises comfort thanks to its stabilising effect. Comfortable and super lightweight, the MERINO RUNNER is also a real pleasure to wear barefoot. Whether you're running errands or taking a casual stroll, the MERINO RUNNERS offer unrivalled comfort and quality with every step.


Merino Runners Women


Merino Runners Men


Merino Runners for women

Merino Runners for men  

Setting off for peak performance with Wool Peak

The GIESSWEIN Wool Peak is the world's first running shoe made from merino wool that gives you energy back! These running shoes are made from the most flexible and durable wool fabric in the world and have a midsole that cushions your feet with every step, giving you back energy and support. Their merino wool lining guarantees constant moisture transport and the rubber sole ensures excellent grip even on the most demanding terrain. The Wool Peak is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-performance running shoe that offers comfort, support and functionality all in one.


Wool Peak Women


Wool Peak Men


Wool Peak Women


Wool Peak for women

Wool Peak for men


Elevate your style with the Merino Wool Knit

The Merino Wool Knit from GIESSWEIN is a perfect blend of style, comfort and functionality. Made from natural merino wool and wrapped in a linen stitch, these knitted sneakers regulate the temperature inside the shoe and give you a pleasant, moisture-free feeling even without socks. The replaceable Comfort Foot Bed and ultra-light EVA sole guarantee maximum comfort, while the Perfect Fit System ensures that the shoe fits perfectly. Whether you're heading out for a casual day or looking for a versatile option for everyday wear, the Merino Wool Knit offers the perfect combination of style and comfort for any occasion.

Wool Knit Women


Wool Knit Men


Merino Wool Knit for women

Merino Wool Knit for men


Choosing the right footwear is crucial. From heat to cold, from wet trails to dry roads - your shoes must be able to adapt and provide you with the comfort and protection you need in any situation.

The GIESSWEIN Merino Runners, Wool Peak and Merino Wool Knit are true all-rounders. They stand for quality, comfort and functionality all in one. Thanks to their innovative materials and sophisticated designs, they allow you to feel good in any weather and enjoy your activities to the full.

With GIESSWEIN shoes, you can be sure that you are ready for any challenge. Get ready to explore the world - whatever the weather.


What do our customers say?

Stylish and comfortable, these shoes are my favourite for any weather!
James - ★★★★★
Lightweight and breathable, perfect for my daily runs.
Emma - ★★★★★


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