Ethical Shoes for an Eco Lifestyle

Ethical shoes are what more of us are turning to, as we become a more conscious shopper. But it can be hard to decide what is ethical, which is why at Giesswein we have an open production chain to display our great work. Let us guide you through our processes and how we are focused on being as green as possible.  



To categorise an ethical shoe, there are multiple factors which are taken into consideration. They range from working conditions, recycled materials, and animal welfare. In previous years, the rise in conscious consumerism has increased The increase has made shoppers demand more transparency around how their products are made. It comes as no surprise, as people wanting to live a more eco lifestyle are demanding more from companies.

At Giesswein we are open and honest about our production and where our materials come from. This is why we are dedicated to our green strategy. Producing ethical shoes allows us to share our stylish designs, without compromising our own ethics. Choosing to support these factors are just some of the reasons we are able to produce comfortable ethical shoes.    


Part of what makes our ethical shoes comfortable and stylish is recycled materials. Footwear is an everyday necessity, yet ethical shoes may not be a priority for everyone. What we want to do is provide solutions. Especially to those who are looking to match their ethics and their shopping habits. Which is why sustainable shoes can offer customers a way to shop slow fashion. Slow fashion can be defined as:

an awareness and approach to fashion, which considers the processes and resources required to make items. It promotes buying better-quality garments that will last longer and valuing fair treatment of people, animals and the planet

At Giesswein, what we have tried to do is make an ethical commitment to our production process. It can be seen as:

  • 0% wasted materials - we have created a closed cycle where all of our scrap material is repurposed. Seeing our leftover material recycled or integrated into another product. Giving it a new lease of life.
  • 90% recycled water - during our production process, we do not add any chemicals to our water. Our choice to exclude chemicals allows us to recycle 90% of our water back into production. It also means our products, and your skin can stay healthy and happy too.
  • No oil used- as of 2017, we do not use oil to operate our machienes. Instead we use 100% renewable sources. For a small change, it all contributes to producing ethical shoes to the highest standards.


Part of producing ethical shoes is choosing the right materials. At Giesswein we use a selection of natural, ethically harvested fabrics. This coincides with our use of recycled materials such as PET plastic

Merino wool: merino wool is a natural fibre which is produced from merino sheep. It is seen as a luxury material as it provides so many great qualities to your ethical shoes. These can include being super soft, moisture wicking and odour resistant. As part of our responsibility, we also say no to mulesing.

We want to ensure our customers have high quality products that are not at the sacrifice of animal welfare. For this reason, we ask for a condition from our suppliers, to provide confirmation of the wool’s origin. By having the information we can be assured our wool is sourced from breeders who do not harm their animals.  

Virgin wool: Although we do not use virgin wool in our ethical shoes, we do use it in our eco-friendly slippers. Traditionally, it is taken from a lamb’s first sheering, which is what makes virgin wool soft and durable. It is for this reason our slippers can be comfortable and cozy throughout the year! 

Eucalyptus fibres: as a unique fabric, the process of eucalyptus fibre production is sustainable. The fibre has many great qualities such as being breathable, moisture wicking and an antibacterial material. On top of those, eucalyptus fibres are what make our Wood Sneaker so comfortable. Knowing our eucalyptus is grown in FSC certified forests, is an added benefit.


For those who enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors, you may be more inclined to shop consciously. Conscious buying is the new normal, which is why we use reputable suppliers to provide our high quality fibres.  

Our ethical shoes are a perfect partner to your feet. For whatever adventure you embark on. Our range of men’s sneakers and women’s sneakers, can satisfy your feet from morning to night. Whether you are meeting friends for alfresco drinks, or running errands. Thanks to the flexible EVA soles, your sneakers provide an element of shock absorption. Using these soles is just one of the ways we commit to providing high quality materials to our ethical shoes.

Prefer to take on new heights and need a boot to match your ethics? Our Wool Cross X Alpine is the perfect fit. Made with natural merino wool lining, these lightweight hiking boots mould comfortably to your feet. What this means is you're comfortable without sacrificing stability. What’s more, they only weigh 860 grams! That is less than a litre of water!


Ethical shoes shouldn’t just be for outdoors. The comfort should be welcomed in the home too. Which is why our ethical footwear includes our slippers too. Made from virgin wool, your feet could be wrapped in coziness throughout the seasons. But don’t worry! A benefit favoured by most is temperature regulating. Meaning in warm weather they are cool, but in winter they keep your feet cozy. You can also venture along your porch, with your morning coffee in hand. As our slippers can provide the stability needed of an outdoor slipper. Thanks to our sturdy soles, they can help tackle any terrain you may encounter. From grass, stones, or wood decking, you can feel secure in your footwear.


We are proud to be a family-owned wool company that operates in beautiful Austria. Currently run by the third generation, our views are still the same as when we first started. Which is why we are able to produce comfortable, ethical shoes. Not only can we provide ethical footwear, but we can supply you with accessories such as men’s beanies and women’s beanies. They are the perfect partner for outdoor walks in any season.

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