Shoes That Go With Everything

Choosing shoes that go with everything should be easy for everyone. Depending on your hobbies and daily routine, you will need something that is comfortable, durable and stylish. Making the excuse of not having the ‘right shoes’ for your outfit will be a thing of the past. Our top tips in this guide, will help inspire your next great outfit pairing. Getting ready for whatever the day holds is about to become a breeze. 


Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, whatever the season, finding shoes that go with everything should not be a hassle.  Throughout history, sneakers have been transformed from an athletic shoe, primarily used for working out, to a casual everyday staple. In more recent years, they have grown in popularity as a fashion shoe, expanding the possibilities of what we can wear on our feet everyday. 

Everyday Sneaker: Need an everyday shoe you can slip on quickly? Our top choice is our  Merino Runners. Made from 100% merino wool, the 3D-Knit technique will fit your foot comfortably throughout both summer and winter. This is because merino wool has natural air pockets, regulating your foot’s temperature.

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Sporty Sneaker
: If you're looking for a sneaker that you can stay active in without sacrificing comfort, then our  Wool Cross X is the perfect fit. As well as being a shoe that can go with everything, it is the world's first merino sports shoe! The 3D stretch fabric provides comfort and support to your feet all year round.

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Walking Sneaker
: When looking at what makes a  good walking shoe, you ultimately want comfort. Our  Wood Sneaker is not only lightweight, but breathable also. This means you will never have to suffer with sweaty shoes again because merino wool is both temperature regulating and moisture wicking. Allowing you to trek for hours!

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Giesswein sneakers can suit any lifestyle and a good rule of thumb, when choosing shoes that go with everything, is to pick a solid colour. By doing this you will ensure you are not clashing prints and designs.


Dark, sophisticated and stylish, black sneakers really are the shoe that goes with everything. Styling a black sneaker can be made easy for everybody, and we are on hand to walk you through the best fits. A black sneaker is not only trendy, it is a sure fire option for every outfit. The reason for this is that black goes with most items, whether that be cool neutrals or vibrant prints. Being dark, black sneakers hide a multitude of sins, but don't worry if they get a little dirty as they are easily machine washable.   

The dark tone of a black sneaker works great alongside menswear. Popular combinations for  men's black sneakers are sandy chino shorts, light blue shirts or even denim jeans. Try experimenting by using a mixture of neutral colours on your bottom half and a slightly brighter colour on your top. This combination will be effective for both day and night, seeing you stay effortlessly stylish in shoes that go with everything.

Monochrome dressing is a great way to pair  women's black sneakers with many outfits. Skirts, dresses, trousers, the looks can be versatile but you will be confident knowing you have the shoes to go with everything. Next time you reach for your white skirt, try adding a black jumper to achieve a chic, minimal outfit that may garner approval from top designers. If this is too casual for you, wear a pair of light coloured culotte trousers and a dark top for evening events. Accessorise with your favourite handbag and jewellery, and you’re ready for any occasion.        

The best way to find your perfect combination is to experiment to see what you feel comfortable in. Over time this will be easy, and you will thank yourself for investing in shoes that go with everything.


A fashion staple which is not lost on anyone, is the classic white sneaker. They are the perfect shoe that goes with everything for both men and women. This is because they bring a clean, fresh look to every outfit. The clean look of a white sneaker, is a perfect partner to dresses, jeans and can even be worn as a formal  shoe for the office. You may think that white sneakers require a lot of maintenance, but having the right material like  merino wool plays an important factor because you can throw them in the washing machine with confidence.

Jeans can be a great ‘go to’ choice for both men and women no matter the season. Whatever the style or cut of your jeans, men's and women's white sneakers complement both light and dark shades of denim. A trend that grew in popularity, especially in the summer months, was rolling the cuff of your jeans higher to your ankle. Having a shoe that goes with everything means that even as the newest trends come into season, you’ll be ready to take them on. Finish your outfit with a white top or cosy jumper, and minimal jewellery to give your outfit a relaxed feel.   

White sneakers are extremely versatile, compared to patterned sneakers, as they can be paired with many colours, meaning the possibilities are endless. Have a dress that is a bright floral print? Maybe your wardrobe only incorporates staple black pieces? Or you own a neutral coat that only sees daylight twice a year. We can show you  how to wear white sneakers with whatever you own, so you really can wear them with everything.


Having shoes that go with everything, from formal suits to casual wear, may seem impossible but it is achievable! Wearing  suits with sneakers is a trend that keeps on growing, showing that it is possible to have a shoe for everything. But It doesn't always have to be a formal suit, just a blazer, white top and trousers will work wonders. We recommend our  men's Wood sneakers to complement the look. They give the perfect balance of relaxed and smart, whilst being comfortable. 

The secret to being smartly presented is making sure your sneakers are clean. One day you could be going into the office, the next attending a formal event or even just grabbing a coffee. Your constant change in activities means you need a shoe that goes with everything. No matter the occasion, spills and accidents can all contribute to dirty shoes. White sneakers are prone to, so choosing a sneaker which is easy to wash at home, can save time and money in the long run. All Giesswein sneakers are machine washable. We have outlined  how to wash merino wool correctly, as well as giving our tips and tricks, to ensure you make no mistakes at home. A great advantage to these materials is that they are naturally water resistant. There is nothing worse than being caught off guard in a weather storm on your commute, then having wet feet all day. This problem can be easily solved with  water resistant sneakers, so you’ll never suffer from damp feet again!


Comfort and style should always be possible, whatever the occasion. A dress can be a staple item for many women, so having a shoe that goes with everything is important. Pairing a  dress with sneakers is a great choice to make you feel comfortable but also put together. Being a versatile shoe, a sneaker can see you through your daily errands or dancing the night away. Either or, you will want to be comfortable throughout. Sometimes the sneaker has been overlooked as evening footwear due to its causal association. There’s no reason you can break barriers and adorn your latest sneaker style in the evening with that dress you’ve been waiting to wear for a very long time. 

For a relaxed summer day outfit, try a floaty maxi dress with a natural coloured trainer. Being a neutral colour, you know the shoe really will go with everything. To top the look off, in hot climates, pick a floppy hat and your oversized beach bag and you're ready to go. Our  women's Merino Runners are the perfect partner to any dress, as they are comfortable, stylish, and super lightweight. You will feel like you are walking barefoot!   

Feeling a bit more daring? Partner your favorite printed dress with a coloured sneaker. Top tip: Try and match the trainer with one of the colours in the dress, that way you are coordinated and stylish. Finish the look with a belt or your favorite handbag. This look will have you turning heads at any evening event.


When thinking about a shoe that goes with everything,  slippers may not be the obvious first choice. If you think about it, no matter what outfit you wear in your own home a house slipper will always be a great partner. Recently bought new loungewear? Just finished a long day at work? Whatever the reason, the comfort and style elements that our slippers bring, will be music to your feets ears.  

Not sure what kind of Giesswein slipper is best for you? We have explained the  different types of slippers in a helpful guide, to take the worry away from you.  


Giesswein is a third generation, Austrian merino wool company. We specialise in creating comfortable men and womens sneakers, the perfect shoe that goes with everything. Other products include  men's slippers women's slippers, and accessories, for any occasion. So we are sure we have your wool needs covered. We locally produce all of our wool products, ensuring we are committed to being as green as possible.   

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