Our Best Slippers for Sweaty Feet

When warmer weather greets us, slippers for sweaty feet may be necessary. Many of us could be dreading the feeling of slipping our clammy feet into a pair of slippers. No more! We are here to tell you that your days of being uncomfortable are over. Imagine walking out to your porch with your morning coffee in hand and feet comfortable and dry. With Giesswein we could make that vision a reality with slippers for sweaty feet. Wave goodbye to the hot sticky feeling, and hello cool, fresh feet. Discover which materials would be beneficial to you, with our range of slippers for sweaty feet.    



An important element of choosing the right slippers for sweaty feet, is what material they are made from. Having a slipper with material that doesn't allow your foot to breathe could be the main reason your foot starts to sweat. The optimum material for slippers is: 

Virgin wool: Virgin wool is the softest wool that can be taken from a lamb, as it is commonly taken from the first shearing. We use it within our slippers for sweaty feet, as one of the properties this wool possesses is  moisture wicking. What this means is that your foot could be more comfortable inside your slipper, as moisture is wicked away from your skin, leaving it feeling dry. 

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Another benefit to this brilliant fabric in slippers for sweaty feet is that it is temperature regulating. This natural wool can keep your feet cool throughout the warmer climates while seeing them cozy during winter. This is because the fibre’s structure contains tiny air chambers. As a poor heat conductor, these chambers make it harder for the flow of air to pass through, seeing it stay close to the foot.  


Slippers may seem like the last footwear type you want to put your feet in when you encounter sweaty feet. If you look for a pair of slippers for sweaty feet with the following features, you could experience a cool, dry feeling throughout the seasons.   

Breathable: Having breathable footwear is necessary for people who suffer with feet that overheat. It is an aspect that is vital specially in slippers for sweaty feet. If your feet can not breathe, it could be the main reason as to why they sweat. Choose a pair of slippers that contain virgin wool, as their fibre structure allows air to pass through freely. 

Moisture wicking: Moisture wicking is another great benefit in slippers for sweaty feet. If you choose a material that possesses this feature, it means that the moisture is wicked away from your skin and transferred to the top layer of the fabric. Leaving your feet dry to touch. 

Temperature regulating: having slippers that regulate the temperature of your feet is another benefit to those who experience the hot, sticky feeling. Thanks to tiny little air chambers within the wools structure, it keeps air close to your foot. This means in warmer weather they are great summer slippers and in winter they are cozy, warm slippers.

Easy to wash: Traditionally, you may have felt the need to constantly wash your slippers once your feet have sweated in them. With our slippers for sweaty feet this shouldn't be the case, but knowing how to wash wool slippers is always helpful. Lucky for you, our slippers for sweaty feet can be easily washed in the washing machine!  


Let us now introduce to you our wool slippers for sweaty feet. Giesswein uses high quality virgin wool to allow for your feet to breathe.

  • Veitsch - Veitsch slippers are a great partner for your foot. Made from pure virgin wool, these slippers for sweaty feet regulate the temperature of your foot. Allowing them to keep them cool during the hotter seasons. They also feature solid rubber soles, which provide grip and stability. Perfect for when you want to take short walks in the backyard.    
  • Woolpops - Woolpops are our vibrant slippers for sweaty feet. They are made from high quality virgin wool, which keep your feet both cozy and cool. Another aspect of these slippers is that they feature our patented anti-slip soles. This combination of wool and sole could make you feel like you're walking barefoot!   
  • Vent - Vent slippers are a closed shoe which is perfect for all seasons. They are made using virgin wool, which keeps your feet warm during the cooler seasons and cool throughout summer. Also incorporating thermo rubber soles, you will have a suitable grip for outdoor use, as well as travelling throughout your home. An extra feature to these slippers for sweaty feet is that they have interchangeable footbeds. This could allow for more comfort to your feet throughout the day.


Through warmer weather, it may seem inevitable to suffer with sweaty feet. But it doesn’t have to be. Choosing a pair of slippers for sweaty feet, with Giesswein, has never been easier. A pair of slippers for sweaty feet, can be the perfect companion for your walks along the porch in the morning sun, while taking sips of coffee. Since they are made primarily from virgin wool, they boast many great properties, which are perfect for people whose feet tend to become hot and sticky. Never again will your feet have to suffer in the warmer temperatures, when you choose a great slipper for sweaty feet. So whether you are in need of outdoor slippers or simply a pair of slippers for sweaty feet, Giesswein have a wide range for you to choose from.       


Giesswein is an Austrian wool company, dating back three generations. Our goal has always been to reinvent the positive attributes wool has to offer. Which is why we have developed innovative fabrics. These fabrics are used in a variety of our products including our slippers for sweaty feet. Within the process we try to be as green as possible. Which is why you won’t find any material going to waste at Giesswein. As part of our green strategy we commit to recycling 90% of our production water.

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