Sneaker without socks: GIESSWEIN's secret for ultimate comfort

Wearing sneakers without socks may sound unconventional to some, but with GIESSWEIN's high-quality footwear, this concept becomes a soothing reality. In this blog post, we'll tell you why you can go without socks without hesitation and enjoy comfort and style at the same time.

Can you wear shoes without socks?

Opinions on whether or not it is advisable to wear socks in shoes vary widely. There are different findings that have been obtained in science, which clarify the influence of the shoe material. For example, it is said that conventional sneakers can harbor a remarkable bacteria culture, which spreads three times faster without wearing socks than when socks are used. Various articles on this topic show that whether or not to wear socks in sneakers is not the only important issue. Much more decisive is the material from which the shoes are made.

Merino wool: The secret weapon for quality and comfort in GIESSWEIN shoes.

GIESSWEIN has been known as an expert in wool since 1954, and our loyal customers appreciate the outstanding quality of our shoes. To effectively counteract unpleasant sweat and the odor that can arise after taking off your shoes, we rely on a proven solution: Merino wool. Thanks to the natural properties of merino wool, our shoes impress with their breathability, temperature- and moisture-regulating properties, as well as their antibacterial effect.

What makes merino wool special?

The crimped structure of merino sheep's wool adheres to bacteria more quickly than smooth surfaces like synthetic fibers. It can also absorb an impressive 30% of its weight in moisture, which it wicks away to the outside without becoming damp itself. This ensures lasting comfort and freshness in our shoes. The use of merino wool as a sweat and odor fighter underlines our dedication to high-quality materials and maximum wearing comfort. Merino wool fibers are made up of different types of cells that can absorb and swell different amounts of moisture, allowing them to constantly clean themselves. Particularly important is the keratin contained, which fights unpleasant odors and prevents excessive sweating. Socks are not necessary in our shoes, as these properties keep your feet dry and odor-free, even after taking off the sneakers.

Sockless GIESSWEIN comfort: the Merino Runner as an everyday hero.

The GIESSWEIN Merino Runner is more than just a shoe - it's an everyday hero for those seeking supreme comfort and freshness without compromise. With our proven Merino wool as the key component, the Merino Runner elevates sneaker wearing to a whole new level.

Merino Runners Women Merino Runners Men  

But that's not all. At GIESSWEIN we are inspired by innovative design, and so we proudly present our new release: the Merino Curve. This shoe is inspired by the Merino Runner and combines the best features of our proven Merino wool with a modern and stylish design. The Merino Curve offers the same unbeatable comfort and freshness as the Merino Runner, but its unique design makes it a perfect choice for any occasion. 

Merino Curve Men

Merino Curve Women Merino Curve Men

GIESSWEIN stands for quality, comfort and innovation, and our footwear is the answer to our valued customers' needs. Experience the difference with the Merino Runner and discover the Merino Curve - your new companions for unparalleled sock-free comfort and style.

Top athletic performance without socks: GIESSWEIN's Wool series with Merino wool.

At GIESSWEIN, we understand that athletes expect the highest performance, comfort and hygiene from their footwear. That's why we've developed an outstanding line of athletic footwear that allows you to forgo socks while exercising without compromising freshness and comfort. Our Wool Peak, Wool Cross X and Wool Cross X Alpine shoes are the perfect choice for active people who appreciate the benefits of natural merino wool. The merino wool allows for a comfortable feel, without the annoying feeling of wet socks during exercise.

Wool Cross X Alpine Women Wool Cross X Alpine Men


Our sports shoes are not only designed to prevent unpleasant odors and regulate moisture, but also provide the support and cushioning you need while exercising. With Wool Peak, Wool Cross X and Wool Cross X Alpine, socks are a thing of the past when it comes to sports. Experience a new level of comfort and freshness while pursuing your athletic goals with GIESSWEIN athletic footwear designed for peak performance and well-being.


So what are you waiting for? Show us your look with GIESSWEIN shoes, completely without socks, and present your individual style on Instagram. Use the hashtag #giesswein and tag @giesswein_.

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