6 1/2 foot care tips for beautiful and healthy feet

Our feet carry us every day of our lives. From time to time, they are put to the test. To keep them healthy and strong, we need to take care of them. What exactly can be done for optimal foot health? We've taken a closer look at this and put together some tips on the topic of foot care.


Our first tip is to wash your feet every day. Simply soap your feet in the shower, rinse and dry them properly. Feet like to be dry, because otherwise fungus can develop on them. If you have a little trouble bending over, you can simply spread your toes and dry the spaces between your toes with a hair dryer. People who take care of their feet can also apply a foot moisturizer after each shower. This keeps the feet soft and supple.

daily care


In order to pamper your feet from time to time, you can prepare a foot bath. It is important that the water is not too hot, i.e. not more than 38°C/100.4°F. Salicylic acid is recommended as an additive, as it makes the skin softer and rough areas more supple. However, the feet should not be left in the bath for more than 10 to 20 minutes, otherwise the skin will become too soft, and fungi or bacteria may penetrate. If you bathe your feet in lukewarm water, you can leave them in for up to half an hour, as this does not soften the skin as much. Important: don't forget to dry your feet afterwards!

take a foot bath


As with your fingernails, you should regularly shorten your toenails. This is especially good after a footbath, as your nails are a little softer. A nail file is the best way to shorten your nails evenly and without damaging them, but this method takes a little time. You can also use nail clippers or scissors instead. The result will probably not be as smooth as with a file. Of course, it is possible to combine the methods, i.e. first shorten the nails with nail clippers or scissors, then use a file for a final touch. For extra care, nail oil can be applied to the nails and nail beds. This keeps toenails healthy and supple. To give nail fungus no chance, it is advisable to always clean nail scissors and other accessories thoroughly.

shorten your nails


Everyone wants silky smooth feet - but the reality is usually different. Areas of the foot that are particularly stressed are often thickened with calluses. Is there anything that can be done about this? In principle, no, because the skin is only thickened to protect the foot. In most cases, these are pressure points or areas of similar stress, which are less sensitive to external influences due to the thicker skin. Many people, however, consider calluses to be annoying because of their roughness and visual appearance. There are a few methods to help get rid of them.

Probably the gentlest method for the skin is pumice stone. It should be used on soaked feet, so ideally after a foot bath! Simply pass the pumice stone over the horny skin in circular motions. For those who don't have time to take a footbath, there are also options such as callus files. These are applied to dry skin and loosen the rough top layer. Special callus creams can also make the feet softer. Active ingredients such as urea and glycerine can be used to combat calluses. If all this is too much trouble, you can also buy callus-removing socks from drugstores. For some, these socks can be a little too harsh and cause skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin, it's best to use a pumice stone, file and/or creams.

eliminate calluses


In the case of cracked skin - which can also be caused by horny skin - it is important to moisturize the feet thoroughly. Moisturizers containing ingredients such as urea and ceramides help to combat cracked skin. If nothing is done about cracked skin, fungus and bacteria can seep through the cracks and put you and your feet at risk.

repair cracked skin


Since our feet carry us from place to place every day, they are often put to the test. To give them a break from time to time, you can massage your feet (or have someone else massage them). It is best to use a body oil or foot cream. It is always worthwhile to pay a little attention to each area of the foot. In addition to the heel and arch, don't forget the toes. This will maximize your own wellness factor. You can't really go wrong with massage, as long as you don't apply too much pressure. Under no circumstances should you feel unpleasant pain. Of course, there are also targeted massages for certain foot ailments. There are countless resources available on the Internet. With a little research, you will certainly find something that is adapted to your needs. The same applies to foot gymnastics. Especially for heavily used feet, it is a good idea to do small exercises that help relieve them. They can also be useful for pain conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spur or Hallux Valgus. It is important that you adapt the type of exercises to the needs of your feet.

feet massage


If you wear shoes that fit, you automatically contribute to the health of your feet and at the same time ensure that they look good. You prevent foot deformities (such as Hallux Valgus) and avoid pressure points, which can lead to thicker calluses and unpleasant aches. Make sure your clothes - shoes, jackets, pants, everything - fit your body and feel good.

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