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Warm Boots - A Guide For Comfort In All Seasons

Choosing a warm boot that is stylish yet practical has never been easier. With temperatures at times hovering around freezing, often you have to decide between chunky boots which can be rather heavy, or a stylish boot which may be less optimal for the conditions. At the end of the day, warm boots are essential during the colder months, but why stop wearing them when the temperature rises? Opting for a boot with temperature regulation is the way forward to ensure feet are happy all year round.

Table of Contents:

What To Look For In A Warm Boot

Benefits You Can Enjoy With Warm Merino Wool Boots

Introducing Giesswein Warm Boots

House Shoes For When The Boots Come Off

What To Look For In A Warm Boot

why you need warm boots

A warm boot is exactly what its name suggests: a boot that keeps your feet warm and cozy. Typically, we turn to these during the winter period but a warm boot can be worn all year round for any desired purpose. From countryside walks to dashing around the city, happy feet is something we will always strive for. Traditionally, lined boots are tailored for harsher weather conditions such as frost, snow, rain, or days when it is simply too chilly to wear summer shoes. At Giesswein, we focus on providing you with a boot you can rely on, so naturally we cram them full of perks you will love from the moment your feet slip inside.

Inner Linings: The benefit to having a different material, like wool in the lining of the shoe, is that it acts as insulation. This adds extra warmth to your feet as it is the material in direct contact with your foot. Having your shoe lining made from quality material can help reduce friction between your foot and the boot, reducing blisters.

Sturdy Soles: When your shoes have rubber soles, it means water is less likely to enter, ensuring your boots are warm whatever the weather. Overall meaning your feet will stay dry and comfortable through all terrains.

Water repellent:  A boot that is water repellent is naturally going to keep your feet warm because it is stopping unwanted puddles from forming in your shoes. Especially handy if you get caught in an unexpected rain storm!

Comfort: One of the most important elements to a warm boot is comfort If a boot is comfortable, you are much more likely to wear it throughout the day because you know it won’t be painful. So don’t make your feet suffer! The beauty of our boots is that they have interchangeable merino insoles, adding another layer of comfort to your walks.

Benefits You Can Enjoy With Warm Merino Wool Boots

We love Merino wool. It is a material at the heart of Giesswein. Merino wool has thousands of tiny air pockets thanks to the structure of its fibres. Whenever used in footwear, these air pockets help keep your feet warm because the air is able to regulate the inner temperature of the shoe. So your feet will remain snug and cozy over the wintery months and cool during warmer times of the year.

Due to the ultra fine fibres of merino wool, it is extremely soft on the skin. Whereas, some wool can leave you feeling itchy due to the scales and size of the individual hairs, merino wool’s structure will keep you comfy all day long.

5 key benefits of our stylish warm boots

Warmer temperatures often bring unpleasant smells and sweating, which nobody likes to experience. There are many  beneficial properties of merino wool, including its ability to absorb up to 33% of its own weight in moisture, without feeling damp. What this means is that it will keep feet dry and comfortable from sweat throughout the warmer months. As well as the wool's structure allowing for your foot's temperature to be regulated, it offers many more qualities that keep your feet healthy. Unlike flat structures found in artificial fibres, merino wool’s unique surface means bacteria can not cling easily. The fibre also has its own self-cleaning effect, due to the two types of cells within the structure rubbing together constantly.   

Introducing Giesswein Warm Boots

Now you know the features that create a good warm boot, it’s time to show you our top choices for keeping snug this season.

warm boots perfect for all seasons 

First up is our merino wool chelsea boot. Not only is this footwear stylish, it provides comfort and warmth to your feet, thanks to being made from merino wool. The 3D stretch fabric technology allows this warm boot to be extremely flexible, meaning you can put it on with ease. This is especially great if you're caught short for time! Being a very versatile shoe, the Chelsea boot is a wardrobe staple. Whether you want to run errands in the day, or dance the night away in comfort.

This style of boot is an excellent choice for the working day, thanks to the lightweight EVA sole. The plastic material offers qualities like rubber but is much softer and more flexible. It is ultra lightweight, making the commute a breeze. As well as the comfortable sole, the merino wool chelsea boot offers a flexible, interchangeable footbed so you can reach new levels of comfort.

Need more inspiration on how to wear Chelsea Boots? We have put together a guide so no matter the occasion or season, you are ready to go and have fun!

keep your feet dry in your warm boots

Those who like to experience a rush of adrenaline in the great outdoors, may look towards other elements when choosing a warm boot. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, having a  waterproof boot may be at the top of your priority list. If that sounds like you, you’ll love our Wool Cross X Alpine Boot. It is a comfortable hiking shoe which is the perfect partner for those outdoor adventures. The micro-grip sole provides stability, while the two zone lacing and padded, anti blister heel helps to diminish any pressure point pain. Traditional outdoor hiking boots are often bulky and heavy, but this simply isn't the case with our Wool Cross X Alpine boot. At just 860 grams this warm and  lightweight hiking shoe will allow you to walk with ease through any terrain.

House Shoes For When The Boots Come Off

If in the winter months you aren’t as keen to venture outside, and would rather snuggle in the comfort of your own home. There’s no reason you can't enjoy a warm boot as well. House slippers are the comfort shoe needed to keep your feet warm, and the versatility makes them perfect to enjoy throughout the whole year. So if you have naturally cold feet, or it's the middle of winter, we can recommend choosing the warmest slippers to keep your feet toasty.

keep feet comfortable when the boots come off

Giesswein offers a selection of both men's slippers and women's slippers which are made from either merino wool, sheepskin, or cotton. So there is something for everyone. Our top choice for a unisex warm slipper boot is the Vent slipper. Perfect for both men and women, this house shoe offers not only comfort due to it’s pure virgin wool material, it also offers stability. The sole is made from rubber which allows you to walk along your terrace or to the mailbox with ease.

About Giesswein

Giesswein is an Austrian, family owned company, specialising in merino wool products. Having a warm boot is essential through the cooler months and Giesswein are on hand to help make the choice easier. As well as offering men and women’s sneakers, we provide a great selection of accessories including our men’s beanies and women’s beanies.