The Best Slippers with Insoles

You've come home, it's been a long day and your feet are sore. What could be better than slipping into some comfortable slippers and relaxing a bit? BUT, many slippers don't provide the support your feet need. For some people, walking pain is unavoidable at home, even if it's just a short trip from the living room to the kitchen. There are different reasons why one needs a supportive insole: plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, flat or sunken feet and many others. The problems can be short term, recurring and/or chronic. To combat these problems, there are various orthopedic insoles, which are not only used for street shoes, but also, in the best case, at home. We answer some questions you may have and present our most popular insoles.


More than 50 % of all people suffering from foot pain wear orthotics. Whether they are specially manufactured to fit perfectly and guarantee the best possible effectiveness or whether they are bought commercially to alleviate certain symptoms, they are mainly bought for use with street shoes. It is indeed outside the house that the feet are most solicited. So why buy insoles for indoor shoes or put the insoles of street shoes in your slippers after work? Simply so that the insoles can also serve the desired purpose at home.

insoles for slippers

The more often and for longer periods of time the special insoles are worn, the quicker the positive changes can be. Depending on your activity, you put more or less strain on your feet at home. But even short trips to the refrigerator can be hard on your feet and cause you unnecessary pain. It's definitely worth the 10-second effort to transfer your special insoles from your street shoes to your slippers.


There are countless variations of slippers, designs, colors, materials, ... so making a choice can be a science in itself. Slippers with interchangeable insoles or footbeds are especially designed for people who need a little more support in the foot area. Whether it's flat or sunken feet, heel problems such as plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, or other deformities, there is a different solution for every problem. For example, there is arch support or additional cushioning in the heel area. Of course, there are also specially adapted orthopedic insoles. No matter what kind of support you need: slippers with removable insoles are the right choice for your personal comfort.



Our Veitsch slippers are also convincing in a similar style. They also have an orthopedic insole that can be replaced with your own. Just slip them on and walk in and around the house. Thanks to the non-slip natural rubber sole, you'll never lose your footing. The semi-open shoe scores especially well with minor foot problems, because it is quick and easy to put on and provides pleasant support for the foot. Of course, the soft and versatile merino wool ensures warm feet on cold days.

comfort slipper veitsch

to comfort slipper veitsch


If your problems are a little more drastic and restrictive, Vent slippers may be just what you need. Orthotics develop their positive properties best when the feet are firmly anchored in the shoe. Stability is essential for successful therapy with orthotics. Vent precisely offers this stability with its zipper closure and closed design. Use the shoes with the included orthopedic insoles or add your own. You'll be doing your feet and yourself a favor! They deserve it because they carry us every day of our lives.

comfort slipper vent

to comfort slipper vent

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