Footwear for each family member

GIESSWEIN offers a diverse selection of fashionable, comfortable and hard-wearing shoes for every generation. Whether for the little ones, the adults or the grandparents - you'll find something suitable for every member of the family. Our shoes are of outstanding quality, offer maximum comfort and are characterised by timeless style.

For the youngest members of the family, we have cute and cosy slippers and comfortable trainers that combine comfort and playful elegance and are popular with children of all ages. Adults will love our stylish designs that are perfect for everyday wear. Grandparents will also find shoes that offer them comfort and functionality while ensuring a stylish appearance.

Our shoes are not only known for their fashionable designs and durability, but also for their exceptional comfort. We take great care to ensure that our shoes are supportive and cosy so that every member of the family can be comfortable throughout the day. Whether you're spending the day running errands, exploring the great outdoors or relaxing at home.


The Merino Runner for kids

With their innovative design, temperature-regulating merino wool and the Flexy sole system, these shoes are ideal for children who are on the move a lot. The easy slip-in system ensures that chaos with laces is a thing of the past and offers ultimate comfort for children and parents. In addition, the performance footbed with long-term cushioning effect made of merino wool ensures that kids enjoy a comfortable fit on all their adventures.






Wool Peak: Stylish footwear for adults

The durable Woolfinity wool fabric of the Wool Peak by GIESSWEIN offers maximum shape retention and durability for everyday use. Whether you're jogging, running errands or simply taking a leisurely stroll, this shoe will give you extra energy with every step and ensure that you feel comfortable all day long. The replaceable insole made of high-quality merino wool also provides optimal foot cushioning, making the Wool Peak the perfect choice for adults looking for both style and comfort in their footwear.






In conclusion: The ideal shoe for grandparents

The Merino Runner with its high-quality merino wool, innovative sole design and odour-neutral finish. Thanks to the modern 3D stretch material made from merino wool, the shoes adapt perfectly to the foot, offering stability and flexibility for all-day use. In addition, the interchangeable merino wool footbed allows for customisation, making the shoe the perfect choice for grandparents who value both comfort and style.






So why wait any longer? Equip yourself and your whole family with the comfortable shoes from GIESSWEIN and enjoy the comfort they offer you and your loved ones.

What do our customers say?


"I am delighted because this shoe is light as a feather, fits perfectly and I don't sweat in it even when barefoot. What I love about all Gießwein shoes is that I can wear them without my orthopaedic insoles! Unrivalled good."

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Foot fitness: Stretching exercises

Discover the comfort of GIESSWEIN shoes

Discover the comfort of GIESSWEIN shoes

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