Polo shirt: It Piece in 2024

The change in the fashion world is unstoppable - the tank top is making way for the polo shirt as the new essential in spring 2024. The catwalks are thus announcing a clear shift from tight-fitting fashion to loose-fitting polo shirts. In this article, you can find out how to skilfully combine this new it-piece. A revival from the late 2000s - the polo shirt is back and ready to conquer the fashion scene. Are you too?

Polo Shirts for Women & Men

Classic & chic

Combine a white polo shirt with either dark blue chinos or smart trousers and complete the look with brown loafers to add an elegant touch. Round off the entire outfit with a simple watch or understated accessories.

weißes Polo Shirt von Giesswein

Casual & modern

For a relaxed look, combine a pastel-coloured polo shirt with well-fitting jeans, contrast with white trainers or light slip-ons and give the outfit a casual touch with a loose blazer.

Polo Shirt von Giesswein

Sporty and elegant

Choose a polo shirt in bold colours and combine it with matching jogging trousers or sporty shorts, then complete the look with sporty trainers like our Wool Peak or classic Merino Runners.

Polo Shirt von Giesswein in rot

Polo Shirt in "flame red"

Merino Runners


Especially on cooler days, it's worth experimenting with layering by wearing a dark polo shirt under a light jumper or cardigan and combining it with tight trousers or modern fabric trousers. Go for different textures such as wool, cotton or linen to add depth and variety to the outfit.

Polo Shirt von Giesswein

Polo Shirt in "sky blue"

Pullover for women und men

The polo shirt is undoubtedly versatile and adaptable - it offers a wide range of ways to express your personal style. Whether you like it casual, smart or sporty, this garment has the potential to transform your look. So dare to try out different combinations, be creative and find out how you can perfectly integrate the polo shirt into your wardrobe. Be bold and have fun!

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