Foot fitness: Stretching exercises

When it comes to the health of your feet, regular stretching is one of the most important things you can do. Your feet are the foundation of your body, and their flexibility and strength are crucial to your overall well-being. By incorporating a daily stretching routine into your lifestyle, you can prevent common foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain and Achilles tendonitis. Stretching not only helps to improve flexibility and circulation in the feet, but also to relieve tension and reduce the risk of injury.

Here are a few stretching exercises for your daily routine:

  1. Toe stretch: Sit on the floor and stretch your legs out in front of you. Grab your toes with your hands and gently pull them towards your shins. Hold this position for around 15-30 seconds and repeat a few times.

  2. Foot rocker: Sit on a chair and place one foot over the knee of your other leg. Grasp the ball of your foot and gently move it up and down to feel a stretch in the sole of your foot. Hold the position for 15-30 seconds and then switch sides.

  3. Foot circles: Sit or lie down and lift one foot off the floor. Rotate your foot clockwise and then anti-clockwise to loosen the ankles and stretch the muscles. Repeat this for about 10-15 times in each direction and then switch to the other foot.

  4. Flexed foot stretch: Sit on the floor and place your right ankle on your left thigh. Hold the ball of your foot with your left hand and your toes with your right hand. Gently press the toes down to feel a stretch along the arch of the foot. Hold the position for 15-30 seconds and then switch sides.

  5. Heel stretch against the wall: Stand facing the wall and place the toes of one foot about 10-15 cm away from the wall. Keep your heel on the floor and slowly lean forwards until you feel a stretch in your calf and Achilles tendon. Hold this position for 15-30 seconds and then switch sides.

Remember to perform each stretch slowly and gently and not to overstretch to avoid injury.


After you've pampered your feet with these stretching exercises, it's time to make sure they feel comfortable. We have selected three shoes that will support you with every step.

The Wool Zip Sneaker - your partner for healthy feet

The Wool Zip Sneaker supports you on your way to healthier feet with every step. This model is super easy to put on and take off thanks to the smooth-running premium zip and the vegan leather heel loop. The high-quality merino wool upper also ensures 360° comfort so that your feet can breathe and move freely. Thanks to the replaceable insole made from functional merino wool, you'll experience maximum cushioning and support.




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Eco sneakers - sustainable shoes for an active lifestyle

With its sustainable materials and intelligent sole technology, the Eco Sneaker are for people who want to keep their feet happy and healthy. The revolutionary 3D knit technology ensures an optimal fit and additional support. The performance footbed made from functional merino wool provides long-lasting cushioning and moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet dry and comfortable. With a focus on recycled sustainability and total comfort, the Eco Sneaker is your go-to shoe for maintaining foot health.




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Experience comfort and style: the Merino Curve sneaker

The Merino Curve Sneaker offer the ideal balance of breathability and stability. The 360° merino wool ensures continuous temperature regulation and airy softness so that your feet can move freely and comfortably. The non-slip sole offers additional support and grip, while the replaceable merino insole provides optimum cushioning and stability. With exclusive design elements and high-quality workmanship, the Merino Curve Sneaker is the perfect choice for anyone looking for stylish footwear to keep their feet healthy.




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Finally, it is important to emphasise that the stretching exercises presented here should become an integral part of your daily routine. By doing them regularly, you can improve the health and flexibility of your feet in the long term. Combine these exercises with suitable shoes such as the Merino Curve Sneaker for extra comfort and support. 

What do our customers say?

"Beautiful shoe. Warm, cosy and I can also put my insoles in."

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Discover the comfort of GIESSWEIN shoes

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