Whatever you do, having comfortable shoes for long periods of standing is important. They can help you persevere and reduce pain. Discover our favourites.

Our days can consist of so many different activities, all of which result in us being on our feet for hours on end. Whether we are working in retail, teaching in the classroom or simply playing with our children, our feet have to endure a lot. In these situations, it's crucial to find the right shoes for prolonged standing that support us and provide the comfort we need.

What makes a good everyday shoe?

Choosing a good everyday shoe can make your day much more enjoyable, knowing that you'll be comfortable from morning to night! In our opinion, a few basic principles are crucial for the perfect shoe that will keep your feet comfortable all day long.

The first and most important factor is comfort. Uncomfortable shoes can make your day a misery, no matter what you have to do. Shoes for prolonged standing should regulate the temperature and maintain a comfortable climate regardless of the external conditions. Lightweight shoes make you feel like you're walking on air - who wouldn't want that?

Good support for your feet is also vital to keep you going throughout the day. Proper arch support can reduce pressure on your joints and alleviate the pain that would otherwise be felt at the end of a long day.

It's also important that you like the look of the shoes you wear most of the day. As you're constantly looking at them, they should suit you in every respect - especially their appearance. 

Waterproof shoes for long periods outdoors

For nature lovers, a reliable shoe that can withstand any weather is essential. Your footwear should protect your feet from the outdoor elements, be it rain, snow or sunshine. Many professions require you to spend much, if not all, of your day outside, so the right footwear is essential.

Our Wool Cross X Alpine is made from merino wool, known for its temperature-regulating properties. This natural fibre keeps your feet pleasantly warm in winter and cool in summer, while at the same time ensuring that you don't get sweaty feet even when working hard. These unique advantages make them the ideal companion for long periods of standing and walking outdoors!

wool cross x alpine giesswein


wool cross x alpine giesswein


Wool Cross X Alpine for Women & Men


Not only the temperature, but also keeping your feet dry is a decisive factor for all those who spend the whole day outside. The Wool Cross X Alpine is waterproof, which means it will keep your feet dry even in the rain! Even if the rest of you is already wet, your feet will stay warm and dry.

Shoes for long periods of standing at work

Many of you are looking for the best shoes for long periods of standing for professional reasons. Whether you work in retail, healthcare, teaching or in many other areas - if you spend most of your day standing, you need shoes that support rather than restrict you.

Comfort is the top priority here. Our Wood trainers are a fantastic and sustainable footwear option, equipped with a cushioned anti-blister heel. This makes standing for long periods of time a breeze. After a long day, you won't even want to take these shoes off - they're that comfortable!

wood sneaker giesswein


wood sneaker giesswein


Wood Sneaker for Women & Men


For those looking for an understated shoe for long periods of standing that works well for work, our Wool trainers are another great option. Combining the comfort of merino wool with a super lightweight sole, they're the perfect sneakers for the office. As your shoes get a lot of wear and tear during a long day at work, you can easily clean them in the washing machine to keep them looking like new!

wool sneaker giesswein


wool sneaker giesswein

Wool Sneaker for Women & Men

Shoes that combine style and comfort

As already mentioned, it's important that you enjoy the look of your shoes, especially if you wear them all day. Stylish shoes don't have to be uncomfortable! Our Merino Runners offer the perfect balance. With their fashionable and sporty design, which is available in many different colours, you will always look good during all your activities!

merino runners giesswein


merino runners giesswein


Merino Runners for Women & Men


Slippers after a long day on your feet

After a hard day on your feet, there's nothing better than slipping your feet into super comfy slippers.

Choosing the right slippers is just as important as choosing the right shoes for the day. Our slippers for men and women are made of soft new wool, which ensures that your feet always stay nice and warm. Once you've worn them, you won't want to take them off! 

Hausschuhe for Women & Men


Overall, choosing the right shoes for long periods of standing is crucial, especially if they are a big part of our daily lives. From retail work to outdoor activities, the right shoes can make the difference between comfort and discomfort. Our selection of footwear offers a variety of options that are not only comfortable and functional, but also stylish and sustainable. No matter where your adventures take you, invest in footwear that will help you get through the day and look great doing it!

What our customers say?

So comfortable and they keep my feet at just the right temperature!

 Janet ★★★★★


Stylish, sustainable and the perfect fit! I couldn't be happier!

Anika ★★★★★

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