Merino 3D Stretch: Experience ultimate foot comfort

Our Merino 3D Stretch technology revolutionises the comfort of your shoes! Find out why this innovative material is so good for your feet.

Merino 3D Stretch sets new standards when it comes to foot comfort. The specially developed material made from the finest Merino wool stretches in all directions and thus offers maximum comfort for your feet. This innovative technology prevents pressure points and moulds to your foot like a second skin to keep your feet comfortable all day long. With its natural temperature-regulating properties, Merino 3D Stretch keeps your feet at the perfect temperature regardless of the season. The breathable fibres also allow air to circulate and wick away moisture to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

The main reason why Merino 3D Stretch is so great for your feet is its incredible comfort. Merino wool is naturally soft and flexible. The 3D Stretch technology enhances this flexibility, meaning the shoes mould perfectly to the shape of your feet. No pressure points, no pinching - just pure comfort, no matter how long you wear the shoes.

Comfort Star - Wool Knit Sneakers

The Merino Wool Knit trainers are a real hit when it comes to breathability and comfort. The high-quality merino material regulates the temperature, wicks moisture away from the foot and offers a moisture-free feel, even when you're not wearing socks. With an interchangeable comfort foot bed and an ultra-light sole, these knitted sneakers guarantee the perfect fit and maximum comfort for your feet. These trainers are a must-have for anyone looking for unrivalled comfort and style.

Merino Wool Knit


Merino Wool Knit Men


Merino Wool Knit for women

Merino Wool Knit for men


Unrivalled comfort: Merino Runners

Step into a new dimension of footwear comfort with the Merino Runners. These premium Merino wool trainers offer 360° quality and comfort for your feet. The temperature-regulating and breathable merino material prevents perspiration and adapts perfectly to your foot when running, so you can enjoy maximum comfort with every step. With its stabilising effect and ultra-lightweight design, the Merino Runner will put a smile on your face every day. These trainers seamlessly combine style and comfort.


Merino Runners Women


Merino Runners Men


Merino Runners for women

Merino Runners for men


Ready for summer: Wool Sneaker

Get ready for summer with the Wool trainers. With a thin layer of 3D stretch Merino wool and an extra-light EVA sole, these trainers are perfect for warm, sunny days. The temperature- and moisture-regulating properties of the Merino wool ensure a sweat-free feel, even if you wear the trainers without socks. The unique Merino removable footbed provides additional comfort and makes these trainers a must-have for anyone looking for style and functionality.  The perfect choice for summer adventures.


Wool Sneaker Women


Wool Sneaker Men


Wool Sneaker for women

Wool Sneaker for men


Merino 3D Stretch in shoes offers you a unique combination of comfort, breathability and style. Your feet will feel completely at ease in these shoes. Try them out and experience the difference for yourself - your feet will thank you!

What do our customers say?


Perfect - exactly what I wanted and expected. I couldn't be happier with these shoes. I struggle with neuropathy in my feet and these shoes are soft, warm and so comfortable. I will be buying another pair as soon as the summer colours are available.
Catherine ★★★★★

A friend recommended these shoes to me a few years ago. Since then I have bought 5 pairs! They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and I highly recommend them. You have a loyal customer for life!
Piers ★★★★★

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Merino Runners - Fresh colours and feet for your summer

Merino Runners - Fresh colours and feet for your summer

Merino wool: the perfect choice for your summer shoes

Merino wool: the perfect choice for your summer shoes

Get ready for the perfect all-rounder for every workout

Get ready for the perfect all-rounder for every workout

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