Merino wool: the perfect choice for your summer shoes

Get ready for summer with shoes made from merino wool! These comfortable designs will keep you cool and stylish throughout the warm season.

Summer is here, and with it the search for the ideal footwear. It should be light, breathable and yet stylish. This is where merino wool shoes come into play - a surprisingly perfect choice for the hot months. But what makes these shoes so special, and why should you turn your attention to styles like the Wool Zip Sneaker, the Wool Sneaker or the Wool Knit this summer? Let's dive in and find out why Merino wool is the ultimate solution for summer footwear.

The benefits of merino wool

Breathability: Merino wool is known for its excellent breathability. The fine fibres of the wool allow air to circulate continuously, keeping your feet pleasantly cool even at high temperatures. This prevents unpleasant sweating and the associated feeling of heavy, tired feet.

Temperature regulation: One of the most remarkable advantages of merino wool is its ability to regulate temperature. This wool acts like a natural air conditioner: it keeps your feet cool in hot temperatures and warms them when it gets a little cooler. This means that your feet always remain in an optimal climate, no matter how unstable the summer weather may be.

Moisture management: Merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet. This means that your feet stay dry even during strenuous activities. Merino wool also has antibacterial properties that prevent unpleasant odours - a big plus for summer shoes.

Comfort and functionality: The comfort of merino wool is unrivalled. The soft fibres ensure a pleasant feeling on the skin and minimise the risk of blisters and irritation. Merino wool shoes are also lightweight and flexible, making them perfect for everyday wear and sporting activities. Thanks to the natural elasticity, the shoes adapt perfectly to the shape of your foot and offer an excellent fit.


Easy On, Easy Off: The stylish WOOL ZIP SNEAKER

This merino model is super easy to put on and take off. The smooth-running premium zip and the vegan leather heel loop make it possible. The lightweight platform sole gives your foot a beautiful shape and offers you a relaxed merino sneaker feel. The optimised shaft guarantees a perfect fit. The sneaker can also be adjusted to fit narrow feet by tying the laces once, and the high-quality removable footbed with merino lambswool provides support and cushioning when walking. The 360° temperature-regulating merino wool keeps your feet dry and ensures a pleasant feeling on the skin. These stylish merino trainers are best worn barefoot with trousers or a skirt. The trendy platform sole ensures a perfect appearance and you'll feel the luxury of wool on your feet with every step. Slip effortlessly into your new favourite shoe and experience style and comfort all day long!


Wool Zip Sneaker


Wool Zip Sneaker for women


Flexible and comfortable: the stylish MERINO WOOL KNIT

The merino knitted fabric "3D-Stretch" gives the MERINO WOOL KNIT its unique look, which is only surpassed by its absolute comfort. Flexible stretch zones ideal for hallux valgus, 360° merino wool and the most innovative EVA sole technology pamper your feet with every step. The natural miracle fibre wool regulates the temperature and transports moisture to the outside, the removable footbed stabilises your gait and the ultra-light sole perfects the pleasant foot climate. You can enjoy the dry and fresh feeling on your skin, especially when wearing them barefoot - your ideal leisure shoe!

Wool Knit Women


Wool Knit Men

Merino Wool Knit for men


Wool trainers: the ultimate summer essential

At just 125 g (in size 39), the WOOL SNEAKER is the lightest wool shoe in the world! The extra-thin Merino Knit fabric and the super-light EVA sole mean you hardly feel this lightweight shoe when you walk. This sneaker offers all the benefits of exquisite Merino wool! Temperature and moisture are perfectly regulated for an ideal foot climate, the fabric is breathable and antibacterial. Even when worn barefoot you will see: No other trainers feel so soft and comfortable against your skin! The removable merino footbed stabilises and supports your feet in this ultra-light merino model and guarantees absolute comfort!

Wool Sneaker Women


Wool Sneaker Men


Wool Sneaker for women

Wool Sneaker for men


Merino wool shoes are the ideal choice for summer. They offer an unrivalled combination of breathability, temperature regulation and moisture management, paired with a high level of comfort and functional design. The Wool Zip Sneaker, Wool Sneaker and Wool Knit models perfectly realise these advantages and offer the right footwear for every need. Discover the benefits of merino wool and enjoy the summer to the full - your feet will thank you for it!


What do our customers say?


Light and airy trainers, perfect for summer walks!
Anonym ★★★★★


Incredibly comfortable, stylish and keeps my feet cool even on hot days!
Don ★★★★★


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