Almost weightless through the day with our feather-light sneakers.

Lightweight and made from high-quality materials, these trainers offer ultimate comfort and support all day long.

When you're on the move, you need a pair of trainers that support your lifestyle. Our lightweight trainers offer all-day comfort and support to keep you feeling light and agile.

Comfort is the most important thing in footwear. Our trainers are made from high-quality materials that support and cushion your feet all day long. Breathable materials and flexible soles ensure natural movement, and the fashionable designs go with any outfit. With these trainers, you can enjoy style and comfort and get the most out of your daily activities.

Finding the right pair of trainers can be a challenge. Our carefully crafted and thoughtfully designed trainers make the decision easier. They offer the perfect blend of fashion, function and comfort. Say goodbye to heavy footwear and experience a lighter, more comfortable feel.

Comfort and feel: These trainers are incredibly comfortable. Merino wool is soft and regulates temperature and moisture so that your feet always stay at a pleasant temperature. Eucalyptus wood fibres are also soft and breathable, keeping you feeling fresh.

Lightweight and flexible: Thanks to their low weight, these trainers are perfect for everyday use. Whether you're out shopping, going for a walk or doing light sporting activities, your feet will experience less strain and there will be no signs of fatigue. The flexible materials allow for natural movement and promote a healthy gait.

Style and versatility: These trainers not only look good, they also go with almost any outfit. Whether sporty, casual or chic - they are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

With these lightweight trainers, you can enjoy comfort, functionality and style all in one. Ideal for every day and every occasion.

Lightweight Wool Sneaker 

At just 125 g (in size 39), the Wool Sneaker is the lightest wool shoe in the world! The extra-thin Merino Knit fabric and the super-light EVA sole mean you hardly feel this lightweight shoe when you walk. This quality shoe offers all the benefits of exquisite Merino wool! Temperature and moisture are perfectly regulated for an ideal foot climate, the fabric is breathable and antibacterial. Even when worn barefoot you will see: No other trainers feel so soft and comfortable against your skin! The removable merino footbed stabilises and supports your feet in this ultra-light merino model and guarantees absolute comfort! Experience the marvellous Merino feel-good factor in its lightest form! 

Wool Sneaker Women
Wool Sneaker Men


Wool Sneaker for women

Wool Sneaker for men


Absolute comfort thanks to eucalyptus

We use wood fibres from the fast-growing eucalyptus tree for our Wood Sneaker. The sustainable fabric is extremely soft, cooling, breathable and biodegradable. Thanks to the unique 3D knitting technology, the material fits your foot like a second skin. The padded anti-bubble heel and non-slip rubber sole enhance the excellent wearing comfort. The Wood sneaker is perfected with a stabilising footbed, which provides soft and springy support for your foot when walking. The high-quality finish makes wearing these trainers barefoot a particularly comfortable experience. The Wood trainers are cut in a comfortable G-width, but their waisted sole gives them a slim and sporty-elegant look. The sustainable raw material eucalyptus makes this trainers a contemporary companion in every respect.

Wood sneaker women


Wood Sneaker Men


Wood Sneaker for women

Wood Sneaker for men

Merino Runners

The Merinos Runners offer you a new dimension in shoe comfort! The premium merino fabric of the wool sneaker is made from the highest quality merino wool and guarantees 360° quality and comfort for your feet. The temperature-regulating and breathable merino fabric prevents perspiration and moulds perfectly to your foot as you walk. The removable footbed with merino layer also optimises the wearing comfort with its stabilising effect. Comfortable and super light, the Merino Runners are also a real pleasure to wear barefoot. This wonderful woollen sneaker promises you the highest quality and absolute comfort. Let yourself be pampered at every turn, because the Merino Runners will put a smile on your face every day.

Merino Runners WOMEN 

Merino Runners WOMEN


Merino Runners for women

Merino Runners for men


No matter which model you choose - whether the lightweight Wool trainers, Wood trainers or Merino Runners - you will immediately feel the difference. Each pair of trainers offers you not only ultimate comfort and stylish design, but also the highest quality.

Take the first step towards a lighter, more comfortable and stylish everyday life.


What do our customers say?


Walk like on clouds with these trainers. Super light and stylish!
Emma - ★★★★★


Finally a sneaker that keeps up with my busy lifestyle. I love them!
Liam - ★★★★★


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