Lambskin Slippers to Keep Your Feet Warm in the Cold Winter

Autumn is still in full swing, but the temperatures are already dropping. Sure, there's still the occasional sunny fall day - but as soon as the sun goes down, it gets really cold. What better way to ease those cold autumn and even colder winter days than with warm, cozy slippers? We reveal all about our lambskin slippers, perfect for the cold season, and give you a little insight into our luxurious lambskin slippers collection.


Lambskin slippers have many practical features that make them particularly pleasant to wear in winter. Here are a few things that are sure to impress you:


Lambskin is an incredibly breathable material, which always guarantees ideal comfort for the feet. Sheep's wool also regulates the temperature nicely, just like merino wool. So, your feet are neither too hot nor too cold. Thanks to the perfect temperature regulation, there is also no sensation of sweating - we can say goodbye to sweaty feet!


From time to time, however, the feet may leak moisture, or you may slip into your shoes with sweaty feet. In this case, lambskin wicks moisture away from the foot and into the shoes.


Lambskin adapts perfectly to the shape of your foot. Even if the shoe seems a little narrow at first, it fits every foot perfectly in a very short time. There are no unpleasant pressure points and you may even forget that you are wearing shoes!


Lamb's wool is first and foremost seductive because of its luxurious softness. Walk like you're on a cloud? With our lambswool slippers, you'll come close. Every step is a pleasure for your feet. After a long day at the office, you totally want to be pampered by slipping into lambskin slippers.

In addition to their superb functional properties, the lambskin slippers also impress with their fashionable appearance and luxurious chic.



Equally cozy, the Geeste lambskin slippers are convincing in a moccasin style. The chic exterior is complemented by the soft inner lining. Thanks to the closed style, the foot is pleasantly and securely anchored in the shoe. The fashionable seams not only emphasize the exclusivity of the shoe, but also make it possible to put on and take off the shoe effortlessly thanks to their stretchiness. In addition, the natural rubber sole provides the necessary grip when walking, both at home and on the balcony or terrace. The luxury slipper moccasin always impresses with its softness and trendy elegance.

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If you prefer a classic slipper shape, but don't want to miss out on the cozy comfort of lambskin, you'll definitely fall in love with our Gallin lambskin slippers. The high-quality fur trim on the upper is an eye-catcher. It not only provides the ultimate softness factor, but also guarantees a pleasant warmth. The slippers may be open at the back, but the three stitches ensure a good fit. They also provide an aesthetic finish. The 8 mm heel difference also ensures a pleasant walking comfort. The stable natural rubber sole ensures a firm footing. Simply timeless, elegant, and incredibly comfortable!

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Of course, a simple design can be very appealing to many people! Although the design of the shoe is a little more discreet, Getelo convinces with its incredible softness and pleasant warmth. The absolute highlight is the ultra-soft memory foam insole with a comfortable heel height of 3.5 cm. It cushions every step optimally. Of course, the lambskin lining is not missing on this model either. Thanks to the material composition, you'll feel like you're walking on a cloud. Despite the open heel, the foot always stays warm in the shoe. The stable sole made of natural rubber ensures safety when walking. With Getelo, you slip your feet into luxury slippers!

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Not sure which slippers to choose? Then maybe our slipper generator can help you. You'll be sure to find your perfect pair of slippers in merino wool, cotton, or lambskin.

What are you waiting for? Get your favorite pair and enjoy the cozy comfort at home. Share your cozy style with us at @giesswein_ with #giesswein on Instagram.

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