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How To Wash Slippers

Knowing how to wash slippers is important to keeping your comfy footwear clean and tidy. Even though wool is self-cleaning, slippers can become dirty from time to time. Small smudges can be cleaned with just a brush or a damp towel. However, when it comes to stubborn stains, washing your slippers in the washing machine is often the answer. We’ve put together our ultimate guide on exactly how to easily wash your slippers at home.
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4 Simple Steps to Wash Your Slippers

How to Wash Slippers By Hand

8 Benefits of Boiled Wool

Giesswein Comfortable Wool Slippers

4 Simple Steps to Wash Your Slippers

Washing your  slippers can be quick and easy. With our wool slippers, you can simply pop them in the washing machine. Here is our 4 step guide on exactly how to wash  virgin wool slippers from Giesswein: 
  1. Remove the footbed from your slippers and let the footbed air out. You can always replace the  interchangeable footbeds in your slippers if you need to. 
  2. Place your cotton or boiled wool slippers in the washing machine at 30°C or on a delicate, wool cycle.
  3. Add your wool laundry detergent to the washing machine. Do not use fabric softener. 
  4. Dry the slippers in a ventilated place. Do not spin or tumble dry your wool slippers. You can blot the slippers with paper to help them dry correctly. Do not dry the slippers in direct heat or sunlight. This can cause the rubber soles to crack.

How to Wash Slippers By Hand 

If you have  men’s slippers or  women’s slippers with a cork sole or  slippers with a rubber sole, you should not wash your slippers in the washing machine. Instead, you can wash your slippers by hand following our 2 step guide. 
  1. Using a brush or a damp towel, lightly wipe the surface of your slippers to remove any stains. 
  2. Let the slippers air dry.

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8 Benefits of Boiled Wool

Giesswein slippers are made to put your comfort first. Our slippers are made using  boiled wool and are perfect for indoor relaxing or for use as  outdoor slippers ideal for a short walk to the mailbox. Wool has lots of great properties which make it an ideal material for slippers. It also means you can wash your slippers easily at home. The boiling process enhances these great qualities even more. The benefits of boiled wool include:

  1. Long-lasting and durable
  2. Breathable slippers
  3. Wind resistant
  4. Dirt-repellant
  5. Water-repellant
  6. Insulating
  7. Wrinkle-free
  8. Machine washable

Giesswein’s Comfortable Wool Slippers

Whether you wear them all day while working from home or when you’re relaxing in the evening, Giesswein’s wool slippers are made to care for your feet. Made with soft wool and cushioning soles, they’re the perfect way to look after your feet. 

Through our 3D Knit technique, pure sheep’s wool is crafted into long-lasting slippers. The breathable wool is  moisture wicking. Our natural rubber anti-slip-sole provides stable grip. An all-around feel good treat for your feet! 

With slippers for all year round, our men’s, women’s, and  kids’ slippers guarantee comfort for the whole family. 

Giesswein: Footwear Experts

At Giesswein, we are a third generation family business. Your foot comfort is at the top of our priority list. We care about sustainability and the planet. As part of our  Green Strategy, our goal is to use and re-use our resources and make sure none of our precious materials go to waste. If you love our slippers, you’ll love our  men’s trainers and our  women’s trainers. That way, you can have cushioned, cosy feet from the moment you wake up in the morning, till you go to bed at night.