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How to wash your Giesswein slippers

May 04, 2020

How to wash your Giesswein slippers

Even though wool is self-cleaning to some degree, slippers do become dirty from time to time. Small smudges can be easily cleaned with just a brush or a damp towel; but when it comes to more stubborn stains, the washing machine is often the answer. But don’t worry, we’ll show you exactly how to wash your Giesswein slippers.


Wash your Giesswein slippers: quickly and easily in the washing machine

  • If your slippers have an interchangeable footbed, first remove it from the slipper and let it air out. If you need a new footbed, you can order one here: interchangeable footbed for slippers.
  • Cotton or boiled wool slippers can be washed at 30°C (90°F) in the washing machine.
  • Ideally, you should wash them with wool laundry detergent.
  • Choose the delicate or wool wash cycle.
  • The shoes should not be spun-dry.
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Don’t put your slippers into the dryer; instead, let them air dry. To help them dry correctly, you can blot them with paper.
  • Don’t dry the shoes on a heater or in direct sunlight. This can cause their natural rubber sole to break.
These care instructions for washing machine use are only intended for slippers made of wool or cotton, and for slippers that have a natural rubber sole. Other models with synthetic rubber or cork soles, like our Chamerau, Wildpoldsried or Vent slippers, cannot be washed in the washing machine. The best way to clean these types of slippers is with a brush or damp towel. For further information or with other questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team at any time.

Learn more about the production and benefits of our unique boiled wool material on our blog.


Giesswein Slippers - Made in Austria

Our years-long tradition started way back in 1954: that’s when the story of Giesswein slippers first began. From day number one, creating high-quality products was at the forefront of our minds. Through our know-how and many years of experience, we create high-quality slippers—which provide exceptional comfort. Through our 3D Knit technique, pure sheeps wool is crafted into long-lasting slippers. The breathable wool traps moisture and wicks it towards the outside. Our slippers’ anti-slip-sole, which is made of natural rubber, provides stable grip. An all-around feel good treat for your feet!

Wash Giesswein Slippers


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