How to Stretch Sneakers at Home

Finding shoes with the perfect fit is effortless once you know how to stretch sneakers. Many times when we try on a new pair of sneakers they can feel a little tight, but this doesn’t always mean you should size up. Giesswein’s sneakers use 3D-knit technology, allowing them to easily stretch to fit your feet like a glove. Our guide will ensure you feel comfortable with every step.


Unboxing a new pair of  sneakers can be very exciting. Whilst you’ve waited for them to arrive, you’ve dreamt of their comfort. However, you may find that your fresh kicks feel light against your feet when you first slip them on. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to take extra steps to stretch your sneakers out. 

At Giesswein, our sneakers use our 3D-Stretch material. Made from  merino wool or  eucalyptus fibres, this material is designed to stretch and fit your feet perfectly. All you have to do is lace them up and enjoy each comfortable step.


Finding  sneakers that fit doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Our range of everyday sneakers uses our unique 3D-Knit technology that is designed to stretch and fit your feet. Having sneakers that stretch naturally to fit your feet can bring many benefits:

  • Perfect fit - the moment you slip them on.
  • Ultimate comfort - shoes that fit better will provide you with unparalleled comfort with every step.
  • Support - as Giesswein 3D-Stretch technology allows your sneakers to fit properly, this also provides you with more support than ill-fitting shoes. This is especially important in sports shoes, like our Wool Cross X sneakers. For additional stability, opt for a pair of  arch support sneakers.

boiled wool fabric 3d stretch

Once you feel the perfect fit you experience with our sneakers you’ll never want to take them off. Long gone are the days of struggling to get your sneakers to stretch, you can sit back and enjoy every step in comfort.


Whether you’re after  men’s wide fit sneakers, or simply a pair of  eco-friendly shoes you can wear for every occasion, we have a pair you’ll love. 

  • Merino Runners - Our classic  Merino Runners incorporate all the beneficial properties of merino wool, as well as our 3D stretch material. Not only will you find these sneakers stretch to your feet, but they are also made from an antibacterial material which helps fight unpleasant odors.
  • Wood Sneakers - Our  sustainable shoes made from eucalyptus fibres are ideal for everyday use. Stylish, comfortable, and stretchy, the  Wood Sneakers will quickly become your new favorites. 
  • Merino Wool Knit Sneakers - With their unique knitted look, Giesswein’s  Wool Knit Sneakers are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Opt for classic  men’s black sneakers or  women’s black sneakers, or choose a bright color like green for a bold look.
  • Wool Sneaker - Our  Wool Sneakers have a traditional skater shape, providing you with the ultimate cool look. Stretch these sneakers to fit your feet and you’ll be impressing the crowds in no time. 
  • Wool Cross X - If you’re looking to stretch sports sneakers, the  Wool Cross X are the ideal choice. These high performance sports shoes are  moisture wicking and temperature regulating - perfect for all your next hike!

Once you’ve found your perfect pair of sneakers to stretch, you can enjoy every step in both style and comfort. 


There are a number of reasons why shoes may shrink, and why you therefore would need to stretch your sneakers. The most common reason that sneakers shrink is due to getting wet and then being dried. Luckily, with Giesswein this is not a problem. Our sneakers made from eucalyptus and  merino wool can be easily washed in the washing machine, and left to air dry after. This process won’t affect the size of your sneaker, so once they’re fully dry you can go right back to enjoy the unique stretch fit.


If you do still wish to stretch your sneakers out to provide a more enjoyable fit, there are a couple of simple ways to do so at home. 

The first tip for stretching sneakers is to wear them in the evening. As you stand on your feet all day, they can actually grow up to half a size! Due to this, the best time to stretch your sneaker without any extra objects is in the evening as this is when your feet are at their largest. Try wandering around your home to break your new sneakers in. You can even wear an extra thick pair of socks to get some added stretch! After a few days, these will be  sneakers you’ll want to stand all day in!

A slightly less conventional way is to place a peeled potato in your sneakers overnight, this could help to stretch them out in no time. An added bonus of this method is that potatoes naturally absorb nasty smells, leaving your shoes odor free.


We are a family-run merino wool brand. Focusing on innovative footwear, our range of ethical shoes and slippers are ideal for the whole family. Enjoy our range of virign wool  women’s slippers and  men’s slippers for putting your feet up after a long day!

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