Benefits of Barefoot Trail Running Shoes

Taking your favourite hobby to the next level is so easy with barefoot trail running shoes. Ensuring you are as comfortable as possible is so important to get the most from your trail run. When your feet are happy, you’re able to enjoy your surroundings whilst getting your body moving! We walk you through exactly what barefoot rail running shoes are and how they can benefit you and your feet.


Barefoot shoes, also known as minimalist shoes, are footwear designed to provide you with a greater approximation to the ground. Specifically crafted to give you a luxurious barefoot experience, Giesswein’s barefoot  trail running shoes allow you to go sock free in comfort. These specialist sneakers can enhance your experience with trail running and help you reach new personal bests. 


Taking each factor into account we created the first  merino wool high-performance trail runner - the  Wool Cross X. This particular  type of wool has many incredible benefits that bring additional benefits to barefoot trail running shoes. 

  • Water Resistant - with weather being so unpredictable, the Wool Cross X is designed to be a  water resistant sneaker. A feature that ensures your feet remain dry in unexpected rain showers.
  • Moisture Wicking - sweaty feet can slow you down on a run, that’s why merino wool is so great for barefoot trail shoes, as it can  wick moisture away from the foot. Leaving you with dry feet, so you can keep running for as long as you like.
  • Antibacterial - shoes often smell due to a build up of bacteria that has been transferred from your feet. However, the wool is an  antibacterial material that fights these unwanted odours. 
  • Temperature Regulating - whether it’s winter or summer, you want to be out and enjoying the trails. With temperature regulating properties, in your Giessweins you'll be able to experience nature all year round in comfort.
  • Micro-Grip Soles - slipping is the last thing you want, especially on a solo trail expedition. With micro-grip soles designed to tackle many terrain types, you’ll feel stable on your feet.
  • Removable Insole - for those in want of some extra padding, our Wool Cross X barefoot trail running shoes come with a removable insole. 

Each of these elements adds up to create the ultimate barefoot trail running shoe. The merino wool lining means this pair of sneakers will be soft on your feet, allowing you to indulge going sock-free!

Wool Cross X from Giesswein

to the Wool Cross X


Often we look to footwear to protect our feet, but when it comes to trail running, traditional shoes could slow us down. Looking toward  lightweight hiking shoes, like trail running shoes could help to improve your performance on the trails. However, this isn’t the only benefit barefoot trail shoes have to offer:

  • Strengthen muscles - due to barefoot trail running shoes not having arch support, they cause our feet and legs to do more work. Allowing our feet to run their natural way helps to build muscle in these areas. Those who like the feeling of extra support can easily turn their barefoot shoes into  sneakers with arch support with the use of an insole. 
  • Improve speed - if you enjoy competing with yourself to be the best runner, barefoot trail running shoes can help you. As  lightweight sneakers, your feet won’t be weighed down by extra pounds, allowing you to really get your speed up!
  • Improve balance - we have lots of nerve endings in the bottom of our feet that send signals to our brain on how to balance. With less padding, and being able to feel the texture of the earth more, barefoot trail running shoes can help improve your balance. 
  • Super comfy - sweaty socks can be a horrible feeling, and when we’re really pushing ourselves our feet can perspire a lot! With barefoot trail shoes, you can enjoy both a sock-free and sweat-free feeling! Our  summer shoes for trail runs are ideal for keeping you free from sweat!

With so many incredible benefits to barefoot trail running shoes, it’s no wonder more and more athletes are turning to these as their go to  barefoot trainers. With these on your feet, you’ll never want to leave the trails.  


It’s no wonder you want to invest in a pair of barefoot trail running shoes after discovering all the advantages they can bring to your adventures. We’ve put together a list of the top features you want to look for in your next pair:

  • Lightweight - one of the most important features of barefoot trail running sneakers is that they are light on your feet. Not only does this allow you to get up to top speeds, but it means they also make fantastic travel partners. If you enjoy travelling to trail run, barefoot shoes can make great  travel shoes - not adding extra weight to your luggage.
  • Slip Resistant - if you enjoy running in all seasons, having  slip resistant sneakers is so important. No matter the terrain, you don’t want to slip and fall - this is why anti-slip soles are a must when trail running!
  • Extreme Comfort - without rigid support your feet are free to be flexible. In addition to the unparalleled sockless feeling, these barefoot trail running shoes will make you feel more comfortable than ever.
  • Flexible - your barefoot trail running shoes should be flexible. The ability to allow your foot to move in its natural way is what helps to build muscle and help you perform at your best.
  • Flat - unlike many sneakers, barefoot trail running shoes are designed to be flat so your foot can hold its natural shape. The flatness also allows you to feel the ground and balance better. 

With each of these features you’ll be taking on new adventures in no time! 


With a sporty design, our barefoot trail running shoes are versatile. Not only can you use them for all kinds of sport, but you can also wear them as  casual sneakers - making that transition from the mountains to the city effortless. 

For those who enjoy hiking as well as trail running, ensure you understand the differences between trail running shoes vs hiking boots. Hiking boots can be a brilliant addition to your adventure, supporting your feet and ankles on tougher terrain. Our  Wool Cross X Alpine boots are ideal for hiking year round and share many of the same features as our barefoot trail running shoes.


With sustainability at our heart, we create innovative footwear, crafted from merino wool, virgin wool, vegan leather, and eucalyptus fibres. Our collection of sneakers will keep the whole family comfortable throughout the day, whilst our  men’s slippers and  women’s slippers are ideal for putting your feet up in the evening.

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