Travel Shoes for Every Globetrotter

Every budding globetrotter needs the correct travel shoes when embarking on their next adventure. From hitting the cool, crisp slopes, to sunbathing on golden sands. Having a travel shoe which can do it all is vital. Explore the necessities your feet need to be comfortable throughout your entire trip. Sightseeing in a new city has never been so comfortable!



Travel shoes are a necessity for any trip you may embark upon. First and foremost they are shoes that provide comfort for your long days exploring new territories. This isn’t to say they can’t be stylish at the same time! More often than not travel shoes can be the foundation of your packing. They ensure your feet enjoy the journey you embark upon. You want them light enough to not weigh down your luggage but comfy enough so they support your feet. Finding a pair of travel shoes which are suitable can be a daunting task. Giesswien has an option for any trip. From the aeroplane, the cobbled streets, and an evening meal, we have shoes to do it all. Our men's sneakers and women's sneakers not only look great but can provide your feet with cushioning where you need it most. Simply slip them on and away you go.


Backpacking, suitcase filling or an overnight bag, your travel shoes shouldn’t have to weigh down your luggage. Choosing a lightweight, breathable sneaker is easy with our choice of travel shoes. Our Merino Wool sneaker is the world's lightest merino shoe, weighing in at 160 grams. That equates to 120 paperclips or 150 colorful smarties. You may be wondering how it was possible to achieve such featherlight results? It is all thanks to a combination of high-quality merino wool and a flexible EVA sole.


The perfect travel shoe will be able to withstand whatever weather conditions may come their way. Sun, snow and rain are just some of nature's expressions which can catch you off guard when you are least expecting it. Being prepared is the first cardinal rule of travel, which is why packing water resistant sneakers into your bag can save you from any misfortunes. At Giesswein we use high-quality merino wool for our travel shoes, which feature many great properties you may need while voyaging in a new place. Those properties include being water resistant and moisture wicking. Moisture wicking is the art of wicking excess moisture away from your feet, to leave them dry to touch. The excess moisture is transferred to the outer layer of the fabric where it can be evaporated. This feature is not only useful during the blazing heat when sweat starts to occur, but during the cooler climates too. Due to the thousands of tiny air pockets, during colder seasons, heat can be retained which allows your feet to stay warm. Never again will you have to purchase separate travel shoes based on opposite climates.         


When enjoying a warm, relaxing vacation, the odds of experiencing sweaty feet is likely. In most cases, sneakers require you to wear socks in order to feel comfortable and secure inside your travel shoe. This isn’t the case with our travel shoes. Thanks to the properties of merino wool, you can ditch the socks and enjoy the barefoot feeling all day. No more hot, sticky feet when exploring a new city because your sneakers allow your feet to breathe. Breathability is a vital aspect to any travel shoe, especially for the warmer climate adventures. So tie up your laces and embark on your next trip with fresh, healthy feet. Exploring has never been more enjoyable!


Conquering the great outdoors of a new city or country should be fun and painless. We kept this thought in mind when crafting our comfortable travel shoes. We combined all the best features our high-quality materials have to offer, which is why your feet can enjoy comfortable strides wherever you are in the world. 

Discover our range of outdoor travel shoes:

  • Wood Sneaker - The Wood Sneaker is our sustainable travel shoe which is crafted from soft eucalyptus fibres. You can combine this stylish footwear for any outfit as it is extremely soft, cooling and breathable. Breathability is essential for travel footwear, so having a pair of wood sneakers in your bag could avoid sweaty toes! Odors, which usually accompany hot, sticky feet, don’t stand a chance in these sneakers either. Thanks to the biodegradable, eucalyptus fibres' natural antibacterial antibacterial properties, your feet can stay cool, calm and collected during your stays.  
wood sneaker giesswein

Wood Sneaker

  • Merino Wool Knit - Add a pop of color to your excursions with the help of Merino Wool Knit Sneakers. These travel shoes are flamboyant in color and they feature layers of comfort with the help of soft merino wool. At Giesswein we have mastered the art of producing flexible, merino wool which creates the perfect fit in all our travel shoes. We call this technique our unique 3D Kit-Technology. It ensures your foot is comfortable in a featherlight shoe, no matter the climate outside!  
merino wool knit giesswein sneaker

Merino Wool Knit

  • Wool Cross X - Our Wool Cross X is the travel shoe for those budding adventurers who enjoy the adrenaline rush. This is the rush which comes from high intensity exploring. As the world’s first merino sports shoe, the soles feature mico-grip technology to support your step over numerous terrains. From rocky mountain hiking trails, to a freak snow storm, this footwear provides maximum stability without sacrificing on comfort. Make sure to include a pair of these travel shoes on your checklist for those thrilling adventures. 
wool cross x giesswein sneaker

Wool Cross X

  • Merino Runners - Merino Runners are our ultra-lightweight travel shoes. With an interchangeable merino footbed and EVA sole, you can feel like you're walking on clouds everyday. Come rain or shine, these travel shoes can partner your feet through any journey to ensure they stay at the perfect temperature. Temperature regulating properties within these shoes means you can enjoy them in the scorching heat or bizzarding breeze of winter. They truly are perfect for any season.
merino runners giesswein sneaker

Merino Runners


Giesswein is an Austrian wool company, specialising in merino and virgin wool products. Our goal has always been to promote the positive attributes wool has to offer, which is why we use it in a range of our footwear. From men's wool slippers to women's wool slippers, keep your feet cozy throughout the whole year. 

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