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How to Measure Your Shoe Size at Home

Working out how to measure your shoe size at home can be tricky. You find some shoes online, and add them to your shopping cart, but wait - what shoe size do you actually need? We’ll show you the simple steps for how to measure shoe size at home. You just need your feet, a piece of paper, and a pencil!

How Do I Figure Out the Right Shoe Size?

Knowing how to measure your shoe size is essential to having comfortable shoes that fit you correctly. We all know the feeling of having ill-fitting shoes which rub or squeeze your feet. It’s important you learn how to measure your shoe size, so you can make the best decisions for what you wear. Comfortable shoes begin with the correct pair for your needs. Whether you’re choosing  men’s trainers or  women’s trainers or a new pair of  men’s slippers or  women’s slippers - you need to find the right fit. This starts with knowing how to measure your shoe size. 

On the one hand, shoe size depends on the shoe's manufacturer; but on the other hand, it depends on the length of your individual foot. Many people have one foot that’s slightly bigger than the other. This means it’s important to measure both feet. 

The foot length (you might want to choose the longer foot if applicable) should then be compared with the size chart of your shoe’s manufacturer. Here you can find a size chart for our Merino Shoes and Slippers:  Giesswein Size Chart.

How to Measure Shoe Size

Follow these easy-to-follow steps to learn how to measure your shoe size at home and get one step closer to finding your new perfect pair:

  1. Get an A4 sized piece of paper, a pencil and a ruler.
  2. Place one foot on the piece of paper (barefoot is best.) Your heel should line up exactly with the edge of the paper.
  3. Trace your foot with the pencil. While doing so, make sure to keep your full weight on your foot to keep the correct outline. You can also ask someone to help you do this.
  4. Repeat with the other foot.
  5. Record the distance in centimeters between the paper’s edge and the longest toe.
  6. Finally, compare your measurement with our  size chart

Voila - you’ve learnt how to measure shoe size at home! 

Our tip: if you land between sizes and are considering a half size, it’s best to choose the smaller size if you’re buying any of our  men’s merino shoes or  women’s merino shoes. This is because Giesswein’s 3D-stretch technology means the  merino wool will gradually stretch to fit the form of your individual foot. If you’re purchasing tighter-fitting shoes, like our  ballet flats, we recommend that you choose your standard shoe size.

Giesswein Shoe Sizing Tool

For our Merino Shoes, we’ve created a special Sizing Tool. Just print out our  template in its original size, place your foot on top, and you’ll find out which size is best for you. This makes learning how to measure your shoe size at home even easier! Now you can be one step closer to finding your perfect pair of shoes.

When Is Best to Try On Shoes?

Ideally, shoes should be tried on for size in the afternoon or early evening. This in turn means you should measure your shoe size at the end of the day too. Throughout the day, our feet swell slightly and become a bit bigger. 

Different shoes fit differently. It’s vital for the health of your feet that you know  how hiking boots should fit as well as  how sneakers should fit. Without correctly fitting shoes, which you can find by measuring your shoe size at home, your feet will suffer.  

By trying on shoes, and measuring shoe size, in the evening, you’ll make sure that they also fit you comfortably at the end of the day. Correct fitting shoes mean you shouldn’t experience any rubbing or pinching.

Find Your Perfect Fit with Giesswein

Shoes are our biggest passion, which is evident in the quality and unique level of comfort found in our footwear. Knowing how to measure shoe size is just one of the ways to have comfortable shoes. You also need to consider the materials that go into your footwear. From  vegan leather to different  types of wool, your next pair is waiting for you!

Our merino sneakers and trainers are light, flexible and unbelievably comfortable. Through our unique 3D Knit technology, our shoes mold to fit your individual foot - so you can have the perfect size! Plus, thanks to the  properties of merino wool, they make sure that your feet stay comfortably warm as  winter trainers. Merino wool is also  moisture wicking, which keeps your feet fresh and cool when worn as  summer shoes. Our specially-developed sole system, which uses feather-light  EVA material, is slip-free and shock absorbing. 

how to measure your sneaker size

With Giesswein, no one is left out - you can even find your perfect pair of  men’s vegan shoes or  women’s vegan shoes. Once you know how to measure feet, you can choose your new pair of shoes. Our  Cactus Sneaker is made from  cactus leather, so you get all the benefits of leather, but made from plants! 

Go exploring the great outdoors whilst wearing comfortable shoes with Giesswein. Our  Wool Cross X and  Wool Cross X Alpine are perfect as  trail shoes or  hiking boots. That way, you can explore hills and trek along rocky paths knowing your feet are cared for. What are you waiting for? Now you know how to measure your shoe size, you can order your new pair of  men’s sports shoes or  women’s sports shoes.

Giesswein (UK, US, EU) Size Chart: Find the Correct Shoe Size


Once you have measured your feet you may need to know what your shoe size is in a different country. Use these charts to see the comparisons between UK, US, and EU sizes to ensure you always get the right fit.


Length in centimeters EU UK US
22,7 36 3 5
23,2 37 4 6
24,2 38 5 7
24,7 39 6 8
25,5 40 6,5 8,5
26,5 41 7,5 9,5
27 42 8 10



Length in centimeters EU UK US
25,5 40 6,5 7
26,5 41 7,5 8
27 42 8 8,5
27,5 43 9 9,5
28,5 44 9,5 10
29 45 10,5 11
29,5 46 11 11,5
30 47 11,5 12
30,5 48 12,5 13


Everyday Comfort with Giesswein

Giesswein is a third-generation family-business specialising in comfortable footwear and sustainability. We use our  Green Strategy to ensure all our products, from our kids' slippers, to our  men’s beanies and  women’s beanies tread lightly on the planet.