Ballerina Flats with Business Outfits: Our Styling Tips

For a stylish appearance, the look must be coordinated from head to toe - because first impressions count! The right shoes play a major role in this. Pumps may look good, but they start to hurt after a short time. The more comfortable alternative: ballerinas.


In some companies, there is still a prescribed dress code. Depending on the industry and position, this varies greatly and ranges from business formal to casual. We explain the differences.


This dress code is the most formal and is often required for management positions, finance or insurance professions. For the classic look, women choose a trouser suit or a suit in darker colours such as black, dark blue or grey. A light-coloured blouse in white or pastel shades underneath. Knee-length, simple dresses with sheer tights are also permitted. Wear with pumps or closed shoes with a low heel.

Our tip: If you have plans after work, simply put a pair of comfortable ballerinas in your handbag. Your aching feet will thank you.


The business casual outfit is elegant and casual at the same time. You can combine a blouse with a loose blazer and a knee-length skirt. Modern culottes are also a perfect match. Blazers are not a must, but they add the finishing touch to the look. You can do without a heel when it comes to shoes. High-quality ballerinas provide more comfort during work.

Ballerinas Office Business Casual


Sophisticated everyday wear is probably the best way to describe this style. Young companies in particular are focussing on the smart casual look, which should make you feel comfortable in the office and in your free time. Whether dresses, skirts or trousers - the outfit should be casual but remain respectable. Cardigans, jumpers, T-shirts and dark jeans are also fine here. However, you should avoid ripped or used jeans. You have more choice when it comes to shoes: From ballerinas, to plain trainers and boots, everything is allowed.

Ballerinas Smart Casual


The casual style is not really a dress code but simply the normal everyday look. It can be colourful and eye-catching. Nevertheless, there are basic rules you should follow. Shorts and mini skirts are a no-go, even in summer. Tops without straps or with only very thin straps must be skilfully combined, e.g. with an elegant kimono or a chic midi skirt. Apart from flip-flops or slippers, you can wear any shoes, including nice sandals.

Ballerinas Casual


  • The trousers must not rest on the shoes. It's better to show a little ankle.

  • Skirts should end just above or below the knee. A-line skirts fit best.

  • Pointed ballerinas are sexy and elegant. They make the foot appear narrower but also longer.

  • Round ballerinas look more natural and girly - you can never go wrong with them.

  • If you can't do without heeled shoes, always keep an emergency pair of ballet flats in your car or handbag.

  • Socks with ballerinas - opinions differ. In cold temperatures, it might be better to wear boots or ankle boots.

  • Always keep ballet flats clean and care for them. Our Eco Ballerinas are machine washable at 30°C, for example.


Shoes for the office don't just have to look smart, they also have to be comfortable. Our eco ballerinas mould perfectly to your feet thanks to the unique 3D knitting technique. They are made from 100% recycled PET plastic and a sustainable natural rubber sole. Our sustainable ballerinas are suitable for all weathers as they are both water-repellent and washable. Choose between the two fits "pointy" and "round" for your individual style.

Eco Ballerinas aus PET Plastik

Ballet Flats

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