Step into Comfort: The Fusion of Style and Foot Health with Orthopedic Footwear and Woolen Wonders

Discover the ultimate in comfort with our orthopaedic and wool shoes - style and foot health combined. Browse our range for ultimate performance and comfort.

When it comes to the well-being of our feet, orthopaedic shoes, insoles and slippers play an indispensable role. They are not just a simple accessory, but true companions on our journey to comfort and health. These special shoes are faithful companions that offer us extra support and protection as we go about our daily lives. Especially for those who suffer from foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis or diabetes, they are a real relief.

Orthopaedic shoes are true works of art when it comes to support. They are low-cut, offer sufficient space for our toes and can even be fitted with special insoles for individual needs. A real blessing for our feet that relieves pain and makes walking a pleasure again. And supportive slippers are also like little clouds for our tired feet, gently enveloping them and giving them much-needed rest.

The ability to insert orthopaedic insoles into our regular shoes also opens up new ways of providing support. They specifically aim to support the foot where it is needed most and reduce pressure on sensitive areas. It's a small step that can make a big difference - a touch of love and care for our faithful companions that carry us day after day.

Orthopaedic shoes, insoles and supportive slippers not only help to support your feet, but also prevent foot discomfort and fatigue. Whether you stand or walk all day, these specialised shoes can help reduce the strain on your feet and lower limbs, increasing your overall comfort and well-being. Investing in quality orthopaedic footwear can improve your foot health and allow you more comfort and mobility in your daily activities. With a focus on foot comfort, these shoes offer a blend of style and functionality, keeping you comfortable while keeping your feet happy and healthy.

Do you need orthopaedic insoles?

Then our Merino Runner is the perfect choice for you! With its adaptable insole, you can easily use your own insoles.

Experience ultimate comfort and performance with Merino runners

Our merino running shoes for men and women are designed for maximum comfort and grip. The premium merino fabric of the wool sneaker guarantees 360° quality and comfort for your feet, and the natural properties of merino wool ensure that your feet stay warm in winter and cool in summer, and that the temperature is perfectly regulated. The naturally soft merino wool fibres ensure that they do not itch or scratch, and their odour-inhibiting properties make them suitable for all-day wear. Our Merino running shoes are perfect for normal to wide feet and offer the ultimate combination of comfort, lightweight flexibility and durability.


Merino Runners MEN


Merino Runners MEN


Merino Runners MEN


Merino Runners for women


Merino Runners for men


Veitsch and Vent: Stylish and functional slippers

The Veitsch and Vent slippers are made from pure new wool and offer exceptional warmth and temperature regulation. The solid rubber sole provides stability and is suitable for short walks. Both models have a removable footbed for extra comfort. These closed slippers are perfect for keeping your feet cosy and warm. Suitable for both men and women, they are a stylish and functional choice for both indoor and outdoor use. With a heel drop of 19 mm for Veitsch and 18 mm for Vent, these slippers are designed for maximum comfort and stability.

Our slippers also have an anatomical removable footbed, which can be replaced with your own insole.


Hausschuh Vent Giesswein


Hausschuh Veitsch Giesswein


Veitsch for women and men


Vent für for women and men


In a world where every step counts, orthopaedic shoes, insoles and supportive slippers are our invisible allies for foot comfort and health. They are not only an investment in our personal well-being, but also an expression of our self-care and mindfulness for our bodies. With their help, we can withstand the stresses and strains of everyday life without having to compromise on style and functionality.

By making the right choice of high-quality orthopaedic shoes, we can not only prevent discomfort, but also improve our general comfort and mobility. From the Merino running shoes, which offer maximum flexibility and durability, to the stylish and functional Veitsch and Vent slippers made from pure new wool - there is something for every need.


So let's go on a journey together and give our feet the love and care they deserve. Because when it comes to our foot comfort, orthopaedic shoes are more than just shoes - they are the key to a happy and healthy life, step by step.


What do our customers say?


Soft, warm, chic - what else is there to say? Beautiful!
Catherine - ★★★★★

These are the perfect slippers for the winter months. Warm and comfortable and with a firm sole which makes them better as daytime slippers.
Anonymous - ★★★★★

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