12 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Christmas 2022

Getting a gift for someone you care about, or even for yourself, is full of excitement. It feels even better when your surprise is something unique, eco-friendly, and has special thought behind it. With eco gifts, you’re not just doing something good for the person who receives your ethical gift, but also for the environment. To help you out, we’ve put together 12 ethical gift ideas that work great for every gift-giving occasion, from Black Friday to a special birthday.



Make the women in your life feel special with these eco gifts made to keep them comfortable and environmentally-friendly no matter the occasion. 


A large amount of plastic waste pollutes our planet’s oceans. That’s why we’ve developed a product to help fight this pollution—our Eco Flats, made of recycled plastic. To make our ballet flats, plastic PET bottles are fished out of the South China Sea; then they’re cleaned, prepared and spun into a fine yarn. This yarn is what our comfortable, trendy flat shoes are made out of. They come with a pointed or round toe. Another positive: the sole is made out of synthetic rubber and vegetable oil—which means it’s organically biodegradable. While being fashion ready, whether wearing ballet flats with office-wear or to an evening dinner, you can give your friend the environmentally-friendly gift of conscious footwear.

ballet flats

Ballet Flats


You can never go wrong with a cozy poncho. Ponchos are staples in any woman’s wardrobe; they’re versatile and go well with every outfit, and they also flatter all body types. Our ponchos are made of natural, mulesing free merino wool…and they’re sure to keep you warm all winter long. We love the benefits of merino wool, and we want to make sure our wool comes from responsible wool sources. That way, our capes and ponchos are cosy and soft, but they’re also aligned with our eco values of animal welfare too.

They make the perfect environmentally-friendly gift for relaxing with a pair of women’s slippers, or for heading out and about. If you’re shopping for Black Friday or the Holiday season, why not give your loved one an eco-conscious gift to stay warm as the temperature drops.

capes & ponchos giesswein



What about gifting your loved one a winter survival kit. Collect some local or regional products that will make your loved one feel cozy and warm. Like some regional goodies and a lovely warm beanie. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to knit that cozy winter beanie yourself! At Giesswein, we’ve got a wide selection of women’s beanies and men’s beanies, which are made using the softest and most durable of wool types.

beanies giesswein



What’s something that men and women both just can’t get enough of? That’s right: comfortable shoes. Our Women’s Merino Shoes are perfect for casual wear, office outfits and sport. This natural fibre, which comes from a sustainable source, makes sure that your feet stay at a comfortable temperature, and it regulates moisture and is antibacterial. Thanks to these properties, these women’s trainers can be comfortably worn barefoot, and what’s more, your merino shoes don’t smell.

When sourcing our merino wool, we first and foremost pay attention to choosing high-quality wool, and choose exclusively mulesing free wool from Uruguay. Furthermore, the animal care conditions of these sheep are continually checked by our deliverers—animal protection is near and dear to our hearts. It’s part of our Green Strategy, which is helping us align our practices with our planet-conscious values.

merino shoes giesswein

Merino Shoes


A great gift for all occasions: home decor like cosy wool blanket, soft pillowcases or hot water bottles. These accessories are made of soft, virgin wool and give any room an
extra cozy factor. Plus, everyone loves to snuggle up under a thick blanket
during the winter. When giving a home accessory gift, the best option is to
choose a neutral color like beige, grey, white or black—then, it’s sure to go
well in any home.

Accessories giesswein



Whether mother, grandma or daughter—a nice, timeless handbag is
something that every woman needs. Our Lydia shopping bag doesn’t just look
unique thanks to its boiled wool material…it’s also very durable. Plus, it’s
got plenty of space for long shopping outings.

bag giesswein



Treat the men in your life to unparalleled comfort and style with these ethical gifts guaranteed to make them, and the planet, feel special.


Looking for an eco gift for a sport-lover? With our Merino Sport Clothing, you are exactly right! Our comfortable jackets, pullovers and vests are ideal for all outdoor activities. Plus, through the natural properties of Merino wool, our Merino Sport Collection is breathable, temperature-regulating and odor-neutral. Plus, this natural fiber can hold up to a third of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet…and, still protect effectively from the cold. Encourage your buddy to get active this Christmas or in the New Year with clothing made with the environment in mind, perfect to pair with their sustainable shoes.


Socks are probably not one of the favorite gifts for children but for adults they are often a joyful present. Especially if the socks are a bit special - either by fashionable patterns and designs or by a different material, such as socks made of merino wool, a miracle fiber. Of course, there is a pair suitable for everyone's taste. Long socks are perfect for those who want to add a chic touch to their business look or just want to keep their ankles warm in winter. Hiking socks are ideal for those who love sports and outdoor activities. And sneaker socks are suitable for those who often wear sneakers and always need matching short socks. Merino socks keep you warm but don't make you sweat. In addition, merino wool also has a self-cleaning effect - smelly feet don't stand a chance! Of course, our socks are suitable for both men and women.

wool cross x alpine giesswein

to our merino socks


The cherry on top of any eco-friendly sports outfit is our Wool Cross X. The world’s first Merino sports shoe is water-repellent, super-light and wearable without socks. Comfort, health and sustainability unite in the Wool Cross X. Merino wool is moisture wicking, which provides a cooling effect as summer shoes and keeps you cosy like your favourite winter trainers. This allows for a comfortable foot climate, and keeps every athlete injury-free and blister-free while training. The Wool Cross X is complemented by a flexible, Micro-Grip Sole which makes it an excellent slip resistant sneaker for all sports terrain and types of weather. These men’s trainers make the perfect ethical gift for your eco friend.

wool cross x giesswein

Wool Cross x


The new Wool Peak is the world's first merino wool running shoe that gives back energy! And yes, you read that right: The Wool Peak's midsole ensures that your feet are cushioned softly with every step - so the Wool Peak gives energy back! Enhancing this special running shoe is the world's most durable and flexible wool fabric, developed and manufactured by GIESSWEIN in Austria: Woolfinity®. The highly twisted merino yarn thereby gives the Wool Peak maximum shape retention and resilience for the next run. The merino lining guarantees constant moisture transport to the outside: no sweating = no odor. The rubber sole provides the best grip on slippery terrain and copes with extreme weather conditions.

wool peak giesswein

wool peak


Give the gift of coziness with our slippers made of virgin wool or cotton. These high-quality men’s slippers protect feet from cold, dust and dirt—and best of all, they keep feet cosy and comfortable. Thanks to our 3D Knit Technology, pure sheep wool is turned into a soft, comfortable pair of slippers. Plus, our slippers with a rubber sole feature a patented Anti-Slip Sole made for secure grip. Throughout the production process of our eco slippers, we follow a “Zero Waste Policy.” That means that all our fabric scraps are recycled and turned into new products. This allows us to have an eco-conscious closed production cycle in which we waste no valuable wool. Choose the perfect pair on Black Friday and have them wrapped and ready in time for winter.

slippers giesswein



Treat the kids to eco-friendly gifts and help them stay comfortable and cosy all year round, whilst caring for the environment at the same time.


Little ones often get plenty of toys as gifts—what about giving the environmentally-friendly gift of some cute children’s slippers instead? Our toddler slippers and baby slippers are made of soft virgin wool or cotton, and feature happy designs. This way, you can ensure their special, ethical gift is as unique as possible. Their slip-free sole made of natural rubber is available in two different types: solid and stable, or super-soft. What’s more, you can wash Giesswein slippers if the precious little ones get them messy!

Giving your little loved ones a pair of comfortable and cosy slippers means they’ll think of you fondly whenever they’re feeling snug and warm. You can always find tips for choosing the right children’s slippers should you need them. That way, your ethical gift is ideal and makes sure they’ll love their cosy, eco slippers.

kids slippers giesswein

kids slippers


This Black Friday, gift your special friends eco-friendly gifts to help them care for their feet with the planet in mind. Choose our Black Friday shoes and make the most of our slipper and trainer sales. This year, seal your special bond with an ethical gift which shows you’re thinking of your friends as well as the environment.


We are a third generation family business specialising in comfort and sustainability. The responsible use of resources is a core value of our company. We use our Green Strategy to ensure we’re taking the measures to protect the environment and nature in everything we do, from our Cactus Sneaker made from vegan leather, to our Wood Sneaker made from sustainable eucalyptus fibres.

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