FAQ: Products

+ Do Giesswein products have arch support?$$$Giesswein Merino Runners offer medium arch support. Some customers choose to use their own insoles or orthopedics - the existing insole is removable. If you are not happy with the arch support, you may return them to us within 30 days of purchase. ;;; +  I am not sure which size I need. Where can I get more information?$$$If you are between two sizes, we recommend to size down. If you are not sure, please use our sizing tool here: https://en.giesswein.com/pages/sizing-chart ;;; +  Is there a difference between the men’s and women’s models (Merino Runners, Merino Wool Knit, Wool Cross X)?$$$Our Merino Runners, Merino Wool Knit and Wool Cross X are all unisex shoes. The only difference is their sizing systems. ;;; + Are Giesswein shoes suitable for wide feet?$$$Our shoes are all medium width. Even if your feet tend to run wide, our merino textile will stretch to your foot. ;;; +  Are Giesswein products waterproof?$$$Our products are water resistent; wool is highly water resistant by nature.Thanks to the natural fat found in Merino wool called Lanolin, our Merino Runners, Merino Wool Knit, Wool Cross X and Merino Wool Boots are water repellent. Wool’s natural properties create what is know as the “lotus effect,” meaning that water collects in droplets on the products’ surface and then slides off. ;;; +  Do I need to treat my shoes with a waterproofing product?$$$You do not need to waterproof our Merino shoes. However, if you do decide to waterproof the shoes on your own, please make sure to use a wool-friendly nano-spray. ;;; + What will happen if my Merino Runners get wet?$$$Merino wool can absorb up to 35% of its weight in water, which is how it wicks sweat away from your foot so effectively. When wet, superfine merino still regulates temperature, so your shoes won’t feel sloshy. ;;; +  Where can I get replacements for the insoles?$$$You can buy them here: INSOLE ;;; +  Aren't wool shoes warm for your feet (especially in the summer?)$$$Our shoes keep you warm in the cold, and cool in the heat. This thermoregulation is a natural property of merino wool. ;;; + What will happen if my Merino Runners get wet?$$$Merino wool can absorb up to 35% of its weight in water, which is how it wicks sweat away from your foot so effectively. When wet, superfine merino still regulates temperature, so your shoes won’t feel sloshy. ;;; +  Can I wear my Merino shoes without socks?$$$Yes. Thanks to the natural base properties of Merino wool, our shoes are breathable, temperature-regulating, moisture-regulating and antibacterial. You can wear our Merino shoes barefoot, and your feet will neither sweat nor produce any unpleasant odors.When you first purchase your Merino shoes, we recommend that you wear them with socks for three days. This will help you avoid potential blisters while allowing the shoe to mold to your foot. ;;; +  Where are Giesswein products made?$$$Our unique materials and products are developed and designed in Brixlegg, which lies in Austria’s Alpine region called Tyrol. It’s here at our production site that our wool is knitted, boiled and softened until reaching its final stage: fine, high-quality Giesswein materials.Our Merino Shoes are MADE IN AUSTRIA, and are assembled in Vietnam or China. Our unique Giesswein “3D Stretch Merino Wool” fabric, which is used in our Merino Shoes, is made in our textile production facility in Brixlegg, Tyrol, Austria. The shoes’ value and “soul” thus lies in Austria. The individual pieces—such as the sole, accessories and pieces of fabric—are then put together in Vietnam or China. The reason for this is because there are no European shoe manufacturers that have high enough production capabilities to meet the demand for our shoes. Our executive directors visit these factories in Vietnam and China two times per year, in person. The factories meet all Western standards; their work conditions are exemplary; and, the worksites are regularly reviewed. ;;; + Where does Giesswein's Merino wool come from?$$$Merino wool is a natural product, which means that it’s also a scarce good. The production of Merino wool, as well as its production process, requires a lot of time and know-how. To produce Merino wool with the highest standards results in the highest quality—and, it also results in a higher price. The wool farmers in Uruguay from whom we source our wool adhere to mulesing-free practices. For us at Giesswein, it’s also crucial that the sheep that produce are wool are treated with the highest of animal protection standards; that’s why we make sure that our contracts with our sources guarantee that our wool is mulesing-free. That’s how we’re able to ensure that we exclusively source wool yarn which does not put animals in harm’s way.You can read more about the mulesing process and mulesing-free wool here. ;;; +  Can I use my own insole with Giesswein products?$$$Yes, feel free to use your own insole by removing the changeable footbed.Some of our slippers, like our Vent or Veitsch models, come with an interchangeable footbed and work well with other inserts. You can simply take out the existing footbed and use your own orthopedic inserts. Plus, you can buy additional, comfortable Giesswein interchangeable footbeds separately. ;;; +  Are Giesswein products vegan?$$$Our products are produced under surveilled conditions to make sure that neither people nor animals get harmed. ;;; +  What is the EVA-sole on my Merino shoes?$$$Your shoes’ EVA sole is made out of artificial material, which is lighter and more flexible than a traditional rubber sole. EVA holds onto less heat than other similar materials; is especially shock-absorbing; and is long-lasting. Learn more about EVA here. ;;; +   What is the difference between the Merino Runners and Merino Wool Knit?$$$Our Merino Wool knit differs from our other Merino shoe lines because of its additional layer of 3D Knit Merino wool. It’s this extra layer that gives our Merino Wool Knit its special look. Plus, the Merino Wool Knit’s EVA sole has a diamond tread, in contrast to the Merino Runners’ grooved tread.