Stay cool in summer: tips and tricks for hot feet

Stay cool and stylish this summer with sustainable shoes from GIESSWEIN. From breathable Wood trainers to chic ballerinas - beat the heat for your feet with eco-friendly comfort.

As the summer heat sets in, it's important to look after your feet to keep them cool and comfortable. From breathable shoes to summer foot care tips, there are several ways to combat the heat for your feet this time of year. By following these simple but effective strategies, you can ensure your feet stay cool, fresh and free from discomfort during the summer months.

Keeping your feet cool in summer is important, and choosing the right footwear plays a crucial role in this. Our Wool sneakers made from merino wool, the Wood sneakers made from eucalyptus wood fibres and our ballerinas made from recycled PET bottles are perfect examples of summer shoes that are made from breathable materials. These materials allow better air circulation so that your feet stay pleasantly cool and don't overheat.

As well as choosing the right footwear, good foot care is also important to keep your feet comfortable and cool in summer. Make it a habit to wash and dry your feet regularly to prevent bacterial and fungal infections that can thrive in a warm, humid environment. Additionally, you can soak your feet in cool water or use a refreshing foot spray to instantly relax them. By incorporating these simple measures into your foot care routine, you can effectively beat the heat and keep your feet feeling great all summer long.



Are you looking for sustainable and comfortable shoes that fit like a glove? Then our GIESSWEIN Wood trainers are just the thing for you. Made from soft eucalyptus wood fibres, these trainers are not only environmentally friendly, but also breathable and biodegradable. The Advanced Grip Sole System and anti-blister heel ensure maximum comfort and make them suitable for men and women with normal to wide feet. They can also be easily washed in the washing machine, making care a breeze. Take a step into the future with our GIESSWEIN Wood trainers.

wood sneaker giesswein



wool sneaker giesswein


Wood Sneaker

Wool Sneaker



If you're looking for a stylish and comfortable option, our Eco Ballerinas are the perfect choice. These chic and practical shoes offer sturdy support for everyday wear, so you can impress in the boardroom and dance the night away. With a range of chic colours, these ballet flats are a versatile addition to your wardrobe and offer a casual, stylish look that you can wear all year round. The Eco Ballerinas are available in two versions: Pointy and Round. Both variants are ideal for warm temperatures as they are made from breathable, sustainable materials that keep your feet cool and comfortable. Thanks to their lightweight construction and comfortable design, you can wear them all day without your feet getting tired.


ballerinas giesswein


 ballerinas giesswein




By following these simple but effective tips and choosing the right shoes, you can ensure that your feet stay cool and comfortable even in the summer heat. Make caring for your feet a daily routine and enjoy the warm days without discomfort. Try our breathable shoes and experience the difference for yourself. Visit our online shop and find the perfect solution for your summer foot needs - your feet will thank you!



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Anika - ★★★★★

A friend recommended these trainers to me a few years ago. I've bought 5 pairs since then! They are the most comfortable trainers I have ever worn and I highly recommend them. You have a loyal customer for life!
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