Ballerinas, moccasins and loafers - our shoes are sophisticated and comfortable in summer

Ballerinas, moccasins and loafers are the ideal shoes for a stylish and comfortable summer. Whether in the office, at a party or on a city tour.

Summer is finally here and with it the opportunity to show off our feet in stylish and comfortable shoes. This season, we are focussing on ballerinas, moccasins and loafers - three shoe styles that not only impress with their sophistication, but also with their high level of comfort. Whether for a relaxed day in the park, a chic dinner or a stroll through the city, these versatile companions are the perfect addition to any summer outfit. Let's delve into the world of light and elegant summer shoes and discover why ballerinas, moccasins and loafers are a must-have in any shoe wardrobe.

Super soft lifestyle shoe - Eco Ballerina

With the ECO BALLERINAS, you can now enjoy the proven GIESSWEIN comfort in a casual and elegant way. These shoes made from recycled super-soft PET yarn can keep up with you day and night without any pain - whether at the office, at the next party or on an extended city tour. Thanks to 3D stretch knit technology, the shoes mould perfectly to your feet. The ECO BALLERINAS impress with their look, quality, versatility and sustainability. 


Eco Ballerines Pointy 2.0


Eco Ballerines Round


Eco Ballerinas


Effortless moccasin comfort

The stretchy seams of the MERINO MOCASSIN make slipping in and out absolutely effortless, while the simple lacing system with unique adjustment function perfects the EASY FIT system of this GIESSWEIN comfort shoe. The U-shaped moccasin and 360° merino wool maximise the comfortable wearing experience and ensure pleasantly tempered feet without pressure points. The external seam processing also avoids pressure points and combines absolute softness with stability and lightness. The masterful workmanship with a reinforced shaft, fine ribbed knit on the heel and elasticated fastening makes the Merino moccasin the comfort star of the hour. The lightweight EVA sole with structure for better grip rounds off the casual and relaxed wearing experience perfectly.

Merino Moccasin Women & Merino Moccasin Men


Merino Mokassin Men


Merino Moccasin Women

Merino Moccasin men


Here you can find out how to optimise the laces of your Merino moccasins. 

Mediterranean merino feeling

Temperature-regulating merino fabric, flexible moccasin seams and a super-soft insole promise lightweight summer chic with a perfect fit for your feet. The all-round cotton shoelace with decorative cord along the high-quality embroidered eyelets completes the easy slip-in merino summer style. The studded premium rubber sole maximises the classic loafer look: thin, cushioning, non-slip, robust and elegantly raised at the heel. The lightweight comfort model is a barefoot delight made from breathable merino wool and pampers feet and skin in high temperatures in the city, at the office and when travelling.

Wool Loafer Women & Wool Loafer Men


Wool Loafer Men

Wool Loafer women

Wool Loafer men


Ballerinas, moccasins and loafers are more than just fashion statements - they are the ultimate companions for a summer full of comfort and style. With their sophisticated designs and the use of high-quality materials such as recycled PET yarn and temperature-regulating merino wool, these shoes from GIESSWEIN not only offer outstanding comfort, but also sustainability and versatility.

The ECO BALLERINAS impress with their lightness and adaptability, while the MERINO COTTON SHOES with their EASY FIT system and 360° merino wool ensure effortless wear. The Mediterranean merino style of the loafer combines classic chic with modern comfort, ideal for warm summer days and balmy nights.

Whether in the office, at a party or on a city tour - these shoes are the perfect companion for any occasion. They not only offer a touch of elegance, but also the comfort you need to stay relaxed and stylish all day long. This summer, opt for ballerinas, moccasins and loafers from GIESSWEIN and experience the incomparable feeling of wrapping your feet in pure sophistication and comfort.


What do our customers say?


"A friend recommended these shoes to me a few years ago. I've bought 5 pairs since then! They are the most comfortable shoes I have ... ... and they are perfect for my environmentally conscious lifestyle."
Anika - ★★★★★


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