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Which Hiking Boots Are Best To Wear In Summer?

Summer hiking boots are the perfect companion for long treks in the sun. Whether you are new to hiking or an avid backpacker, the first step is to sort what you wear on your feet. In warm weather, we may shy away from heavy, sluggish boots and thick wooly socks, and reach for something a little more practical. Lightweight and breathable boots are the solution. 

Table of Contents:

Why Should You Consider A Different Hiking Boot For Summer?

Won’t My Feet Overheat in a Hiking Boot?

A Good Material For Summer Hiking Boots Is Merino Wool

Wool Cross X Alpine - A Comfortable Summer Hiking Boot

What Is Better For A Summer Trek - Boots or Sneakers?


Why Should You Consider A Different Hiking Boot For Summer?

Being outside in the peak of summer is a joy for many. You could be making memories and spending time with friends and family, so why slow your adventures down by having incorrect footwear? Summer hiking boots can be the difference between gliding your way across the rolling green hills, or limping home. Nobody wants the latter! 

Summer hiking boots should be comfortable throughout the day

Whilst summer hiking boots have all the features of traditional men’s hiking shoes, and women’s hiking shoes, there are some specific elements you may want to consider for warmer days. Such as the type of material, whether they have a breathable lining, and if the boots are lightweight.  

As essential footwear to any hike, you need to ensure your feet are comfortable and supported. In the hotter months, breathability is a key factor to consider, as warm feet in confined spaces may make for unpleasant odours. Especially if you are someone who walks long distances every trek. Having a summer hiking boot made with a material like  merino wool , can see that your foot is kept cool in the warmer months, but also warm throughout the winter. Making merino lined hiking boots suitable for all seasons, whether summer or winter.

Won’t My Feet Overheat in a Hiking Boot?

The key to a good summer hiking boot is making sure you choose a material which allows your feet to breathe and be comfortable. Breathability is essential to keeping your feet happy over different terrains in the sweltering heat. Merino wool does exactly that! Its properties ensure moisture is wicked away from your feet, and slowly transported away from the skin. This fantastic wool also features thousands of tiny air pockets, allowing air to circulate around your feet. Keeping them satisfied and dry throughout the whole hike.

If you suffer from hot, sticky feet at the end of every hike, Giesswein is the solution! You can say goodbye to  shoes that stink  and welcome shoes that are breathable.

A Good Material For Summer Hiking Boots Is Merino Wool

Imagine you wake up to clear blue skies, and a warm breeze against your skin. You want to enjoy that feeling all day by being outside in nature, which is why you need breathable, summer hiking boots to see you through the day. 

Ensuring your summer hiking boots are made from a material that allows your feet to breathe is essential on hotter days. Having sweaty, smelly feet is not nice for anyone, and you shouldn’t have to endure them just because you've worked hard on a long trek. The  properties merino wool provides allow you to wave goodbye to embarrassing smelly incidents and hello to fresh, comfortable feet. 

Allow your feet to breathe in your summer hiking boots

The structure of merino wool has thousands of tiny air pockets, which allow air to flow through easily. This acts as natural insulation, but also regulates the foot's temperature, whatever the climate outside. This means that your summer hiking boot can turn into a  warm boot  in winter. As well as keeping your feet a nice temperature, the wool has natural antibacterial properties, which stops bacteria forming and multiplying. This is the element which helps fight odours keeping your feet fresh. We understand you might still want to give your boots a deeper clean, but don't worry,  merino wool is easy to wash  at home too! Simply pop into the washing machine, and they will be as good as new!

Wool Cross X Alpine - A Comfortable Summer Hiking Boot 

Our summer hiking boot, the  Wool Cross X Alpine , embodies traditional hiking shoe features, but goes above and beyond to ensure your feet are comfortable.

A summer hiking boot should fit effortlessly on your foot and not weigh you down. Trekking for miles and miles in hot and humid conditions can be difficult enough without your shoes causing you issues. So ensuring you have lightweight, breathable boots is vital for an enjoyable walk. 

Are hiking boots or sneakers better for treks?

  • The primary benefits to the Wool Cross X Alpine are:
  • They are super lightweight at just 860 grams.
  • Merino wool helps regulate your feet’s temperature.
  • They are breathable, making them ideal for warm climates.
  • 100% waterproof - perfect if you get caught off guard in the rain.
  • Moisture wicking so feet will be kept dry and comfortable.
  • Their micro-grip sole offers stability control over any terrain.    

Breathable and lightweight, the Wool Cross X Alpine is an ideal summer hiking boot. As it also enables your foot to be well supported by the padded half-height shaft and anti-blister heels. So long annoying pressure points!   

What Is Better For A Summer Trek - Boots or Sneakers?

What you wear on your feet is the most essential equipment you can have, so making sure you have the right fit is important. Choosing footwear that offers some level of protection, whether waterproof or water resistant, is essential to a comfortable hike. Which is why we offer not only a summer hiking boot, but also an everyday sports sneaker, our  Wool Cross X

Hiking boots vs hiking shoes, deciding between the two comes down to personal preference. Whilst both footwear choices can provide support and comfort to your feet, being prepared for any surprises outdoors is vital. Which is why we have created a guide on  what makes a good walking shoe.

the benefits of merino wool means your feet can breathe in a summer hiking boot

Staying active can come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we cater for different activities. Our Wool Cross X has similar features to our summer hiking boot, but is more suitable for daily wear. Whether you are walking through the hills or running errands, this unisex footwear will keep your feet comfortable throughout the day, whatever trail you decide to conquor. 

Being the world's first high performance sport shoe, our footwear offers maximum grip and support. The micro-grip sole can see you tackle any surface, from snow and slush, to rocky terrain. Another great advantage of the Wool Cross X is that the soles provide cushioning with every step, alongside stability.

If you’re looking for the perfect post-hike casual shoes, why not try  breathable sneakers for summer? So you can be prepared for any occasion, both day or night.     

Put Your Feet In Lightweight Giesswein Shoes

Being a provider of comfortable, quality merino wool products for many years, we are proud to be third generation owners carrying on this tradition. Our aim is to reinvent the positive attributes wool has to offer, so we create unique products. Our ranges such as our  men’s sneakers  and  women’s sneakers , are all made within Tyrol, Austria.